Operation Garden Plot, Insurrection and CONPLAN 3502 – Hayden’s Note on Katrina Attached

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Source: Infowars by Kurt Nimmo

Editorial by Kevin Hayden

Back in late 2010, the Army Corps of Engineers inadvertently posted information about Northcom’s CONPLAN 3502, included within information about a FEMA-simulated earthquake drill called National Level Exercise 2011.

The documents reveal how a secret Pentagon Civil Disturbance Operations plan calls for military-operated detention and search operations within the United States. It is mentioned in a Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) Handbook that was prepared by the Army’s Joint Test and Evaluation Command. It was also mentioned by General Victor E. Renuart, Northcom commander, in testimony before the House Armed Services Committee’s subcommittee on Terrorism and Unconventional Threats and Capabilities on March 5, 2008.

More information can be found here. IndyMedia provided extrensive coverage, not that the New York Times or the Washington Post noticed. The establishment press was uniformly silent.

CONPLAN 3502 surfaced again this week as the Brits scrambled to confront riots sweeping their country.

“With British Prime Minister David Cameron authorizing the use of rubber bullets and water canons in wake of the turbulent London riots spreading through Britain, questions have been raised about how authorities in the U.S. would respond to a similar domestic disturbance threatening the nation’s stability,” writes John Hudson for the Atlantic Wire.

“According to National Journal‘s White House correspondent Marc Ambinder the U.S. already has a game plan in place. “If what happened in London ever happened in the US, the military has plans — CONPLAN 3501 and 3502 — to suppress the ‘insurrection,’ he tweeted. The mysterious reference to a numbered military plan generated a flurry of interest on Twitter as NPR host Michele Norris shot back: “I want to know more about the military’s plan to suppress any potential ‘insurrection.’– CONPLAN 3501 and 3502????”

Hudson continues:

Interestingly, the CONPLAN (which stands for an “operation plan in concept format” at the Pentagon) Ambinder referenced is a popular subject among conspiracy theorists and critics of martial law. According to the public policy organization GlobalSecurity.org, CONPLAN 3502 is the U.S. military’s plan for assisting state and local authorities in the event of a riot or major civil disturbance: “Tasks performed by military forces may include joint patrolling with law enforcement officers; securing key buildings, memorials, intersections and bridges; and acting as a quick reaction force.”

The Brits may be scratching their heads, but the feds over here in the states have had plans in place for decades to deal with civil unrest. Following the riots of the 1960s, the U.S. Army and National Guard devised Operation Garden Plot. Infowars.com reported the posting of several declassified documents detailing on Operation Garden Plot back in 2009.

Garden Plot still exists and is now under the operational command of Northcom. It was last activated during the attacks of September 11, 2001, and also became operational during the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Hayden’s Note:

It is my belief that Operation Garden Plot and Noble Eagle-like activation was witnessed in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.  I was a police officer there at the time and it fulfilled the plan to a T.  Joint patrols with civil authorities, checkpoints for major arteries in and out of the city, soldiers and Humvees stationed at major intersections and bridges, assistance in imposing an unlawful curfew against all citizens, gun confiscation, and even business checks.  These “patrols” involved the use of thermal image cameras mounted on the Humvees, looking for warm bodies moving through the darkness and debris, riding with various SWAT teams and responding to gun fights, looting and even conducting traffic stops and simple drug enforcement. 

I happened to get into a short argument with one soldier in early 2006 when they were still assigned to patrols of the streets.  I asked him under what authority was he operating.  I questioned him as to if he understood what the Posse Comitatus Act and Insurrection Act meant and stood for.  I further stated that their continued presence was a slap in the face to the Constitution, the Rule of Law and the citizens of the city.  Normal, everyday, law-abiding people were terrified of the military patrols and convoys, hiding due to the terror incited by the Amtrak train station prison, stories about prolonged detention incommunicado and abuse at the hands of varied pseudo-law enforcement agencies, such as the NYPD Corrections team, California Highway Patrol and private contractors.  I witnessed all of these fears first-hand, so they were not wild conspiracies or irrational fears. 

He simply handed me a piece of paper and said, “This is my authority.” 

It was a general directive from his commander as to his duties.  I laughed and told him he was a silly little puppet with his head in the sand and that only civil authority, i.e. the Sheriff’s Office, State Police and the New Orleans Police Department, the uniform that I was wearing, had authority to be conducting any of these operations.  He waddled back to his Humvee, which had a large anti-vehicle machine gun attached to the top and began chatting with his fellow soldiers who all simultaneously looked up in anger at me.

It should be noted that these soldiers, from out-of-state, were still patrolling and involved in drug and traffic enforcement well past the “emergency.”  The Hurricane struck the city at the end of August, 2005 and the military had a strong presence until well past Mardi Gras – February/March/April of 2006.  It was not until September of 2006 that the Insurrection Act was amended to allow the President to deploy troops for law enforcement duties during natural disasters but even that was repealed in the 2008 Defense Authorization Act.

Annex A, section B of Operation Garden Plot defines tax protesters, militia groups, religious cults, and anti-government activists as “Disruptive Elements.”

Hayden’s Note II:

I suppose I fall into 3 out of those 4 categories:  [Income] Tax protester, militia member (every able-bodied person of the Many States), not a member of a religious cult but I would surely be labeled an anti-government activist…  Then again, so would most of the Founding Fathers, so I reside in good company.  I’m also into emergency preparedness, and according to one of the latest FBI bulletins, that’s a sure-sign of a potential domestic terrorist. 

Garden Plot is a sub program of Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, that established an undisclosed number of concentration camps in America for the internment of dissidents and other elements considered enemies of the state. It was first revealed during the Iran-Contra Hearings in 1987, and subsequently reported upon by the Miami Herald on July 5, 1987, so it is not a conspiracy theory.

Now that the riots in Britain seem to be subsiding, the truth deniers at NPR and elsewhere in the corporate media can go back to sleep or turn to more important things, such as the ridiculous “Dougherty Gang” or the supposed debt deal that isn’t a debt deal.

Come the economic riots in America, they will once again be talking about CONPLAN 3502 and will be asking questions about Operation Garden Plot, REX 84, and any number of other operational martial law plans waiting to be activated.

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