More FBI Terrorism: LulzSec Leader Works for the Bureau

Posted on Mar 06, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations

Kevin Hayden –

The establishment media has characterized the leader of LulzSec ratting out his hacktivist comrades as betrayal, but the incident reveals something far more sinister – government is responsible for creating and unleashing computer hacker groups.

Hector Xavier Monsegur, said to be the leader of LulzSec, worked for the FBI, according to news reports. He was reportedly arrested in Puerto Rico last June and then began working with the FBI.  Monsequr, aka Sabu, decided what targets to attack and who would participate in the attacks at the direction of this FBI handlers.  – Source: Kurt Nimmo

Hayden’s Note:

Yet again, the mainstream media and government confirm what I’ve said for a long time: large parts of ‘Anonymous’ and similar groups are operated, directed, or wholly infiltrated by government informants and agents.  The fear-mongering surrounding Anon and the danger they pose, along with the legislation being written behind closed doors, such as SOPA, Protect IP, and similar, are a direct, pre-determined “solution” to a “problem” the government has created or bolstered in order to fulfill their agenda.

This is very similar to what happened in Libya, what’s going on in Syria, and even 9/11.  Certain aspects of our government write a script revolving around a few “real players” or “real grievances,” while introducing agent provocateurs into the equation.  They ride the coat tails of real issues and pile on the disinformation in order to accomplish their goals.

In October, Mother Jones revealed that the FBI is notorious for creating supposed terrorist groups from scratch and then framing patsies in order to claim the government is protecting the United States from terrorists and also breathe life into an otherwise moribund war on mostly nonexistent terrorism.

Sabu’s role as an FBI provocateur working inside LulzSec reveals the government is attempting to do the same in order to push its so-called cybersecurity agenda. The establishment is eager to pass a raft of legislation to closely regulate the internet, strip the medium of its anonymity, and close it down as an activism and alternative media tool.

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