DARPA Uses Genetically Twisted Tobacco to Create New Flu Vaccine

Posted on Jul 31, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Health, Food News, & Big Pharma, Police, Military, & War

Kevin Hayden – TruthisTreason.net

Source: GSN Magazine

A DARPA-funded vaccine company working on ways to quickly develop immunizations for potential pandemics, has successfully made over 10 million doses of H1N1 flu vaccine in a single month.

Hayden’s Note:

As if we didn’t already have enough to worry about when it comes to vaccines, DARPA, the research and development arm of the US Department of Defense, is using tax payers’ money to experiment in soaking tobacco with diseased DNA, hoping it will create antibodies in response, in order to create a rapid-production-assembly line of vaccines.  Why do we need to churn out 10 million+ vaccine doses per month from plants whose DNA is being twisted and manipulated?  Why is the military looking for this?  Follow the rabbit hole to its logical conclusion … they are expecting some sort of pandemic.

The company, Medicago Inc., used a “rapid-fire,” plant-based production method to make them, according to DARPA.

DARPA said on July 25, that Medicago Inc. had produced more than 10 million doses of an H1N1 influenza vaccine.

The plant-made community is now better positioned poisoned to continue development and target FDA approval of candidate vaccines,” Dr. Alan Magill, DARPA program manager said. “Once the FDA has approved a plant-made vaccine candidate, the shorter production times of plant-made pharmaceuticals should allow DoD to be much better prepared to face whatever pandemic next emerges.

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