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This 2″ x 8″ bumper sticker has a high gloss, UV-resistant coating so it will last for years!

And the best part? FREE shipping. Yup.

The design and colors are very similar to the top banner here on the site and should look great on any color of vehicle!

It is printed in high resolution at 300 dpi, and looks very sharp and crisp in person!  The picture below does NOT do it justice!

My e-commerce solutions are not working at the moment, so the bumper stickers will simply be sold through PayPal for the time being.

For the introductory offer of the stickers, they are available at the following prices:

Number of Stickers


If you would like to purchase in larger amounts, for higher discounts, I can work a deal with you. Simply use the Contact page on the top navigation bar and send me a message!