Cargotecture’s C-Series Sunset Shipping Container Home

Posted on Jun 13, 2011 in Alt Energy, Tiny Homes, & Structures – Kevin Hayden

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Sunset Magazine’s Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park, Calif. was held at the beginning of June, and one of the stars of the show was the cargotecture c-series Sunset Idea House by HyBrid Architecture. The c-series represents a group of pre-designed, factory built units made from recycled cargo containers that can be combined or customized as desired by the owner.

Hayden’s Note:

If on a budget,  you could build a similar structure for about 1/3rd of the price that HyBrid is requesting, as long as you’re willing to do the work yourself! However, as evidenced at my new dedicated blog for my own 20′ container project – – you can see that it’s a slow-going process, requires the know-how and tools, and certainly won’t look as good as the CargoTecture Series shown here.  You’re not going to have the IKEA cabinets, or the quality wet room, bamboo floor, soy insulation, etc.  Instead, you’ll have a habitable weekend retreat, maybe a hunting cabin, etc.  Livable, but you’re certainly not going to be entertaining dinner guests in it by doing it yourself.

I’ve suffered a lot of trial and error in my efforts at the property, several setbacks, theft and more… but I still believe that I can complete a similar project that lives up to my standards for less $$.  Something to note: I have no building codes or regulations at my property, so I’m saving quite a bit of money and don’t have to worry about those sometimes-pesky codes.

I’m not an engineer nor architect – just a blogger that likes to share his DIY projects and ideas.

I believe Cargotecture has done an amazing job with design, space management and style.  But I prefer to build things myself.  I search the internet, looking for these little gems of modern design in order to provide inspiration, to share the vision with others and to get people thinking.  Some will go to HyBrid’s website to learn more, some will go to my other blog to learn more, but in the end… people will have become more interested in the use of shipping containers as housing structures.  For more information on HyBrid’s other designs, future projects and a detailed list of costs, check out the comments at the end of the article or their website.  Joel, one of the owners of HyBrid, left several insightful comments.

Hybrid coined the term cargotecture to describe any structure built partially or entirely from recycled cargo containers. The c-series consists of five models ranging in price from $29,500 to $189,500. The home featured at the Sunset show was the c192 nomad which costs $59,500.

The prices of the c-series include:

  • Recycled ISO cargo container with new paint
  • Soy based spray foam insulation
  • Aluminum clad wood windows and doors (one 10 feet long opening and one side door)
  • Bamboo finish floor
  • 5/8 inch drywall ceiling and walls
  • Panelized wet room bath with redwood decking.
  • Duravit bath fixtures
  • IKEA cabinets and kitchen fixtures and lighting
  • Summit appliances
  • 30 gallon electric water heater (gas if available on site)
  • Convectair Apero heat
  • Factory plans, State L&I permits and inspections

Green and off-grid options are offered including solar panels, composting toilets and “green machine” sewage treatment and roofwater harvesting.

All the models are insulated about 15 percent above IBC and UBC building codes in the floors, walls and roofs. The building can be placed in cold climates as well as moderate to hot climates. The recycled plastic and soy sprayed-in insulation creates R24 walls, R44 ceilings, and R32 floors. The roofs can handle 60psf snow loads.

The HyBrid homes are shipped complete. A local contractor will need to be arranged for electrical and sewage hook-ups as well as foundation work. In many jurisdictions, if your project is less than 200sf there is no permitting process required. HyBrid has completed residential and commercial cargotecture projects in California, Oregon and Washington and has designed over 20 projects on 5 continents. They will ship their cargotecture homes worldwide.

Photos courtesy of Hybrid Architecture

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