Fundraising Project: $5 from 500 Readers

Posted on Apr 22, 2012 in Truth is Treason News

Kevin Hayden –

I’m kicking off a small fundraising project to help move things along here at

The goal is for 500 readers to donate $5.00! Click here to donate!

With these funds, it will push me one step closer to running this website full time, along with pushing out videos and interviews more often.  I’ve been able to invest a few dollars into a new camera and new audio gear for better quality podcasts and videos, but there are still a few hurdles.

Along with allowing me to devote more time to the site, and the new sister-site, TruthisTreason.TV, this fundraiser will also help the progress at the Elysian Fields Project!


Readers have donated $100 so far!  If you’d like to help out, or love the site, please consider investing $5!

If you haven’t checked that out yet, it is my off-grid homesteading effort using shipping containers!  This project offers a LOT in the realm of DIY videos for homesteaders and preppers, along with furthering the emerging tiny home movement!

As always, I am only asking for these small donations because I would rather not resort to bombarding the website with advertising.  I am exploring various fundraising efforts because I would like to take this website to the next level and devote more time and energy into it!  Your $5.00 will go a long ways!

If you would like to receive a Truth is Treason bumper sticker, please include your mailing address when you donate!


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