Chico Tiny House: a Married Couple’s 120 Square Foot Dream

Posted on Mar 08, 2014 in Alt Energy, Tiny Homes, & Structures, Urban Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Kevin Hayden –

A husband and wife team of dreamers based in Chico, CA, have built a 120 square foot tiny home on a limited budget, and with no construction experience. With only $6,000 in the bank, the two started learning construction tradecraft via YouTube and a few books, and before long, they had a beautiful tiny home.

The couple describe their work as, “holding the vision of bringing a community based sustainable world into existence, one alternative dwelling at a time!”

We designed the shell to be simple and approachable for first time builders. And because our budget was as tiny as the house, we used as much salvaged, reclaimed, restored, discounted and second hand materials as possible. The chronic lack of funds inspired a lot of creativity and I discovered an amazing alchemical skill for transforming trash to treasure. The whole thing cost less than $8500 to build and took about 9 months to manifest.

We have plans to develop the edible landscape with recycled grey water, a tiny greenhouse, and rainwater catchment system.

Images of the Chico Tiny House

Having completed this project, Priyan is now interested in the creation of tiny home communities where beautiful, functional, sustainable homes are affordable and available to average people. Such communities would offer shared utilities and facilities and create safe, legal spaces to live large in tiny homes.

Aspiring micro-dwelling owners are begging for a copy of their plans, which will soon be made open source. The sustainable design includes south-facing windows, polyiso insulation, solar-powered hot water, and a green house, where grey water can be recycled.

Aside from the gallery here, head over to their Facebook page to learn more and see other pictures!

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