Preparedness: The Basics and Beyond, a New eBook by Mark A. Smith

Posted on Jul 08, 2012 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts, Emergency Preparedness & Survival

Kevin Hayden –

I rarely offer up a product or try to sell things here on Truth, but a good prepping friend of mine recently released his newest eBook and I wanted to share it with all of you!

I’ll just repost the brief review that was written on his website, Southern Plains Consulting.  At only $4.99 and almost 200 pages in length, you can’t go wrong!  It makes an excellent addition to any prepper’s library.

Filling in for Mark this week while he is traveling, Kevin Hayden offers up a short summary of Mark’s newest book, Preparedness: The Basics and Beyond.  The eBook is now available on for only $4.99 and is already receiving praise and international reviews!

Mark A. Smith knows his stuff. The former firefighter, security specialist, and Marine not only has lived the Prepared Lifestyle, he currently offers consultations to private companies and individuals about preparedness. This comprehensive and detailed book provides a concise guide to the skills and tools of preparedness — all offered in an easy-to-read conversational style.

Smith covers the basics — food storage, water purification, health, and housing — with tips that beginners and even seasoned preppers will find useful. He also addresses more advanced levels of preparedness, including a discussion of bug-out-vehicles and defensive firearms. In addition, he offers a detailed questionnaire to help readers intent on improving home security.

The book includes pros and cons of various types of alternative power sources, lists of items to include in medical kits and bug-out-bags, a glossary of preparedness terms, and a set of online resources.

From preparedness basics to advanced levels of knowledge, this book is ideal for the beginner, as well as the skilled prepper looking to improve his or her capabilities.


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