My Quest to Stop Smoking, Day 2

Posted on May 03, 2010 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts

Kevin Hayden

My Quest to Stop Smoking, Day 2

As most of you know, I have begun my quest to stop smoking.

Several people I know have talked about the benefits of Chantix (the prescription medication to help stop smoking) but being without health insurance, just to ASK the doctor if he would graciously prescribe me the stuff would cost over $100 out of pocket + the $300 for the med.

I’ve decided to do this with some “herbal” cigarettes and a nicotine patch.

The herbal smokes are made from the roasted outer shell of the cocoa bean and ground/shredded into strips just like traditional tobacco. From all appearances, this looks just like a Marlboro light. It is 100% nicotine free and 100% tobacco free.

In my estimation, this will greatly help with the “urge to smoke” – that physical ritual of opening a pack and lighting up with coffee, in the car or after leaving the movie theater.

The nicotine patch will keep me sane and functioning with a daily dose of nicotine that will be stepped down on a faster pace than what they suggest. The nicotine patch instructions say this is a 10 week program but I want to stop NOW!  Well… I DO enjoy a good cigarette, but I want to be out of Big Tobacco’s evil grasp and get rid of this silly addiction. I plan to step it up to a 5-week program and cover the slack with willpower.

I am on day #2 and still doing pretty good. I certainly WANT a cigarette but the herbal smokes are doing a decent job at helping with that. I’ve also got some nicotine gum and while the instructions say, “Do not use in conjunction with other nicotine delivery systems, such as a patch…” I don’t really care. There have been a few times I realllllly wanted a smoke and with the patch on to help smooth out the entire day, the gum gives me a relatively instant shot of nicotine to take the edge off.

I feel like a heroin addict now that my addiction is finally being shown to me in a new light.

Wish me luck.

I hope I don’t go to prison for murdering every single person who cuts me off in traffic on my way home today.

LoL…. that was a joke. Seriously. If I’m on the news for road rage, let’s keep that comment quiet, shall we?

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