Hayden’s Headlines – Ron Paul Frontrunner? IBM, Medical Marijuana, Factory Farms, and Thomas Jefferson

Posted on Dec 21, 2011 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts, Global & National News

Kevin Hayden – TruthisTreason.net

I’ve been in south Texas working this week, so updates have not been as frequent.  I’ll try and get some interesting stories up this evening, but for now, here are some headlines:

A new poll from Public Policy Polling shows that Ron Paul has taken the lead in the Iowa caucus race, while Newt Gingrich’s support is fading fast. A different Gallup poll shows Gringrich still holding the lead, but slipping, while The New York Times has Paul in the lead as well.
Via SurvivalBlog: Corey B. wrote to tell me that Self Reliance Illustrated has temporarily made their past issues available for free download.

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