Cotton at 140 Yr. High, Copper Price Nearing Theft Level, More Inflation & France Receives Fuel Imports

Posted on Oct 20, 2010 in Economic News, Federal Reserve & Bankers

Kevin Hayden


Money Printing Set To Devalue Every Dollar You Own

I wish I could say it’s not happening. But it is. Central banks all over the world are now embracing Bernanke’s Friday announcement … and they’re gearing up to print a massive GLOBAL flood of paper money!

• Chicago and Boston Fed Presidents Charles Evans and Eric Rosengren are throwing their hat into the ring, putting more muscle behind Bernanke.

• The normally conservative, European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet is joining in the chorus, calling for more money printing at the ECB, while also extending additional financial assistance to the European Union’s most indebted nations, Greece, Spain, and Portugal.

• The Bank of England is jumping into the fray, acknowledging that it will expand its money printing spree by at least $160 billion.

What Are These Central Bankers Smoking?

Don’t they remember ANY lessons of history?

Don’t they know that devaluing a nation’s currency is an insidious trick that has never created real, lasting wealth?

That it devalues every paper dollar you own? That it threatens your wealth like never before?

Look. If the dollar’s purchasing power falls by say, another 30 percent, what would Dow stocks really be worth … even if they’re selling at higher nominal prices?

And odds are — given how the economy continues to crater — that stocks don’t have much more upside to them anyhow!

So what are you to do? Buy U.S. Treasury bonds? Hardly! Foreign investors in our bond markets are likely to stampede out of those bonds as the dollar loses more and more purchasing power.

Hayden’s Note:

The rest of that article seems like a charade to sell stock market scams, money management or other nonsense ETF funds. 

I recommend you read this article instead – Get Out of the Dollar and Into Tangibles, written by yours’ truly. 


Cotton prices surge to 140-year high

That means clothing products, shoes, home decor, any woven items, etc. are spiking.

Copper price up sharply

That means that crackheads and thieves will be stealing your copper water pipes and rain gutters again.  Last time there was a wave of copper theft, copper was slightly over $4/lb. and in many cities, the copper theft was likened to an epidemic.  Thousands and thousands of cases in major cities each week.

Copper is currently (spot price) at $3.76/lb.  Protect your valuables and if your house is raised, pay attention to people near your property looking for copper piping!

Also, saving some older (mostly) copper pennies sure wouldn’t be a bad idea.  A single copper penny is worth about 2.6 cents now and will go higher.


Fuel is Imported into France as Protests Continue to Block Fuel & Transportation

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