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The 14 Year Old Boy Who Created Nuclear Fusion

Posted on Feb 19, 2012 in Science & Technology

Kevin Hayden –

Source: PopSci

This is before Taylor would transform the family’s garage into a mysterious, glow-in-the-dark cache of rocks and metals and liquids with unimaginable powers. Before he would conceive, in a series of unlikely epiphanies, new ways to use neutrons to confront some of the biggest challenges of our time: cancer and nuclear terrorism. Before he would build a reactor that could hurl atoms together in a 500-million-degree plasma core—becoming, at 14, the youngest individual on Earth to achieve nuclear fusion.

One afternoon, Tiffany ducked her head out of the door to the garage and spotted Taylor, in his canary yellow nuclear-technician’s coveralls, watching a pool of liquid spreading across the concrete floor. “Tay, it’s time for supper.”
“I think I’m going to have to clean this up first.”
“That’s not the stuff you said would kill us if it broke open, is it?”
“I don’t think so,” he said. “Not instantly.”


Read the entire article at Popular Science (good read)


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Italian Police Seize $6 Trillion of Fake US Treasury Bonds Thumbnail

Italian Police Seize $6 Trillion of Fake US Treasury Bonds

Posted on Feb 17, 2012 in Economic News, Federal Reserve & Bankers

Kevin Hayden –

Source: MSNBC

Italian police said on Friday they had seized about $6 trillion of fake U.S. Treasury bonds in Switzerland, and issued arrest warrants for eight people accused of international fraud and other financial crimes.

Hayden’s Note:

Stop for a minute and just think about what $6 trillion worth of Treasury bonds could do to our Dollar.  And if this was recently “caught,” think about how many forged Treasury Bonds have gone unnoticed?  How long has this been going on?  Who’s directing them?  If these were dumped onto the market, even in a slow, steady trickle, it would kill the US Dollar in short order. 

Hayden’s Note II:

I am doing a lot more research into this tonight and will be providing an update tomorrow on this topic.  This is a deep, deep rabbit hole.  These bonds might have been genuine.

The operation, co-ordinated by prosecutors from the southern Italian city of Potenza, was carried out by Italian and Swiss authorities after a year-long investigation, an Italian police source said.

The fake securities, more than a third of U.S....

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These are the Routes for All US Military Nuclear Weapons Trucks Thumbnail

These are the Routes for All US Military Nuclear Weapons Trucks

Posted on Feb 17, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Gizmodo

You are looking at the map of the routes followed by the nuclear trucks, plain-looking high-tech trailers that go through America’s busiest highways carrying nuclear bombs, material for atomic weapons, radioactive metals and nuclear fuel for the US Navy.



All this nuclear material gets transported “from a variety of labs, reactors and military bases, to the nation’s Pantex bomb-assembly plant in Amarillo, Texas, to the Savannah River facility” by trucks that look like any other truck.

Called Armored Tractors (ATs), these supertrucks are heavily shielded, continuously tracked 18-wheelers loaded with security measures. Nothing differentiates them from any commercial trucks except a few antennas and their special architecture. That and a “US GOVERNMENT” license plate. And the fact that they come loaded with stuff that can destroy a few cities, for course.

These Are the Routes for All US Military Nuclear Weapons Trucks
But don’t worry (Riiiight). The DoE’s Office of Secure Transportation is taking good care that nothing happens to all these nuclear trucks constantly on the move. They are operated by 600 special agents from the Department of Energy, and the whole operation costs $250 million a year....

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Hayden’s Headlines – FEMA, Real ID, Property Rights, Tracking Your Phone’s Location, and Private Prisons

Posted on Feb 17, 2012 in Global & National News
Online Soil Survey Maps – Detailed Resource for Farming & Gardening Thumbnail

Online Soil Survey Maps – Detailed Resource for Farming & Gardening

Posted on Feb 16, 2012 in Urban Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Kevin Hayden –

Originally posted June 8th, 2011

I came across this web site: SoilWeb: An Online Soil Survey, while doing my daily news search.  Its purpose is to allow users to access NRCS and NCSS 1:24,000 scale detailed soil survey data (SSURGO) in many parts of the lower 48 states. 

An interactive map interface allows for panning and zooming, with highways, streets, and aerial photos to assist navigation.

SoilWeb overlays detailed soil information on Google Maps and Google Earth. There’s even a SoilWeb iPhone and Android app allowing you to use the GPS capabilities of your phone to assist in shopping for, say, the perfect vineyard location.

“This could be useful for those considering relocation, as soil make-up and condition should be a consideration for any homestead.” – Survival Blog...

