Investing in Tangibles, Gold and Land: Advice from an Insider

Posted on Aug 23, 2011 in Economic News, Featured Articles

Kevin Hayden –

Many times, I’ve stressed the importance of getting into tangibles in order to preserve your wealth, if not increase it.  And several times, I’m been met with reader emails regarding their bullish confidence in the ponzi scheme stock market, paper investments or that I’m simply paranoid. 

Last year, I wrote several articles on what sort of tangibles to invest in, with the top items being precious metals, firearms and farmable land, along with the tools and implements to pioneer it.  It may sound a bit old fashioned or silly to some, but I tend to take notice when some of the top fund managers and investors are doing the same thing.  Since that time, the alternative and mainstream media have started to suggest getting into tangibles, as well.

And today, I had quite an interesting conversation with a large investor who will obviously remain nameless.  Aside from running this website, I work full-time for a medium-sized oil and gas firm that is quickly growing (without the use of fracking, I might add).  I have the occasion to speak with people ranging from market analysts to investors from Goldman Sachs and UBS, Credit Suisse and JP Morgan, all the way down to geologists, landmen and engineers.  My personal opinion hatred of bankers aside, I glean information where I can find it.  And today was a confirmation from this particular person.

We were casually talking about idle topics; weather, news and then of course, the 300 point rise in the Dow.  I mentioned that I was far more concerned that gold dropped almost $70 that afternoon and he smiled.  He relayed a story of how he and several investor friends were out on a fishing trip when the 2008 crunch occurred.  He described how many of them were frantically trying to get a cellular signal in the remote area in order to handle business, but he simply liquidated all of his stock and paper and moved 100% into gold and silver.  In fact, several of his colleagues followed suit with lesser amounts in the following days.

I’ve heard of investors pushing large sums into metals, and most of the time 15-20% of their holdings seems pretty bold.  But all in?  He added that when he returned from the trip, his next objective was to invest into “small, farmable land…5 or 10 acres at a time.”

I told him that while I certainly wasn’t a part of the finance world or privy to the inside information like many of them were, I did the same thing and didn’t need an MBA or a JP Morgan background to tell me that.  Sadly, many of my close friends ignored my well-intentioned statements about getting into metals and tangibles in order to preserve their wealth.  Or at least a paycheck or two.

Either way, I found it interesting to hear some confirmation directly from a financial insider of that caliber.  Many rich people became rich simply by doing what rich people did.  Sounds logical to me – to an extent.

In 2009, I had put some money into metals, various tangibles and an acreage and began to write about tangibles as a safer investment vehicle. 

Since that time, silver has quadrupled and gold has doubled.

I didn’t have much to invest as I had just left the police department where I lived paycheck to paycheck as a civil servant.  But the small amount that I was able to purchase has definitely paid off and I consider it as my emergency back-up fund.  I’m still in the process of paying off my acreage, but at least I have it.  Did you get into tangibles?

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Kevin Hayden is a former New Orleans police officer-turned-political activist.  He endured Hurricane Katrina’s chaos and societal collapse in the days following and after 5 years in New Orleans, he moved to Oklahoma.  Kevin currently runs and works on local politics and education about our monetary, food and foreign policies while building an off-grid homestead and helping people become prepared.  He can be contacted directly at or by visiting his website,

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