Living Small in a Big World: Alternative Architecture, Tiny Homes, and Strawbale

Posted on Nov 20, 2012 in Alt Energy, Tiny Homes, & Structures, DIY Projects, Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Urban Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

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Andrew Morrison, of, is interviewed on living small, the role of straw bale construction as a solution for housing, and his experience of living in a pop-up tent trailer in Baja for several months after selling more than half of his belongings.

Hayden’s Note:

While I looove alternative architecture and tiny homes, it is not for some “save the planet” motive.  My obsession with tiny homes is rooted in the evolving shift in perception and understanding that we need to get back to basics, natural settings, and efficiency, coupled with the ability to create Tiny Towns, build small communities, and become radically self-reliant; throwing off the shackles of not only an out of control government, but being truly self sufficient in as many areas as possible.

Living SMALL In A big World from Gabriella Morrison on Vimeo.

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