Detainment Camps Going Live? FEMA Seeking Subcontractors to Provide “Temporary Camp Services” in All 50 States

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Kevin Hayden –

Source: SHTF Plan by Mac Slavo

Hayden’s Note and Opinion at the End

For the better part of two decades FEMA detention camps were believed to be a figment of tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. As more information over the years has been made available through alternative news researchers, it is becoming increasingly clear that the government has been taking steps for quite some time to ensure a rapid and effective response in the event of a national disaster or U.S. military deployment on American soil.

As many of our readers know, the U.S. Senate recently passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which, it has been argued, authorizes the establishment of domestic war zones and the subsequent detention of those who are suspected of engaging in terrorist-related activity – including U.S. citizens. What you may not know, however, is that just days after the passage of the act reports are surfacing that the Federal Emergency Management Agency, under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security, is requisitioning private contractors to provide services for government, defense & infrastructure pertaining specifically to FEMA activities with respect to emergency services.

At first glance, this may seem like no big deal. Why shouldn’t the government prepare for emergencies?

However, a review of an email made available through Info Wars from Kellogg, Brown & Root Services (KBR), a subsidiary of mega government contractor Haliburton, notes that the contracting opportunities available through the government and KBR are specifically for “temporary camp services and facilities.”

Key Excerpts from the email and Project Overview:

-Kellogg, Brown and Root Services (KBR) is seeking subscontractors on a national basis to provide temporary camp services and facilities as part of its current and future emergency services contracts for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and state/local government agencies.

The continental US will be broken up into five regions – Services will be required in each State within each region.

(Hayden’s Note: The US has been divided into multiple FEMA regions for a long while.  Nothing new here.)

-Establish services listed below within 72 hours for initial set-up and response within 24 hours for incremental services. This is a CONTINGENCY PROJECT and it should be stressed that lead times will be short with critical requirements due to the nature of emergency responses. Subcontractors must be flexible and able to handle multiple, shifting priorities in an emergency environment.  Supply lines needed must be short but not necessarily pre-positioned.

-The personnel on site to be covered by these services will depend on the size and scope of the recovery effort, but for estimating purposes the camp will range in size from 301 to 2,000 persons for up to 30 days in length.

The full RFI from KBR is available for your perusal via SHTFplan and details, among other things, the host of services that are required for temporary camp facilities:

  • Catering Services
  • Temporary Fencing and Barricades
  • Hand Washing Stations
  • Laundry Services
  • Medical Services
  • Office Trailers / Administration Areas
  • Potable Water
  • Power Generation, Fuel Delivery / Supply and Electrical Distribution
  • Refuse Collection
  • Shower and Toilet
  • Tentage, Flooring, Electrical & HVAC
  • Waste Water Removal

For all intents and purposes, FEMA / DHS is now activating camps across the nation – in all 50 states – and ramping them up for detainment if and when the need arises.

Security, while not mentioned in the KBR release, is an issue addressed previously under guidance of the U.S. military. In an August 2009 report we highlighted that the Army is hiring for Internment/Resettlement Specialists, in which we noted:

It seems that the US Government is preparing for a high volume of military prisoners. We suspect these will not be foreign nationals, as we either kill them or detain them outside of the USA. So, one must conclude that these corrections, interment and resettlement specialists will be supervising US citizens. The military is calling them internment camps or resettlement camps. Back in World War II they were called by a different name.

Additionally, we have learned over the last couple of years that FEMA has requisitioned manufacturers for 140 Million Packets of Food, Blankets, and Underwater Body Bags, while the U.S. military is Actively War Gaming ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ and ‘Civil Unrest’ which includes training for over 20,000 US military personnel for contingencies that may include riots and/or mass detentions.

While mainstream media will not report this, and most of the population will either ignore it or chalk it off as being once again blown out of proportion by the alternative news sphere, the evidence is right in front of us – it is overwhelming and very compelling.

Our government is, without a doubt, preparing for an event(s) that will likely result in the mass detentions of tens of thousands of individuals across the entire United States.

Hayden’s Note:

I’ve written about this topic for quite some time.  I’ve also had first hand encounters with how FEMA sets up prisons and encampments.  After Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Amtrak rail station was converted into a full blown detention camp – barbed wire, large “kennels” for prisoners positioned on the platforms, armed guards, multi-agency handling (my guess is to avoid single-agency policy contradictions), and more.  It was mainly operated under the authority of ICE, FEMA, Border Patrol, and the NYPD’s Correctional Department, with aid from the California Highway Patrol, NOPD, military, and handfuls of other, random enforcement units.  It was a live-action drill, I am certain.

However, the more I research what our government is preparing for on a national scale, I begin to shy away from the traditional “martial law” take-over scenario.  In my gut, I wonder if our government – in all of their wretched glory – are truly preparing for a terribly large, natural phenomenon to which we know nothing about.  Perhaps they know something we do not, and are trying to prepare for it in the only way they know how…?  If a large scale, natural disaster did occur, such as the New Madrid Fault going seismic, it would turn the entire nation into scenes of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans; widespread looting, death, fires, food and water supply issues, warmth and heating concerns, rioting, and a need – like it or not – for some sort of shelter system for refugees, as well as detention centers.


Then again, the request calls for camps to house between 301 and 2,000 people.  This is certainly not large enough for any sort of natural disaster, local or otherwise.  After Katrina, we had close to 60,000 refugees at the Superdome and Convention Center a week after the storm – IN the city.  250,000 others fled with no plans (my estimate) and another 150,000 either stayed and were prepared to a degree or lived a lifestyle that afforded them escape of some sort.  300 people?  Even 2,000 people in one camp?  That’s the number of refugees during a bad rain storm in Oklahoma.  The low numbers perplex me.  I’ve known ICE and Border Patrol to conduct large-scale arrests of illegals in Iowa and Ohio and they typically deal with 250-1,000 persons for brief detention and processing, but these camps are to be built in all 50 states and not designed for “brief processing.”

Hmmm… the mystery continues.  I’m always a fan of a good conspiracy, and the FEMA camp one has been around for awhile.  I’m still on the fence… but this is starting to push me towards the glaring fact that they plan to detain small numbers of *someones* in guarded detention camps and it is NOT for humanitarian purposes.

The scary part is not that these places exist.  The question I am concerned about is why?


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