Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Video Review

Posted on Nov 10, 2009 in Movies, TV, & Video Games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Review - Video Review   More Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Info Order your copy here and beat the crowd! (AND help support Truth is!) X Box 360 Version Playstation 3 Version PC Version   Source: IGN

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Saving Money with LED Christmas Lights Thumbnail

Saving Money with LED Christmas Lights

Posted on Nov 10, 2009 in Alt Energy, Tiny Homes, & Structures

[Price & cost of operation comparison from Dept of Energy towards end of article]

Saving Money with LED Lighting (especially for Christmas!)

Strings of Christmas lights made from light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are fast gaining in popularity and availability. This is good news for the homeowner who wants to save energy and money while still lighting up the house for the holidays.

article_ledpurplebalconyBenefits of LED Lights

When compared to conventional incandescent lighting, LED bulbs have numerous benefits.
– Energy efficiency: LED lights are up to 90 percent more efficient than incandescent lights.

– Long lasting: LED lights consist of solid-state construction, making them sturdier and more resistant to damage than conventional lights. According to the Department of Energy, the best white LEDs have been found to have a useful life of about 35,000 hours, or four years of continuous operation. Also, when one light goes out on a string, the others stay lit.
– Safety: The epoxy plastic that encapsulates the LED bulbs is cool to the touch.

Why are White LED Lights More Expensive than Colored?

White light is composed of several different colors, and white LED lights must use several different color semiconductors....

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WHO Silence on Ukraine Sequences Raises Pandemic Concerns Thumbnail

WHO Silence on Ukraine Sequences Raises Pandemic Concerns

Posted on Nov 10, 2009 in Featured Articles

November 10, 2009

It has now been more than a week since samples from Ukraine were sent to the WHO regional lab, Mill Hill in London.  Although comments have been made that at least 15 samples were H1N1 confirmed, and the sequences showed no large changes or resistance to oseltamivir, there have been no updates.  The absence of additional information or release of sequences, increases concerns that small changes undergoing further analysis are causing delays.

A woman distributes protective masks in the center of Kiev, November 9, 2009.
featured stories   WHO Silence on Ukraine Sequences Raises Pandemic Concerns  
featured stories   WHO Silence on Ukraine Sequences Raises Pandemic Concerns featured stories   WHO Silence on Ukraine Sequences Raises Pandemic Concerns

In the days post shipment, cases in Ukraine have quadrupled to over 1 million and the reported fatalities have grown from 30 to 174. The clinical presentation of 90 of the fatalities was classical H1N1 linked hemorrhagic pneumonia, which led to the “total destruction” of both lungs.  These fatal cases were hospitalized 3-7 days after disease onset, highlighting the rapid progression of the infection in a large number of patients, suggesting genetic changes in the H1N1 virus.

Although politicians and media reports continue to downplay the significance by citing a small number of  lab confirmed cases or more traditional pneumonia deaths, the number of fatal hemorrhagic cases was unusually large. ...

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Commodity Futures News Nov 10, 2009

Posted on Nov 10, 2009 in Economic News

Source: DailyFutures U.S. Economy A survey by the Blue Chip Economic Indicators expects real GDP to be down 2.4% in 2009, but up 2.7% in 2010, an improvement from their estimates of a month ago. The National Association of Home Realtors said that existing home sales were up 11.4% in the third quarter and up 5.9% from a year ago. January lumber finished up $2.00 at $209.20. The U.S. Treasury sold $25.0 billion of 10-year T-notes at a median yield of 3.42% and a bid-to-cover ratio of 2.81. Moody's Investor Services said that they believe that AIG will be able to pay off the $44 billion credit line that they received as part of the government bailout. So far, the U.S. government has poured $182 billion into AIG. Grains and Cotton The USDA's 2009-2010 U.S. ending stocks

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Uncle Sam’s Acid Test; The Men Who Stare at Goats Thumbnail

Uncle Sam’s Acid Test; The Men Who Stare at Goats

Posted on Nov 10, 2009 in Movies, TV, & Video Games

Source: Wired Dropping acid to boost the Pentagon’s psychic powers was just the start. The Men Who Stare At Goats, the upcoming movie based on Jon Ronson’s non-fiction book of the same name, has George Clooney and Jeff Bridges in a bizarre military research project involving astral projection, remote viewing, and LSD. But for the real dope on the Army’s narcotics and psychedelics tests, you have to turn to Dr. James S. Ketchum, who wrote a firsthand account of the military’s trials with these “incapacitating chemical agents.” The experimenters tried some of the substances themselves, including red oil, a highly-concentrated distillation of marijuana, which appeared to be highly effective (and not unpleasant) as an incapacitant. The military decided it was not powerful eno

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CIA Denies Key Intelligence to House Committee about Major Hasan + Obama’s Comments

Posted on Nov 10, 2009 in Police, Military, & War

Source: ABC News

U.S. intelligence agencies were aware months ago that Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan was attempting to make contact with an individual associated with al Qaeda, two American officials briefed on classified material in the case told ABC News.

