Stock Market Tumbles 1,000 Points: Hayden’s Note on Tangible Goods

Posted on Feb 03, 2014 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts, Economic News, Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Federal Reserve & Bankers

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Michael Snyder

The Dow has fallen more than 1,000 points from the peak of the Market

That didn’t take long. On Monday, the Dow was down another 326 points. Overall, the Dow has now fallen more than 1,000 points from the peak of the market (16,588.25) back in late December. This is the first time that we have seen the Dow drop below its 200-day moving average in more than a year, and there are many that believe that this is just the beginning of a major stock market decline.

Hayden’s Note:

As noted previously, and repeatedly, I believe that tangible goods are the most secure way of protecting your wealth. Whether talking of precious metals, or farmland, or quality implements, tools, firearms, or otherwise, tangible goods – those things that you can put in your hand and use – are of utmost importance in this age of economic uncertainty.

While I applaud the Bitcoin crowd, and even partake in it myself to a small degree, Federal Reserve notes, digital currency, bonds, bank notes, and stock market investments, otherwise known as “paper investments”, hold up very poorly unless you live your life in front of several computer screens, monitoring events in real-time, and work as a day trader.

Most of us are regular Joe’s, doing our own thing, and trying to keep our head above water these days. And tangible goods are how to protect what you currently have – as well as increase your wealth should the market turn even worse as many predict.

There are the deflationary supporters, as well as inflationary ones. Either way, you stand to benefit from putting items such as quality firearms, gold, silver, copper, tools, and even long-term food storage into your investment portfolio.

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