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How to: Start Small Scale Aquaponics, Part 1 Thumbnail

How to: Start Small Scale Aquaponics, Part 1

Posted on Feb 15, 2012 in - Food & Recipes, Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Urban Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Doom and Bloom, by Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy

I recently added a vegetable grow bed to my existing fish and water lily pond.  Good, healthy bacteria grow within a balanced fish pond in order to help break down fish waste.  This bacteria is important to the entire aquaponics system.

If you are starting a new pond or system, add “pond starter” to help boost the bacteria population. It is a good idea to add more bacteria every few weeks as there are no downsides to recharging the bacterial environment. 

Hayden’s Note:

This is for new ponds.  Established ponds should have a healthy balance and cycle already in place, or means for natural bacterial regrowth.  Also, I would recommend “larger-than-fish tank type” diameter pebbles or rocks to be used in your aquaponic beds.  The more surface area that bacteria can attach to, the better!  About 1/2″ or even 3/4″ should work well!  Also, be sure to check out the related aquaponics articles at the end.

Click to Enlarge

The grow bed I used is a simple “under the bed” storage container, and I placed it on the edge of the pond....

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The Global Debt Bomb: a Warning Sign for the World Thumbnail

The Global Debt Bomb: a Warning Sign for the World

Posted on Feb 15, 2012 in Economic News, Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Federal Reserve & Bankers

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Michael Snyder, Economic Collapse Blog – Truth Contributor

Any financial system that is based on debt is doomed to fail.  Today, we are living in the greatest debt bubble that the world has ever seen, and if all of a sudden people could not use credit to buy things, our economy would immediately grind to a halt.  Unfortunately, no debt bubble can last forever.

Hayden’s Note:

Unfortunately?  I’m rather pleased about the fact that we might…just might… be able to allow this debt bubble to burst and start over.  I’m not a fan of over-entending credit.  I’m not a fan of the Federal Reserve.  And I’m certainly not a fan of the insanity that we call modern banking practices.  Let it come crashing down.

When this current debt bubble finally bursts, faith in the financial system is going to disappear, credit is going to freeze up and there is going to be a massive wave of bank failures.  Right now, Greece is a warning sign for the world.  Nobody wants to lend money to Greece, the Greek banking system is dying, one out of every four businesses has already shut down, unemployment is soaring and the Greek economy has now been in recession for five years in a row....

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Fructose is Found to Increase Cardiovascular and Diabetes Risk in Adolescents Thumbnail

Fructose is Found to Increase Cardiovascular and Diabetes Risk in Adolescents

Posted on Feb 15, 2012 in Health, Food News, & Big Pharma

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Natural News (one of my favorites)

Researchers at the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Health Sciences University have published evidence that cardiovascular disease and diabetes risk is present in the blood fractions of adolescents who consume a lot of fructose, a scenario that worsens in the face of excess belly fat. Published in the Journal of Nutrition, scientists determined that high dietary fructose consumption results in lower levels of cardiovascular protectors such as HDL cholesterol and adiponectin, due in part to how the body metabolizes the fruit-based mega-sweetener at the cellular level.

Excess body fat accumulated around the mid-section, a rapidly growing problem in adolescents, compounds the problem when compared to those with less visceral fat deposits. A wealth of scientifically validated research studies now highlight the importance of eliminating fructose in all its forms from the diets of both adults and children alike to dramatically reduce risk of diabetes and heart disease.

The study detailed an analysis of 559 adolescents, aged 14 to 18 and detailed cardiovascular risk factors including high blood pressure, fasting glucose, insulin resistance and blood inflammatory factors....

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Active Duty Troops to March on White House Thumbnail

Active Duty Troops to March on White House

Posted on Feb 15, 2012 in Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Police, Military, & War, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Kurt Nimmo

One thousand veterans and active duty troops will shatter the corporate media hoax that insists members of the American military do not support Ron Paul due to his opposition to the unconstitutional, continual war agenda of the establishment.

Despite this myth, the New York Times was obliged to admit reality last December, even if the admission wasn’t featured on the front page of the newspaper but instead posted on a remote area of its website.

“Representative Ron Paul, the congressman who favors the most minimalist American combat role of any major presidential candidate and who said all of the above quotes, has more financial support from active duty members of the service than any other politician,” Timothy Egan wrote.

“As of the last reporting date, at the end of September, Paul leads all candidates by far in donations from service members. This trend has been in place since 2008, when Paul ran for president with a similar stance: calling nonsense at hawk squawk from both parties.”

