Fast Food America: Hospitals Serve Up McDonald’s to Patients

Posted on Apr 12, 2012 in Health, Food News, & Big Pharma

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Source: Activist Post by Mike Barrett

Its no surprise that fast food is extremely unhealthy. The processed junk food lacks essential vitamins and nutrients, while they are also concocted with numerous health-hazardous substances and chemicals which should not be found in food — let alone be consumed.

It is safe to say that no healthy individual would or should be consuming fast food, and certainly no sick individuals who are depleted of nutrients (as a result of avoiding real food) should be consuming it either.

So what in the world are fast food chains like McDonald’s doing in places like hospital cafeterias?

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It turns out that some hospitals, such as a hospital in Des Moines, think nothing of the fast food placement. Since 1988, the Des Moines hospital has been blessed by a McDonald’s fast food restaurant, and management seems to want no change.

As expected, the hospital has undergone much scrutiny for its decision to host a McDonald’s in its institution, with some of the disapproval coming from nation-wide junk food critic Corporate Accountability International. Asking the hospital to shut down the restaurant, the group said:

Your hospital is being used as part of McDonald’s comprehensive marketing strategy, a strategy that is clearly inconsistent with your goals as a health institution.

In response, hospital management said:

[McDonald’s is] an alternative to visitors and family members to dine in a familiar environment that can be a comfort, particularly for children, during stressful times. McDonald’s offers a variety of choices, including healthy foods such as salads, and provides nutrition information for its patrons.

Should sick individuals really be consuming food completely devoid of vitamins and nutrients, containing not life energy but toxic ingredients?

The mind and body operates and thrives on the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it gets from real food. Fast food will only increase your risk of depression, obesity, or potentially lead to a powerful junk addiction. Such dead foods will not aid in recovery or positively impact overall health.

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