Pearl Harbor and the Council on Foreign Relations

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A Look at the Pearl Harbor Conspiracy and the Council on Foreign Relations’ Role in Killing Innocent People to Further Their Globalization Efforts.

Is there a Pearl Harbor conspiracy?  Did the people who died December 7, 1941 do so at the hands of an elite group using war as a tool to make money as well as bringing the world closer to a One World Government?

Did these people die because the very government they were brainwashed into supporting put them in the line of fire on purpose?

We say yes.  The attack of Pearl Harbor was a staged event.

It was an attack that was known about in advance by President Franklin Roosevelt.

Remember, when Roosevelt was campaigning for his third term in 1940, he said.

    ‘I say again and again and again that I will never send American boys to fight on foreign soil.’

The Pearl Harbor conspiracy is another in a long line of New World Order schemes thought up as part of the larger Council on Foreign Relations conspiracy (CFR).

(All quotes below sourced from Rule By Secrecy, by Jim Marrs, (pp. 172-175)


    ‘Journalist (Anthony) Lucas noted, ‘In September, 1939, the Council offered to undertake long-range planning for the hard-pressed State Department. The Department accepted, and five study groups. on Security and Armaments, Economics and Finance, Politics, Territories and Peace Aims. were established.

    Over the next six years, financed by the Rockefeller Foundation, they flooded the State Department with 682 memoranda. By 1942 the Council groups were virtually absorbed into the State Department’. ‘


    ‘After the CFR finished its ‘study’, which was called the War and Peace Studies Project, CFR members actually publicly stated their conclusions by placing ads in newspapers which said ‘the United States should immediately declare that a state of war exists between this country and Germany’.

    ‘CFR members were interested in exploiting the Second World War, as they had the first, as a justification for world government,’ asserted (James) Perloff. ‘The globalists hoped to use the Axis threat to force the U.S. and England into a permanent Atlantic alliance, an intermediate step toward World Government’. ‘


Here’s where the Pearl Harbor conspiracy begins to play out. Even as Hitler was warring throughout Europe, most Americans were reluctant to involve the United States in the war. Something needed to be done to convince American citizens otherwise. and Roosevelt was already laying the groundwork.

It’s important to understand who President Roosevelt really was.

    ‘Roosevelt was himself a protypic Wall Streeter. His family had been involved in New York banking since the eighteenth century. His uncle, Frederic Delano, was on the original Federal Reserve Board.’
    . James Perloff

As Marrs relates, Roosevelt was actually provoking the axis powers before the Pearl Harbor catastrophe.

    ‘While proclaiming neutrality, Roosevelt sent war ships and ammunition to Britain as proposed by the Century Group composed of CFR members. He ordered the occupation of Iceland, closing it off to the Germans, and authorized attacks on U-boats.

    He openly approved loans to Japan’s enemy, nationalist China, and quietly approved the recruitment of well-paid American ‘volunteers’ for Chiang Kai-shek’s famous ‘Flying Tigers. ‘


How does someone trying to explain away the Pearl Harbor controversy account for the following?

  • During Pacific naval exercises in 1932 and 1938, and with Japanese military attaches closely observing, U.S. Navy officers theoretically destroyed the Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor both times.
  • Roosevelt ordered the Pacific fleet moved to the exposed position at Pearl Harbor over the vigorous objections of Admiral James O. Richardson, who was replaced for refusing to issue the order.
  • They also knew that a large Japanese task force, including six aircraft carriers, had dropped from sight after moving towardAmerica.
  • This prompted U.S. Army Chief of Staff George C. Marshall, a close associate to many CFR members, to send an oddly worded message to Pearl Harbor commanders on November 27, 1941, ‘Hostile action possible at any moment. If hostilities cannot, repeat CANNOT, be avoided, the United States desires that Japan commit the first overt act. This policy should not, repeat NOT, be construed as restricting you to a course of action that might jeopardize your defense.’ Despite this clear warning, with its accompanying suggestion not to attack any attackers, Pacific fleet ships remained at anchor and aircraft were bunched into clusters of ‘sitting ducks’ as ‘security’ against saboteurs.
  • On December 4 Australian intelligence reported sighting the missing Japanese task force moving toward Pearl Harbor but Roosevelt dismissed it as a rumor begun by pro-war Republicans.
  • During investigations after the attack, Marshall and Navy Secretary Frank Knox both testified they could not recall their whereabouts the night of December 6. It was later revealed that they were both in the White House with Roosevelt.


    ‘Then there’s the issue of the aircraft carriers. In 1941, the American public, as well as a few hidebound military officers, still believed that the battleship was the ultimate weapon.

    But anyone who had been paying attention knew that General Billy Mitchell had proven in the mid-1920’s that a single bomb-loaded airplane could destroy a battleship. Battleships were obsolete. Victory in any Pacific war would go to the side with the strongest air power and that meant aircraft carriers.

    Not one aircraft carrier was present when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Yes, the Pearl Harbor controversy ran deep.


Our goal is to expose all aspects of Globalization. The CFR induced Pearl Harbor controversy is an early example of a tired game that has steadily moved mankind closer and closer to being ruled by banking and corporate tyrants.

Our money and banking are the keys to the New World Order. More education on this is available at Federal Reserve banking history and Money Creation.

Once you understand that the elite cabal funds its Global Community through illegal taxation and fraudulent debt creation, you can begin to see that one solution is to go after that funding. By blindly buying into federal taxes and a mountain of debt, Americans are unwittingly funding the elite and their totalitarian plans.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If the people are educated on the fraud, the fraud falls apart.

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