Heavily Armed Police Raid Organic Farm, Conduct Illegal Search: “He’s a Constitutionalist.”

Posted on Oct 10, 2012 in Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Police, Military, & War

Kevin Hayden – TruthisTreason.net

On August 16th, 2012, in a sleepy Idaho farm town, heavily-armed members of the Gem County Sheriff’s Office conducted an illegal search of a residence after receiving a domestic violence complaint from a neighbor.

After pulling the occupants from the house at gunpoint, displaying rude and discourteous behavior, and then illegally searching the entire house, along with personal effects, deputies discover what they believed to be a marijuana “grow room.”  One intelligent deputy suddenly has an epiphany, as heard in the video below at 05:20, “We’ll need to get a warrant for this.”

Little late for that, eh?  Funny enough, the grow room turns out to be an aquaponics system for the couple’s organic tomatoes.

But let’s back this scenario up a bit.

Police are enroute to a domestic violence complaint, and 911 transcripts indicate one deputy warning another that the subject of the complaint is a “Constitutionalist.”  Apparently, some of that Federal Fusion Center training did sink in!  It’s okay to politically profile those who follow the words on our Founding document.  Better gear up for a SWAT-entry!

While no records exist showing that the subject of the complaint – Michael Gibbons – is violent, or has ever been charged or arrested for violent offenses, the deputy feels the need to warn the others that, “there is [sic] weapons … He is – or at least was – anti-law enforcement.”

As a former police officer myself, I understand the need to warn fellow officers of potential threats, but I believe this was going a bit far; being a bit dramatic.

As for the character of those involved, I won’t comment: it has no bearing on the underlying issue here, and that is a couple was assaulted on incredibly flimsy probable cause, their house was searched in violation of the 4th amendment, state law, and department policy, and were politically profiled for being “Constitutionalists.”   If you consider yourself a Liberty-lover, this should be cause for concern.

Ironically enough, Michael Gibbons is a former police officer turned organic farmer.

In a country where gratuitous SWAT raids frequently result in state-sanctioned murder, this is a potentially fatal combination – especially when the subject of the raid is designated a “Constitutionalist” and thus regarded as an Enemy of the State.

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