America’s Last Hope: Constitutional Sheriffs Convention in Las Vegas

Posted on Feb 07, 2012 in Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Police, Military, & War

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Source: Save America Foundation by Jeff Schwilk, Border & Immigration Intel

Something big and game-changing happened in Las Vegas last Monday and Tuesday and it was far too good to just let it ‘stay in Vegas’.  A first-time ever gathering of over 115 Constitutional County Sheriffs (representing over 3% of America’s sheriffs) from 35 states came together to reaffirm their oaths of office and to learn how to better defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, especially domestic.  There were also several good deputy sheriffs and police chiefs in attendance.  Of note, five California sheriffs attended, all from Northern California, who have been fighting the Federal Government over land, water, and forest rights.

Myself and a couple dozen Patriots from Oath Keepers and other American patriot groups also attended to lend our support to this historic gathering and to let these brave sheriffs know that We the People stand with them in their ever-increasing battles against over-reaching federal, state, and local government politicians and agencies.  We all met and stayed at the Tuscany Hotel for 2 ½ days of strategizing, networking, and classes from top national Constitutional experts and several sheriffs who have been engaged in the struggle to protect their citizens and uphold the 10thAmendment (state’s rights) against the Federal Government.

The convention was the brain child of retired Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack who has written several great books about how America’s sheriffs can and should honor and uphold their oaths of office and exercise their authority to protect the citizens of their counties and their rights.  The convention was organized by Mack and his fellow leaders at Free America Now.

Presentations included the The Bill of Rights, 2nd Amendment Rights, 10th Amendment – Nullification and State Sovereignty, Property Rights, Agenda 21, NDAA U.S. Citizen Detention, The Southern Poverty Law Center’s dangerous anti-American Agenda and ties to the Obama Administration, and many other briefs by expert speakers and elected sheriffs.  The sheriffs said afterwards they really enjoyed and appreciatd the great information and getting to meet dozens of other like-minded good law enforcers from across the nation.  Many of the sheriffs pledged to go back and spread this vital information to their fellow sheriffs in their states about these important issues that all citizens are facing.

The conference was topped off Tuesday night with a 4 hour program that was open to the public and featured Sheriff Joe Arpaio as the keynote speaker.  Joe and Mack are old friends from working together in Arizona.  Joe was his usual witty and defiant self, recounting numerous stories of standing up for the rule of law and against corrupt politicians who have been trying to stop him from enforcing the law equally for the past 20 years.  Joe also proudly announced that he is now running for reelection for Sheriff ‘just to spite his enemies’, namely the La Raza radicals who try to terrorize Arizona with their constant threats, attacks, and malicious lawsuits.

Sheriff Joe also gave an update on his Cold Case Posse and their investigation into the eligibility of Barack Obama to be on the Arizona ballot in 2012.  They are investigating possible criminal fraud by Obama.  Joe promised he would give the final results of the investigation at a press conference near the end of February.  He said he hopes the ‘court of public opinion’ will decide if Obama has committed criminal offenses and/or is eligible for the office of president, since the DOJ and Congress certainly will never take any action against him.

Summary:  The 1st Constitutional Sheriffs Convention was a huge success, but it’s just the beginning of this movement of Americans reclaiming their Constitutional Rights.  We know hundreds of other county sheriffs and senior law enforcement officers nationwide also want and need this training and the organizers plan to have at least one more convention this year with more conferences in 2013, as well as constant networking and support between meetings.  Please forward this email to your country sheriff and encourage him or her to sign up and get involved at

Sadly, but tellingly was the almost complete blackout of this historic event by the mainstream media.  Corporate media and their government handlers obviously do not want this information to get out to the general public, so it’s up to us to make this exciting new movement go viral nationwide.  As was said many times during the convention, this truly is “America’s Last Hope” to remain a Constitutional Republic and to retain our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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