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In order to give the best value to our readers and advertisers:

  • Paid reviews will only appear occasionally when the content is appropriate to our readers, such as a new tech gadget or book.
  • The receipt of payment in no way influences the content and views expressed. I tell it like it is.
  • I turn down several reviews and advertisers each week for a variety of reasons.
  • This website will only endorse advertisements that are a good fit for my readers and offer a quality product.

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This list is constantly updated in order to show you what keywords this website ranks on the front page of Google for and how visitors find the site.

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Average monthly visitors continue to increase consistently.  You could reasonably expect your advertisement to see between 175,000 to 250,000 targeted, unique impressions per month, or more.

If you are an advertiser, feel free to contact me using the form below.  Available advertising spots are at the top-right area of the sidebar (the most popular), the top and bottom of articles, in the sidebar, and within articles. Discounts are available in a tiered format for 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month terms.

Common advertisement sizes are 250×250, and 125×125 pixels for the sidebar or within articles, and 468×60 or 600×65 banners for the top and bottom of articles. We can also do text links within the sidebar. Have a custom advertising idea? Use the form below to reach us and we’ll make it happen!

Advertising fees can be paid for in USD cash or precious metals.

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I limit the amount of advertising on this website for the simple reason of not wanting to bombard my readers with too many ads and offers, therefore, your advertisement will not be in competition with a lot of others.  If you would like to advertise, I encourage you to use the form below.

I will review your website, advertisement offer, or service, and return your email with a FAQ.  Rest assured, advertising on is one of the best bargains on the internet and across the alternative media platform.  Many other websites of similar size charge $250+ for small ad spots.

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