Army knew suspected Fort Hood gunman had contact with al Qaeda recruiter.

According to the officials, the Army was informed of Hasan’s contact, but it is unclear what, if anything, the Army did in response.

[Hayden’s Note: If the Army in fact knew that one of their Majors was in contact with the supposed mortal enemy of the United States, al-Qaeda (al-CIA-duh!) I THINK they would do something about it.]

Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-MI), the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said that he requested the CIA and other intelligence agencies brief the committee on what was known, if anything, about Hasan by the U.S. intelligence community, only to be refused.

In response, Hoekstra issued a document preservation request to four intelligence agencies. The letter, dated November 7th, was sent to directors Dennis Blair (DNI), Robert Mueller (FBI), Lt....

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Vanished Persian Army Discovered in Desert Thumbnail

Vanished Persian Army Discovered in Desert

Posted on Nov 09, 2009 in Science & Technology

50,000 soldiers believed buried by a cataclysmic sandstorm in 525 B.C.

By Rossella Lorenzi

The remains of a mighty Persian army said to have drowned in the sands of the western Egyptian desert 2,500 years ago might have been finally located, solving one of archaeology’s biggest outstanding mysteries, according to Italian researchers.

Bronze weapons, a silver bracelet, an earring and hundreds of human bones found in the vast desolate wilderness of the Sahara desert have raised hopes of finally finding the lost army of Persian King Cambyses II. The 50,000 warriors were said to be buried by a cataclysmic sandstorm in 525 B.C.

“We have found the first archaeological evidence of a story reported by the Greek historian Herodotus,” Dario Del Bufalo, a member of the expedition from the University of Lecce, told Discovery News.

According to Herodotus (484-425 B.C.), Cambyses, the son of Cyrus the Great, sent 50,000 soldiers from Thebes to attack the Oasis of Siwa and destroy the oracle at the Temple of Amun after the priests there refused to legitimize his claim to Egypt.

After walking for seven days in the desert, the army got to an “oasis,” which historians believe was El-Kharga....

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Commodity Futures News Nov 09, 2009

Posted on Nov 09, 2009 in Economic News

Source: DailyFutures
U.S. Economy

The U.S. Treasury is scheduled to sell a record high $81 billion of debt this week, starting with $40 billion of three-year T-notes today that went for a median yield of 1.37%. The bid to cover ratio was 3.33, the best demand since 1990. The December U.S. T-bonds were up 2/32nds at 118.16/32nds.

Policy makers from this weekend’s G-20 meeting in Scotland tried to assure investors that central banks are not yet ready to withdraw stimulus from the world’s economy. The December U.S. dollar index fell .805 to 75.135, near the contract low. December gold closed up $5.70 at a new contract high of $1,101.40.

Grains and Cotton

According to Bloomberg news, China’s corn crop will be down 13% this year to 144.4 million tons, due to drought. December corn jumped up 19 cents to $3.86.

January soybeans closed up 17 cents at $9.72 ahead of tomorrow’s monthly USDA estimates.

Tropical Storm Ida is expected to bring more rain to the already-wet southeastern U.S. December cotton closed up 1.07 cents at 67.61.

After the close, the USDA said that:

37% of the corn crop was harvested, down from the five-year average of 82%....

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CFR Suggests Faking a ‘Shortage’ of H1N1 Vaccine

Posted on Nov 09, 2009 in Featured Articles, Health, Food News, & Big Pharma

“I think what would work better would be to say that there was a shortage……”

Source: Council on Foreign Relations Symposium on Pandemic Influenza

COHEN: Then should we mandate for children?


COHEN: We do for school entry. Individual states do for school entry. Why don’t we do that to protect the population? And we know that protecting our children from the vaccine, if they are indeed ten times more infectious —

MONTO: A very brief answer which covers a lot of problems with influenza vaccine and we’ve heard it brought up already and that is, a lot of our problems with mandating influenza vaccine, use of influenza vaccine, would go away if we didn’t have the need for annual vaccination. I mean, we’ve got a different kind of vaccine here, and I think we need to recognize the difference between influenza vaccine the way it’s used and the fact that it’s a good vaccine.

It’s not a great vaccine. We’ve shown in a recent study 70 percent efficacy of the live vaccine in healthy adults young adults, who should have the best efficacy....

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Gold Keeps Breaking Records; $1,110 Thumbnail

Gold Keeps Breaking Records; $1,110

Posted on Nov 09, 2009 in Economic News

gold_1d_o_USDIt seems that each day, I’m writing another brief story about the price of gold.

$1,101 was a great moment and one that honestly, I didn’t think we would see this soon.

In Asian markets overnight, the price of gold shot up and over $1,110!


How high will it go?...

