Ron Paul Compares America’s Future to that of the Soviet Union, Blasts Ben Bernanke’s Cartel

Posted on Feb 11, 2011 in Political Issues – Kevin Hayden

Congressman Ron Paul warns Larry Kudlow on the economy. This is a ‘must watch’ video.  It is Ron Paul at his very best.

Interesting moments towards the last half include Ron Paul calling the Federal Reserve a cartel on national television, ousting Ben Bernanke, and laying down the true facts on economic theory and policy.  He also likens America’s near-future to that of the Soviet Union.

Hayden’s Note:

I would also like to address an email I received from a local reader.  In it, he urged me to post one of the recent newsletters from the Campaign for Liberty and Ron Paul.  While I am a staunch supporter and fan of Ron Paul and his ideals, I can’t bring myself to post the newsletter.  In it, they call for financial support of the Tea Party.  There are a lot of feelings regarding the current ‘Tea Party’ movement and Republicans, and my stance is that it has been co-opted by war mongers and neocons. 

But originally, it was founded FOR Ron Paul by the grassroots during his very first ‘Money Bomb,’ where supporters – myself, included – raised over $6 million dollars in one day for his Presidential campaign.  It was held on the anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party and was supported by Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives and those who had never been interested in politics before.  I am a prime example of that last one.  Ron Paul changed my life and I would not be where I am today if I hadn’t been involved in the campaign.

The current ‘Tea Party’ does not fit within my ideals or beliefs.  It is a modified version of the NeoConservative movement and I strongly oppose foreign intervention and special treatment.  The original tea party held non-interventionism as one of it’s main principles, along with a very clear viewpoint on the Constitution.  Nowadays, the tea party is calling for the invasion of Iran, for increased support in Israel; many of them voted in favor of renewing the PATRIOT Act, and continue to propogate a national fear of Islam and terrorism. 

I urge you to support Ron Paul.  He is an economic genius, a non-interventionist and is essentially America’s last hope.  If you agree, please support him personally.  Donate to his political action committee.  But I can not support the tea party.

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