70% of All Stock Trades Held for Average of 11 Seconds (HFT) & Fed Plans to Pump Half Trillion $ into Economy

Posted on Oct 22, 2010 in Economic News

Kevin Hayden


70% of All Stock Market Trades are held for an Average of 11 Seconds

Market analyst Peter Cohan writes at AOL’s Daily Finance:  

70% of trading volume on the major exchanges is conducted by high-frequency traders who hold a stock for an average of 11 seconds

The fact that the vast majority of stock market trades are held for 11 seconds shows that the stock market is not a real market with real traders governed by the law of supply and demand, and with no real price discovery.

But as Tyler Durden points out, alot can happen in 11 seconds when the players are high-powered computers: 

BATS “Flag Repeater”. 15,000 quotes in 11 seconds, dropping the ASK price 1 penny each quote from $9.36 to $8.58 and back up again.


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