Muslim Brotherhood-Infiltrated ‘Paulistinians’ and the Neocon War Machine

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Kevin Hayden –

Source: Combat Veterans for Ron Paul


No more sugar-coating it. The Emperor has no clothes! We’ve been sold out. The Constitution is in ribbons. The lies of those who have exploited War Fever & Patriotism continue coming to light. The propaganda war machine has convinced the GOP electorate that they must fund both sides of wars in foreign nations. They have convinced Republican voters that a voluntary Army means we soldiers like War and wouldn’t do multiple deployments if we didn’t believe in the mission (whatever it is today). The establishment has succeeded in influencing people to spread ‘democracy’ with the barrel of a gun instead of prosperity with friendly trade.

Now, yours truly, has been accused of being infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood and was labeled a “Paulistinian” by Republican establishment types at a recent straw poll. With people hanging out at Republican events talking about how we should watch out for the Sharia boogeyman around every corner, I have to wonder what the hell is wrong with these people who used to believe in freedom of religion. Do Christians like it when labeled as wanting to replace the Constitutional Republic with a theocracy? Muslim Americans serve in the United States military just like people from a plethora of various faiths.

Take it from a reformed Christian (now Deist), and OEF veteran; We shouldn’t let the radical religious Christian Right drive American foreign policy towards their apocalyptic visions of Armageddon any more than Iranians should let theirs be driven by the radical religious Muslim extremists. These nut-jobs on both sides want this damn war, which plays right into the hands of Osama bin Laden’s stated strategy of collapsing America by bogging it down in the Middle East.

The problem is, the same old chicken-hawk war-profiteering neo-cons who continue to win their propaganda campaign are not the ones catching the bullets for it; That’s what young Patriotic men and women who love their Country enough to want to serve in its’ defense do. And, the American military is damn good at what it does when not hamstrung by the Washington bureaucracy.

 Being stationed in Europe, deploying to Afghanistan, and traveling through many nations, it strikes me how ignorant average Americans are about the rest of the world in comparison with the average folks on the street I’ve met in foreign nations where they have to share many borders. I wish average Americans would pay more attention to our nation’s foreign policy. We have to educate ourselves; especially considering the propaganda machine of the RepubliCrat, mainstream media (which includes Fox News), and international corporate banking establishments. If one soldier is at War in the name of America, then every American is at War by proxy and bares the responsibility of understanding why.

That also means not buying the government’s propaganda about the war without question. If Vietnam taught us anything, it should be that the government lies about War. Individual liberty also means individual responsibility. Whether you like it or not as an American citizen, our government is waging War in your name. If you truly care about who your nation kills, how it goes about pursuing peace, why we go to War, and when it’s appropriate to put American soldiers at risk, then don’t give me that establishment talking point bull-shit about Ron Paul having a dangerous foreign policy.

Ron Paul is the choice of this combat veteran for very deeply held reasons, not the least of which is that avoiding bloodshed is preferable when possible. If you’ve got to fight a War, you fight it to win it with swift and overwhelming force. War is Hell. War is a Pandora’s box. Proceed with caution.

It does not make sense to believe in American sovereignty and Right to self-determination, but spend over ten years occupying and pretending like we still have a mission in Afghanistan. The soldier in the fight needs a clear mission. If ANYONE reading this can provide that clear mission in terms you’d be comfortable explaining it in the bloody face of a wounded soldier, PLEASE post it in the comments below!

It does not make sense to say that America is a Constitutional Republic, but we want to spread ‘democracy’ (something our Founders opposed) all around the world by wielding wrath and violence. This is a Corporatist approach to government which sacrifices American sovereignty and therefore ultimately the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, in a trade-off for international law and government monopolized foreign trade and other entanglements.

As a veteran of a voluntary Army in wartime, I can’t say that I appreciated being called a “Paulistinian,” as though to suggest I may have terrorist sympathies, or even that all self-identified ‘Palestinians’ somehow do. I’m the veteran; I thought I was the one who was supposed to be paranoid. I certainly think you’re a fucking retard if you actually believe I’ve switched sides, much less for some violent wackos like the Muslim Brotherhood. I’ve brushed off the ‘Paulbot,’ ‘conspiracy theorist,’ and ‘kook’ nonsense; but I take issue with anybody who suggests I’m supporting radical Islamic jihad.

