Hayden’s Note: Chipolte Becomes First US Restaurant to Voluntarily Label GMOs, Vows to Eliminate Them

Posted on Jun 14, 2013 in Health, Food News, & Big Pharma

Kevin Hayden – TruthisTreason.net

Source: in part, Natural News

The recent decision by Whole Foods Market to label all genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) sold in its stores by the long-off date of 2018 looks silly and almost meaningless compared to the right-now policy of fresh food chain Chipotle, which is officially the first and only major U.S. food supplier to voluntarily label GMOs. On its “Ingredients Statement” website, Chipotle clearly outlines which of its food products contain GMOs, and also states that it is working aggressively to source completely non-GMO ingredients for all of its products as it moves forward.

Chipotle has always marketed itself as a healthy alternative to fast food, having taken steps from the beginning to eliminate things like dairy products produced using the artificial growth hormone rBST, for instance, and replacing them with pasture-raised dairy products. Chipotle has also played a key role in propelling forward the local agriculture movement by sourcing as many locally-grown and organic ingredients as possible, and eliminating artificial additives and other toxins commonly used in fast food.

But now Chipotle has set the bar even higher, and by choice, delineating each and every ingredient used in its meats, beans, rice, and dressings, and clarifying which ones contain GMOs.

Hayden’s Note:

Years ago, I loved eating at Chipolte, but as I learned more and more about GMOs, commercial farming, and healthier eating, I started to avoid the chain restaurant. Several months ago, I revisited some of my research on them after reading a random article, and was impressed to hear what they are trying to do. This latest news makes me feel even better, especially after the weak and laughable attempt by Whole Foods to “label GMO ingredients by 2018.”

Could Chipolte do more? Sure. Any mega-corporation can do more, but I applaud them for their efforts as they pull away from the pack and find a balance between quality food, fast service, and price. I hope this becomes a trend; we saw Subway try to market themselves as “healthy”, but this caters to the masses who equate cheap, conventionally-grown iceberg lettuce with health. In reality, Subway foods are saturated with toxic pesticides, bleached flours, grown on commercial meat farms, and are only a small step above McDonalds and Burger King. Over the next few years, we will see more and more restaurants offer GMO-free foods and organic dishes, while still offering a drive-thru window.

The primary GMO offender, as you will notice on Chipotle’s “Ingredients Statement” page, is soybean oil, which is reluctantly used in several of the chain’s meat and rice products. In fact, this commercial frying and cooking oil appears to be one of the only, if not the only, GMO ingredient still used by Chipotle.

“Our goal is to eliminate GMOs from Chipotle’s ingredients, and we’re working hard to meet this challenge,” explains the page. “For example, we recently switched our fryers from soybean oil to sunflower oil. Soybean oil is almost always made from genetically modified soybeans, while there is no commercially available GMO sunflower oil. Where our food contains currently unavoidable GM ingredients, it is only in the form of corn or soy.”

You can view the Chipotle “Ingredients Statement” page at the following link. Note that all items containing a “G” in the pink box contain GMOs:


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