Health and Survival in the 21st Century, a Free eBook

Posted on Dec 16, 2011 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts, Constitutional & Liberty Issues, DIY Projects, Health, Food News, & Big Pharma

Kevin Hayden –

A new reader sent me some really great links regarding health, liberty, and survival that I wanted to share, specifically an amazing book entitled, Health and Survival in the 21st Century, which can be downloaded free at the link.  The main site,, is an amazing resource of e-books and reference material across the spectrum.

from reader Ken –

“Without health, there is no happiness. An attention to health, then, should take the place of every other object.” -Thomas Jefferson, 1787

Many of our brothers and sisters now have no health insurance and need to learn how important it is to protect their health. It’s hard to manipulate and enslave a physically fit, free-thinking person with robust health. The elite that run this world know that, hence their need to keep us sick and stupid. Perform a revolutionary act: eat well, exercise, read, and turn off that piece of garbage called television.


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