Predictive Programming: Africa as the New Boogeyman

Posted on Oct 11, 2013 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts, Global & National News, Mainstream Media & Programming, Police, Military, & War, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Many times, in order to understand where one is headed, he needs to understand what is behind him.

With overwhelming opposition to armed intervention in Syria, the global elitists’ plans seem to have been delayed a bit, but fear not, their end game is not simply Syria. Long-term plans to topple Iran, as well as continue to move further south into Africa, seem to be the goal.

And for that to happen, the West needs to establish a larger support base among the American People. The West needs a new boogeyman, as the al-Qaeda ghoul has fallen apart now that mainstream news outlets are finally admitting that we give them money, weapons, communications equipment, and provide airstrikes for their operations. Once the Syria debacle hit the headlines, regular Joe Citizen finally started to realize just how much support the US is giving to admitted members of al-Qaeda, especially as they morph into the powerful al-Nusra Front in Syria.

But Africa lies ready and ripe for the picking, not only in resources, but in enemies. With the recent, well-publicized anniversary of the ‘Black Hawk Down’ incident in Somalia, and the shooting at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, we continue to see the African continent in the news.

“Already, both Kenyan and Western politicians, as well as editorials across the Western media, are attempting to use the attack as a pretext to launch a military campaign against neighboring Somalia, while fueling anti-Muslim sentiment across profoundly ignorant audiences in the West,” according to the Center for Research on Globalization.

And in order to shift focus to Africa, countries such as Libya needed to be destabilized. Muammar Gaddafi, a friend and political ally to the very people who ordered the Libyan invasion and ultimately, his death, was a central force in maintaining stability in the region. Like him or not, he was the glue that held the pieces together in the area. The now-dead President “utilized Libya’s oil wealth to block the spread of AFRICOM. And with no deterrent equal to Gadhafi , the increased instability on the continent will continue.”

In the two years since the American, Italian, and French-led attacks, “Libya has plunged unnoticed into its worst political and economic crisis,” according to The Independent, a UK based newspaper.

As usual, Hollywood offers it’s support in these global interventions, offering a blockbuster movie entitled, “Captain Phillips”, starring Tom Hanks, as he battles against Somali pirates, and is ultimately saved by our heroic, unwavering, US Navy SEALS.

Quietly, and subtly, the feelings Americans had for the Muslim al-Qaeda a few years ago will be directed toward the African al-Shabaab and the “skinnies”, as the film Black Hawk Down refers to them.

There is little doubt that events in Africa will continue to heat up and take center stage, with efforts against Syria and Iran fading into the background for a while.

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