Hayden’s Note: Big News! Obtaining My CDL & Life on the Road

Posted on Jul 05, 2013 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts

Kevin Hayden – TruthisTreason.net

UPDATE: I passed the driving academy and state exams; I am now a CDL holder!

I felt as though a short update was in order.  I’ve been writing new articles recently and I’m sure you’re wondering why they suddenly stopped this week.

My wife and I decided to completely forego our current career fields – I was a suit and tie, corporate investigator for Big Oil and my wife was a Petroleum Landman for another oil company – and radically change our futures.

I’ve never been content with the 9-5 world; it didn’t work when I was a police officer, and it didn’t work when I was in a high-rise tower, protecting CEOs, or investigating theft and fraud in the oil field. I merely remained in that career because it was something I was good at and had extensive training in, instead of pursuing something that truly brought me joy.

So, to remedy that, we decided to write down what we truly wanted to do in life and then figure out the shortest and most radical way to attain those goals.

I want to obtain my commercial helicopter pilot’s license, with the ultimate goal of flying in the tourism industry for awhile, and then perhaps search and rescue, remote construction air drops, 3rd world/disaster relief efforts, or whatever I find interesting – but I want to fly. Period.  (www.HelpMeFly.org)

The wife wants to continue her studies in the holistic health field and eventually attend school to become an RN, among other related, alternative fields of study.

So what did we decide to do?

volvo670We’re currently earning our commercial driver’s license (CDL) and will be driving big rigs across the country as a husband and wife team for awhile! We’re still not sure how long we’ll be doing this – we’re not even sure we’re going to enjoy it – but it’s something we can certainly cross off of our bucket lists! It’s a great skill to have, nonetheless, so we think this is a win-win decision.

We’ll get to spend a lot of time together, see the country, and I can still operate this website from the road. I’m really debating on creating a separate website and YouTube channel for LIVE videocasts of our adventures, as well as running a contest for the new website / YouTube channel name. I’ll keep you posted on that, but leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! I have some really great water filter kits from Homespun Environmental as prize packs!

Above all, this decision will allow us to completely eliminate what little debt we have within the first year and then we’ll decide if we’d like to continue down this road.

This is certainly a choice that we have studied, researched extensively, and are not taking lightly, but at the same time, it is radically different from what either of us are used to. Many of our close friends looked at us with wide eyes when we told them our plan, but I simply ask them, “…well, why not?”

We’re excited about what the future holds, and I am confident that this new adventure will provide plenty of content to write about as it relates to this website’s categories, especially Just in Time Trucking, critical infrastructure, and preparedness, in general, not to mention the usual political, health, police state, and Big Pharma commentary!

Until next time,

Kevin Hayden

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