How to: Break Open a Coconut

Posted on Apr 12, 2011 in - Food & Recipes – Kevin Hayden

Source: The FED – Fitness, Exercise and Diet

Love fresh coconut but hate those pesky shells?  Follow these easy steps and soon you’ll be on your way to busting your own coconut!
1 fresh coconut
1 large bowl
1 sturdy hammer
Hard surface
Plastic bag 
Step 1: Supplies
Get your bowl, hammer, and coconut situated on a hard surface.  You could also put down some old newspaper or paper towels if you are fastidious about dirt/grit getting into your food.  (If this were LOST, you wouldn’t care, but I digress…)
Step 2: Hammer Time
Hold the coconut firmly against the hard surface and give it a whack just until it cracks.  Hold the coconut over the bowl to collect the water inside (drink this stuff up or save for later).  Once all the water has drained out, smack it a few more times to break the coconut in half.
Step 3: Completely bust the coconut
Place one half of the coconut on the hard surface (open side down) and hammer it into small/medium sized pieces.  Repeat with the other half and collect all the coconut meat and pieces of shell that still have meat stuck to them.
Step 4: Fork it good
Use the tines of a fork to separate the pieces of meat from the remaining shell.

Step 5: Rinse
Wash off all the shell bits, coconut fiber, and dirt from the coconut meat.
Step 6: Bag it up
Use a paper towel to pat dry the pieces of coconut meat, put them in a plastic bag, and store in the fridge/freezer to keep fresh.  Fresh coconut is great for a quick snack, for smoothies, baking, etc.

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