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Please consider becoming a supporter. While I started this blog as a mere experiment in writing and personal ranting, it has grown exponentially beyond anything I could have imagined. Truth is averages over 100,000 visitors per month and continues to grow each day while remaining a one-man operation.  I would rather receive donations from readers who enjoy the site than take on advertisers.

Your donations can also support my efforts over at the Elysian Fields Project if you so choose!  I am currently in the midst of building a homestead on 3 acres, made of shipping containers and small, traditional timber construction.  Call it an experiment in off-grid living, coupled with a tiny house and radical architecture.  One half acre is being devoted to my attempt at an organic garden, with gravity-fed water towers for irrigation, rain water collection and more!

As for, I hope to be able to implement weekly videocasts and news reports, podcasts, interviews, and more!

All expenses and donations will be made transparent and you could be a part of something huge!  Any large donations or investors should direct comments and questions to my About | Contact page for further assistance.

You can also help support the Truth by simply purchasing your everyday items through the Truth is Treason link here or on the sidebar.  You can also donate via PayPal!  Every bit helps and adds up, allowing me to purchase material and items for the homesteading project, expand the website and radio show, hire freelance content contributors or begin work on the documentary!



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