The troops also and not surprisingly support Paul over Obama, who said he would end the wars and bring the troops home and instead expanded the unjustified, illegal and unconstitutional wars started by his predecessor....

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Blatant GOP Election Fraud…Again.

Posted on Feb 15, 2012 in Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Youtube & MSNBC

Hayden’s Disclosure: I am a Precinct Delegate in Oklahoma County for Ron Paul.


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Six Things You Should Never Tell a Car Salesman Thumbnail

Six Things You Should Never Tell a Car Salesman

Posted on Feb 15, 2012 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Lew Rockwell, by Eric Peters

When buying a new car, it’s usually smart to let the salesman do the talking. Whatever you do, never tell him:

That you really like the car

Ideally, let him think you need to be convinced. But whatever happens, don’t gush about the car. If you do, it’s like revealing your hand in card game before your opponent antes up. If the salesman knows you’re in love, he knows you’ve lost your most important edge. He knows your feelings are starting to over-rule your thinking and that it probably won’t take much convincing to get you to sign the paperwork. Sidestep leading questions asking how much you like the car and redirect the back-and-forth to the price of the car. Don’t discuss its looks – and even better, discuss the virtues of competitors’ cars. Your overall goal should be to convey the impression that while you’re interested, you’re not committed to this particular car – or even this particular brand (or dealership). This puts the onus on the salesman to try to convince you – and if you’re not responding on an emotional level, he’ll be forced to try to sway you on rational, logic grounds – such as the deal he can make you....

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Jungle Fungus Eats Plastic and Treats Cancer, Can be Used in Landfills Thumbnail

Jungle Fungus Eats Plastic and Treats Cancer, Can be Used in Landfills

Posted on Feb 14, 2012 in Health, Food News, & Big Pharma, Science & Technology

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Activist Post by Rady Ananda

Researchers have found the first endophytic fungus that eats plastic, and can use it as its sole food source even in an oxygen-free environment.

Pestalotiopsis microspora presents a massive bioremediation opportunity for landfills, where buried and surface plastics can be degraded naturally.

More likely, though, the enzyme responsible for degrading polyurethane (PUR) will be tweaked, patented and commercialized.  There will be no mad escape into urban centers where the mold will eat all our plastics, like medical scientist Kit Pedler envisioned in his sci-fi classic, Mutant 59: The Plastic Eaters....

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TruthisTreason.TV – Shipping Container Barn and Flooring

Posted on Feb 14, 2012 in Alt Energy, Tiny Homes, & Structures, Emergency Preparedness & Survival

Kevin Hayden –

Brand new video uploaded!

This one is geared for the Preppers, DIY’ers, Shipping Container and Tiny Home Enthusiasts, or the Off-Grid’er.  Starring yours truly.  Be sure and check out my new Truth is Treason.TV website – it’s a media and video version of the original blog.  I’ll be covering many of the same topics as I do here, but in video format!  Also, if you’re interested in shipping container construction, tips, or just want to follow my sometimes crazy mishaps while I build a small container cabin, check out my other blog – (also mirrored at!


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John Williams of Shadow Stats: “This is End of the World Type Stuff”

Posted on Feb 14, 2012 in Economic News, Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Federal Reserve & Bankers

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Future Money Trends

John Williams of Shadow Stats says, “This is end of the world type stuff.”  He recommends stocking up on barter items and getting out of the US dollar. I’ve been saying this same thing for two and a half years. Read some of my other articles regarding investing in tangibles!


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Al Qaeda, State Dept. Sponsored Terrorists, Back US Regime Change in Syria

Posted on Feb 13, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Police, Military, & War

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Tony Cartalucci – Truth Contributor

Plan B for US after UN Veto? – deploy Al Qaeda “foreign legion.” 

It is now a matter of established public record that the “Libyan rebels” who the US funded, armed, trained, recognized politically, and even provided special forces and air support for through the UN and NATO, were in fact led by the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), listed by the US State Department (page 1) as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization.”

Two West Point reports confirm that LIFG was formally joined with Al Qaeda, and many of its top leaders constitute the core of Al Qaeda’s upper echelons. These reports also confirm that LIFG fighters were operational in both Afghanistan and Iraq, killing US and British troops, and that the vast majority of their fighters were recruited from the Libyan cities of Benghazi and Darnah. In 2011, it would be these two cities that served as the epicenter of NATO-backed resistance against Qaddafi.

More recently it was exposed by French independent reporter Thierry Meyssan of that LIFG commander Abdul Hakim Belhaj has left the NATO bombed city of Tripoli and is now directing the “Free Syrian Army” from the border of Turkey (a NATO member since 1952)....

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