The truth is, Combat Veterans for Ron Paul are being painted this way because an article like this one runs contradictory to the narrative the RepubliCrat establishment wants unchallenged. They don’t want veterans to feel comfortable speaking out because people MIGHT actually listen when we say that we’re sick of our brothers and sisters still in the field dying in crooked wealthy politicians’ unnecessary wars. American voters need to wake up and take some responsibility for protecting our service-members (we claim to love for their honorable service) from being sent to serve as cannon-fodder for tyrants. Only we have the power to make it stop. We gave up some of that power by not forcing declarations of War as consistent with the Constitutional checks and balances on Presidential power. Now, our nation is poised to either elect a new warmongering despot or re-elect the one we have.

Ron Paul is the only Presidential candidate in the Republican field who does have a clear, reasonable, and Constitutional approach to foreign policy that is actually also reflective of the wishes and warnings of America’s Founding Fathers. We can’t be so naïve about the rest of the world as to allow the war-profiteering international bankers, blood-sucking neo-cons, and chicken-hawk fools pay for their failure of diplomacy and botched foreign relations with the blood of the soldiers in the fight on the ground. If we elect Obama, Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum in 2012, the bloodshed of America’s patriotic youth continues on foreign soil for no clear mission or defined goal. The consequence of Obama, Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum will be continued world policing and nation-building at the President’s unchecked and unconstitutional discretion.

In order to stop everyone we aren’t comfortable with having nuclear energy, we will literally have to police the entire world. Ron Paul is the only candidate even telling us that he wants to restore the Constitution and the original intent of War Powers belonging with Congress and ultimately, We The People. If he’s lying, we’ll hold him accountable; but, Obama and the other Republican candidates have made it clear that they will continue to abuse the Executive authority and assault the Constitution. As someone who took a serious Oath to uphold the Constitution, I think the choice is abundantly clear.

Americans need to know that these other nations around the world have their own internal politics and intermingled conflicts. Our current foreign policy of interjecting ourselves into the internal politics of other sovereign nations (which usually believe in self-determination as well) only serves to build resentments and political movements against us. If these other nations are intent on killing each other anyway, then why would we volunteer to put our service-members in the crossfire? Let them kill each other if they’re going to, but don’t use American soldiers unless it is in self-defense.

And, for the record; Israel can take care of herself without us making her dependent on the subsidies and strings that come with those subsidies for her defense and welfare. If Israel and Iran feel froggy towards each other, then let them suffer the consequences of war with each other – not with Americans. Israel is certainly geographically positioned to be more interested in and affected by a nuclear Iran than are we. It’s not our fight.  At least, not yet.

Most soldiers I know don’t like or want to kill, and believe it is only acceptable to take life in self-defense. Defending our nation from attack or hunting down those such as carried out the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks is what we have already shown we will volunteer to do. Many of us swore an Oath to the Constitution and will always stand ready to defend it. The point is, sometimes you don’t need to resort to violence to resolve issues. Right now, the warmongering vampires have unchecked control of our foreign policy and the blood-lust of their War Fever has made them blind to the costs of unnecessary prolonged foreign occupations and indiscriminate wars.

When you feel entitled to something and don’t have to pay for it yourself, I guess it’s easy to be a chicken-hawk coward. When you make money from people spilling each other’s blood, I guess it’s easy to justify your war profiteering. I guess when you think you can’t win an election without toeing the line, it’s easy to compromise with the progressive neo-cons in power. I guess when you don’t have to see the horrors of War up close and personal on a routine basis, you could get a bit detached from reality in the ivory towers the soldier’s blood purchases. I guess when the American people have bought the lie that what the government does in our name overseas won’t effect us in our homeland, it’s easy to believe you can keep getting away with murder. I guess if you’re ignorant enough to believe the government wouldn’t lie to you, then maybe you should join the military and volunteer for combat duty.

I could go on and on in this ‘rude awakening’ piece, but I just invite every reader NOT to take my word for anything. Do your own homework. Research autodidacticism. Find the facts for yourself. Above all, think for yourself.


 “Let it not be said that we did nothing.” -Ron Paul

Adam G. House served with the famed 2/503rd Infantry Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade, including a deployment to the infamous Konar Province of Afghanistan. He is a true patriot who has walked the walk and now talks the talk… And he doesn’t appreciate being called a “Paulistinian” by chicken-hawk cowards who never had the balls to serve, yet advocate preemptive war at the cost of others.

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