Afghan President’s Brother & Drug Warlord, Ahmed Karzai, Shot & Killed by Trusted Guard/CIA Asset

Posted on Jul 17, 2011 in Featured Articles, Police, Military, & War – Kevin Hayden

Source: Washington Post

The half-brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai was assassinated by a trusted local security official Tuesday, a political killing that was immediately claimed by the Taliban and makes grimly clear the vulnerability of Afghan officials as the United States prepares to reduce its military presence.

Ahmed Wali Karzai — head of Kandahar’s provincial council and widely considered the most powerful man in southern Afghanistan — was meeting with tribal elders and politicians in his heavily fortified home in downtown Kandahar city Tuesday morning, according to two people at the house at the time.

Hayden’s Note:

Lovely.  The mainstream media is already using this to twist the “reduction of military presence.”  This has NOTHING to do with a reduction of military presence and has everything to do with intelligence operations, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, tribal warlords, opium, defense contractors, perhaps Russia and even the CIA.

Hopefully, if the Russians have any cojones – like I imagine they DO, at least back in the KGB days – they were behind this.  And rightly so.  Russia has fallen victim to the incredible surge of heroin since the US invasion and subsequent opium field protection by US soldiers.  See, before the invasion, the Taliban was keeping the opium production to a minimum and within stable hands.  Since the invasion, people such as Ahmed Karzai – who runs and owns one of the largest para-military security companies in Afghanistan, rules the Helmand and Kandahar province and extracts bribes and compensation for use of strategic routes such as Highway 1 – have been in control, courtesy of defense contractors and intelligence agencies.

See these articles for more information on what led up to Ahmed Karzai no longer having any worth to the Western Intelligence community…

It should be noted that Ahmed Karzai served time in an American Federal prison for narcotics trafficking and is likely an intelligence asset.


Well, what do you know?  I was right.  A new report states that the bodyguard was a long-time CIA and US Special Forces contact (asset).  However, the newswires are twisting it into sick propaganda, saying that due to the intense and ramped up efforts by the “Taliban” and other terrorists, they are able to recruit and influence men such as this into killing important political figures

Stop and think about this for a second.  This bodyguard was an intel operative for Western forces, had embedded himself deep undercover for years and gained the trust of one of the largest drug dealers in the world, and when it was appropriate, he was instructed to take out his target, which he did with precision.  This was a Western-backed and funded operation once Ahmed Karzai had either over-stepped his bounds, was of no further use or otherwise not needed – OR – to influence the President, Hamid Karzai, into continuing the charade. 

Classic textbook operation, nevermind the fact that this Pakistani-based cell of the “Taliban” is part of the original All-CIA-Duh / Terrorists / Funded Operatives from the 1980’s, 90’s and 2000’s.  Wake up, people!  Ahmed Karzai was not an “important political figure” that was targeted by terrorists!  He was a murderous, drug trafficking militant-tyrant who was also on CIA payroll, flooding the world with heroin and full of greed.

Sardar Mohammad, a longtime confidant and commander of the police post near Karzai’s ancestral home, arrived and requested a private discussion, officials said. Karzai and Mohammad left for another room, and soon three gunshots rang out.

Agha Lalai Destegeri, the deputy provincial council chief, said he rushed in to find Karzai shot in the head, chest and hand.

Karzai’s other guards entered the room and shot and killed Mohammad, officials said. A bleeding Karzai was driven by his entourage a short distance across town to Mirwais Hospital, but he did not survive, Destegeri and other Afghan officials said.

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