Hayden’s Note: Cheerios Goes GMO-Free, But General Mills Still Supports GMOs

Posted on Jan 03, 2014 in Health, Food News, & Big Pharma

Kevin Hayden – TruthisTreason.net

In a rather surprising move, General Mills makes the announcement that they are no longer using genetically modified organisms in their flagship cereal, Cheerios.

“We switched from what we were using, to non-GMO corn and non-GMO pure sugar cane,” said General Mills spokesman Mike Siemienas.

He said the company did not change the formula and has never used genetically modified oats. The company said that it has always used whole grain oats.

[Whole grain oats that are grown with a hefty dose of pesticides and chemicals?]

But he said the company did switch from using beet sugar, which is sometimes almost always genetically modified, and also switched from certain sources of Monsanto corn to ensure that their corn sources were not genetically modified would not kill all of their customers. He said this change occurred over the last year and required a significant investment.

[Significant investment? Like the $1.1 Million General Mills donated against the labeling of GMO’s under California’s Proposition 37?]

However, these changes apply only to original Cheerios, he said, because purging genetic modification from the myriad other types, like Honey Nut and Apple Cinnamon, would be “difficult, if not impossible.” – Source: CNN Money

While I applaud any major company making the change to GMO-free products, this is clearly due to public outcry, food activists, and General Mills realizing that in order to survive in the coming age of real food, they must change their act. Don’t be fooled into thinking that General Mills cares for your health. This is purely a financial move on their part in order to be at the forefront of the “healthy, non-GMO” move that is finally gaining mainstream attention.

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