Hayden’s Headlines: Galaxies, House Boats, Tactical MedKits, and Disney Symbolism

Posted on Jan 05, 2013 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts, Global & National News

Kevin Hayden – TruthisTreason.net

Here are a few headlines and interesting tidbits to keep you occupied this weekend! Enjoy ~

Milky Way Galaxy May Contain 100-200 Billion Planets (Let that sink in for a moment…)

Google maps New Year’s resolutions around the world

Presenting the decline of the West in two easy infographics

California Now Officially Tolerates Some Homemade Food Businesses

My “House Boat” : The “Y-knot?”

Revamped ITS Tactical Medical Lineup and Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit Pouches Available Now!

VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Praise Bin Laden, Celebrate 9/11 Attacks (You mean the “rebels” we financed and armed? Oh yeah, they’re the same al-Qaeda members and rogue mercenaries we used in Libya! All-CIA-Duh!)

“Gravity Falls”: A New Disney TV Show Loaded With Illuminati Symbolism


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