DIY: Large Solar Aquaponics System Under $400

Posted on May 30, 2013 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Health, Food News, & Big Pharma, Urban Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Urban Farming Guys

The crew over at Urban Farming Guys shows how to go off-grid with your aquaponics, making a simple IBC-tote system, powered by the sun, for under $400. This is scalable by linking more totes together.

Something to note, is that the Urban Farming Guys use an off-the-shelf, easy-setup solar system. It costs around $250, but you can get much better solar panels with a bit of research into the subject matter. The kit they are using appears to be the standard “Harbor Freight”-style, folding kit that is widely available. It works, but there are better panels out there. With that being said, let’s get into some tilapia farming and vegetable growing!

“We’re here with Alex, who’s going to help us demonstrate just how easy this is. First, you’ll need to obtain a food-grade, 275-gallon IBC tote. Get this from; ranging between $25-100, with food-grade being very important.”

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