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Winter Car Emergency Kit Thumbnail

Winter Car Emergency Kit

Posted on Nov 08, 2009 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival

Winter Car Emergency Kit Earlier this week we talked about an emergency kit for your home, now it's time to focus on your car and how to be prepared for the unpleasantness of being stranded in a winter wonderland.  Compared to creating a home winter emergency kit, a car emergency kit has two principle differences. First, you're severely limited on space compared to home preparations—and you burn extra gas hauling your loot around. Second, when the power goes out and the party stops at your house, you're still at home safe and sound. When your car gets stuck in the middle of no where and it's 12F out, it's a radically worse situation that could end tragically. Keep Your Car Topped Off and Well Serviced You can't avoid every curve ball Old Man Winter will throw at you, but if you r

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Emergency Fire Starter from Old T-Shirt

Posted on Nov 08, 2009 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival

Make an Emergency Fire Starter from a T-Shirt

It’s important to have a backup plan in the great outdoors. An extra pair of clean underwear is nice, but fire-starting tools are essential. DIY weblog Make details how to make a no-fail fire source from a few pieces of old t-shirt.

Although most carry a lighter to get things fired up in the great outdoors, it’s still smart to have a backup source for fire-starting like char cloth just in case. A few cut pieces of cotton jersey and an Altoids tin will give you just that.

After charring the squares of cut t-shirt (check out the video above) and things have cooled off 100%, make sure to transfer your Char Cloth pieces to a water safe container like a film canister or the like. Also keep in mind that an upside down fire is still one of our favorite ways to keep your campfire burning bright once the char cloth has served its purpose.

As winter approaches and we’re putting together our winter emergency kits, char cloth doesn’t seem like a terrible thing to have handy, either....

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Make a Moving Dolly out of a Shopping Cart! Thumbnail

Make a Moving Dolly out of a Shopping Cart!

Posted on Nov 08, 2009 in DIY Projects

Make a Hand Truck Out of a Shopping Cart

via: LifeHacker

So you need to move some large, heavy stuff, but you don’t want to throw out your back? Instead of renting or paying two hundred dollars for your own moving dolly, DIY web site Instructables details how to make your own.

The project requires an old shopping cart and some pretty heavy-duty tools (and the project does require some welding), but it shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two, and you’ll have saved quite a bundle on a dolly. The guide is pretty detailed and takes it step-by-step, so it shouldn’t be remarkably difficult either—in fact, the hardest part is probably finding a shopping cart (although the author mentions that most stores will gladly give you old, soon-to-be-discarded carts).

Hayden’s Note:

….or, you could just “find” one late at night in the parking lot of your local grocery store.  But be forewarned; that would be illegal.  Wal-Mart would be a better choice anyway as they have much nicer shopping carts than your typical mom’n’pop grocery store…but…Wal-Mart employs about 18 cameras on the front side of the typical ‘SuperCenter’ store....

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Tiny Homes: Bicycle Trailers & Shopping Cart Campers! Thumbnail

Tiny Homes: Bicycle Trailers & Shopping Cart Campers!

Posted on Nov 07, 2009 in Alt Energy, Tiny Homes, & Structures

Tiny Homes: Bicycle Trailers, Shopping Cart Campers, and more!

mobile creative home idea

Kevin Cyr seems obsessed with mobile homes and portable living.  In his astonishing ‘duh!’ concepts, he manages to pack a lot of room (bed,  lighting, storage and much more) into the smallest of interior spaces.

mobile trailer home pictures

His first full-size project – a creative camper bike creation – is an uncanny small-scale replica of a typical mobile home. In fact, it is arguably more surreal for this remarkable resemblance to conventional car-attached campers, complete with faux wood siding, simple windows and basic door. He has sketched, painted and drawn the work in addition to photographing the finished product in action.

mobile shopping cart home

If the bicycle trailer concept is an exercise in overt simplicity and aesthetic similarity, the camper cart could be characterized as the opposite: a project involving subtlety and stealth, a hidden home that looks like an ordinary shopping cart until it is unfolded and converted to an (albeit very small) mobile living space. Naturally, one can see applications of this in tent cities and other urban homeless populations.

mobile fold out tent camper

Reposted from a great website; DorNob....

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12 Amazing Steampunk Gadgets & Gizmos Thumbnail

12 Amazing Steampunk Gadgets & Gizmos

Posted on Nov 07, 2009 in - Geeks, Gadgets, & Gizmos

12 Coolest Steampunk Gadgets

Gracie Murano –

Steampunk is a speculative intersection of technology and romance where the future meets the past: Victorian era inventions clash with often dark alternate realities. What started as a literary genre has since evolved into an amazing urban art form which delights in making real-life inventions that are a blend of the modern and anachronistic. Meet some of the coolest steampunk gadgets we’ve seen!

–Thanks to our reader, Nicodemus, for the idea!

Steampunk Headphones

A guy from Chicago who calls himself Nicrosin made this “Mechanical Aural Communication Device” as a prop with “sculpey, rubber, and… various pocket watch parts,” the earpieces have a suede lining. Unfortunatly, this awesome set of Steampunk headphones that you see pictured above is actually just a non-functional model. Pretty cool anyways.


Steampunk Toilet

Yes! A steampunk toilet, created by Patrick Brawley — the “antique toilet of the future.” Awesome! It boasts a control panel and laser pointing mechanism.


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