Air Conditioning Cost for US Military in MidEast More Than Total NASA Budget

Posted on Jun 27, 2011 in Featured Articles, Police, Military, & War – Kevin Hayden

Source: Raw Story

The United States spends $20.2 billion annually on air conditioning for troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan — more than NASA’s entire budgetNPR reported.

In fact, the same amount of money that keeps soldiers cool is the amount the G-8 has committed to helping the fledgling democracies in Tunisia and Egypt.

The necessary cooling costs so much because of the remote locations and danger involved in delivery equipment and fuel says Steven Anderson, a retired logistician who served under Gen. David Petraeus in Iraq.

“When you consider the cost to deliver the fuel to some of the most isolated places in the world — escorting, command and control, med-evac support — when you throw all that infrastructure in, we’re talking over $20 billion,” Anderson told NPR. “You’ve got risks that are associated with moving the fuel almost every mile of the way.”

Hayden’s Note:

Funny that they mention the costs involved in moving the fuel “almost every mile of the way.”  Previously, we’ve discussed the insane ways in which the poppy fields and strategic roadways are controlled by warlords and at least in the southern Helmand Province, by the Afghan President’s own brother.  Top military leaders have admitted to on-going bribes paid in order for supplies to travel through certain regions – and this money goes directly back into growing opium, arming insurgents and financially supporting those that take up arms against the occupying Western forces.  So,literally, the $20 billion we pay every year in order to air condition TENTS and metal containers in a desert goes right back into the hands of defense contractors and insurgents alike.

Nevermind the fact that we shouldn’t be over there to begin with, NASA has a working budget of only $18.72 billion for 2010 and only $19 billion for 2011. (2011 Budget Overview)

Why is air conditioning more important than ALL of the science and bio-tech projects NASA conducts?  How has cold air become more important and valuable than the exploration and understanding of our universe?  Something is severely twisted with this rationale.

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