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Posted on Apr 28, 2010 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival

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Here is a lengthy list of survival and preparedness websites.  This includes forums, webpages, groups and discussion boards.  The list is arranged in no particular order, although to provide transparency, I am a dues-paying member of AlphaRubicon and have been for the last 6 years or so.


Alpha Rubicon – Disaster Contingencies Group – Public & Private forums

Captain Dave’s— Survival info and sales

Frugal Squirrel— Resource for patriots, survivalists and gun owners

Survival Plus— Preparedness info

Blue Wolf— Preparedness info and articles

Gentle Survivalist— Preparedness and survival links

Worst Case Scenarios— from the book by the same title, lots of basic info

Come Back Alive— RYP’s site

Epicenter— Couple of basic preparedness pages

Survival Outdoor Skills— as the name says…

Millennium Ark— Preparedness and other info

UFL Disaster Guide— Disaster info from UFL

Ready— Prepare, plan, stay informed

Tracker School— Tom Brown’s place

Equipped to Survive— Info, supplies, blog, forums

Wilderness Survival— Long list of survival info

Survivalist— Great list of info

Paul T Martin— Some preparedness info

Wild Survival— Great list of survival links/info

End Times Report— Self reliant living

Steve Quayle— Survival and other info

Uncle Dave’s— Good survival links

WA Public Health— Basic emergency info sheets

Preparedness Now— Basic preparedness info and links

Australian Survivalist— Great info and links

Center for International Disaster Information— Situation reports

Hoods Woods— Check out the articles in the library

Old Jimbo’s— Survival index

Weather Safety— Weather-related safety info

3 Days, 3 Ways— Basic preparedness info

HHS— Disaster and preparedness info from the government

Nuclear War Survival Skills— Free online book

Home Safety Council— Basic safety info

Survival Skills and Techniques— List of links

M4040— Wilderness survival info

Survival Links— Survival and self sufficiency links

Survival IQ— Good survival info

Project Disaster— Huge list of disaster links/info

Provident Living— Informative links/info from the Mormons

Survival Topics— Survival articles

Survive the Next Disaster— List of survival articles

DRSP— Disaster strategies

InTerraGate— Hazard awareness info

Mrs Survival— Basic survival info

Don Rearic— Survival info

Survival and Self Reliance— Survival info

After the Lights Go Out— Survival articles and news

Hollowtop— Primitive living skills

The Survival Mom— Survival and preparedness info

Time Bomb 2000— World events forum

Black Flag Cafe— RYP’s Come Back Alive forums

Survival Arts— Survival, guns, etc.

Arms Control Wonk–WMD, intel, arms, etc.

Survival Strategies— as the name says

Alphecca— “from a Libertarian gun nut in Vermont”

Emergency Preparedness Tips— as the name says…

Survival Bill–survival and bush-craft info

Survivalist Boards— One of the Largest Survival / Preparedness Forums on the ‘net

Mr Completely— Shooting, fishing, and more

Everyday Carry Forums— Forums on daily carry, go bags, etc.

Kevin Sites— Journalism from conflict zones

Critterology— The world according to cRitter

These Uncertain Times— How to survive uncertain times

Yahoo Preplinks Group— Survival info

Fallout Shelter 653— Preparedness/survival blog

Stealth Survival— “Staying above the water line”

SHTF Blog— Survivalist blog

Hobo Stripper— Interesting blog for hobos…and traveling strippers

Prepared Society— Preparedness forum

Ron’s Primitive Skills— Primitive skills and info

Rogue Ghost’s Survival Blog— Survival info

TEOTWAWKIAIFF— Preparedness, rights, etc

The Survivalist Blog— ‘Survive when things get tough’

Unsheltered Life— Survival blog

Kevin Kelly Cool Tools— Snteresting survival resources

Urban Survival Techniques— As the name implies…

Defensive Carry Forums— Forums for discussing concealed carry

The Hoodlums— Hood’s Woods forums

Gallimaufree— Suburban survival blog

Daily Survival— Survival blog

Off-Grid Survival— Survival and off-grid living info

Destiny Survival— Survival gear and info

Survivalism Textfiles— Massive amount of survival info

Knowledge is the Killer of Fear— Prep and survival blog

MidWest Survivors — Preparedness Forum

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