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The WikiLeaks “Insurance” File

Posted on Jul 31, 2010 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations

Source: Cryptogon

From now on, I’m going to include a standard WikiLeaks disclaimer in the form of a link to a previous post.

Is WikiLeaks hanging a Sword of Damocles over elements of the U.S. Government?

Source: Cryptome

The file, “insurance.aes256,” is ten times the size of the seven other files combined. Appears to be encrypted with AES Crypt. Wonder if it includes the 15,000 Afghan files withheld, or the original raw files, or perhaps much more, pre-positioned for public release (“insurance”) against an attack expected to come from DoD and Justice or parties unknown. A passphrase to be distributed or published widely in case of a takedown.

Read more here....

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Senior House Republican says Everyone Responsible for Wikileaks Release Should be Investigated

Posted on Jul 27, 2010 in Political Issues

Source: Washington Post

Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), co-author of a bipartisan bill to protect reporters and their confidential sources, said all parties responsible for gathering, distributing and publishing documents released by about the Afghanistan war ought to be “thoroughly investigated.”

Hayden’s Note:

Isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron?  He sponsored a bill to protect reporters during federal investigations and in the same breath, calls for WikiLeaks reporters to be “thoroughly investigated.”  What a jack@$$.

Pence said the revelations in the documents do not change his view of the conflict, nor does he expect a shift in public opinion. “Back home in Indiana, people still remember where the attacks on 9/11 came from,” said Pence, the third-ranking House Republican. [Hayden’s Note – That would be a joint operation between Langley, Virginia, Israel and the Pakistani ISI] “I don’t believe this release will have a signficant bearing on the sense of my constituents about the justness of this war or the imperative of its successful completion.”

Pence did not specify what type of action should be taken against the individuals and organizations involved in the disclosure....

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Wikileaks Releases Classified Afghanistan War Logs: “largest intelligence leak in history”

Posted on Jul 26, 2010 in Featured Articles, Police, Military, & War

Source: BlackListed News

An archive of classified U.S. military logs spanning six years, more than 91,000 documents, and 200,000 pages, was today made available by WikiLeaks. The papers show a picture of the war in Afghanistan that is far more grim, and far less hopeful, than previously portrayed.

Hayden’s Note:

I have a hard time believing that a Private First Class had access to and the ability to deliver the “largest intelligence leak in history.”  But, we shall see as more people dive into the data. 

Editorial from

People often ask me if I think this source or that source is disinfo…

My response is always: TREAT EVERY SOURCE AS DISINFO.

You’ll avoid disappointment when the thing starts serving up rat poison—which, unfortunately, happens a lot.

I haven’t shared this before, but in early 2008, someone from WikiLeaks wrote to me. This person wondered why I hadn’t mentioned WikiLeaks on Cryptogon. He wondered if maybe I hadn’t heard of it, or had concerns that it was a front of some sort.

I simply wrote back that I was aware of WikiLeaks, and that I was hopeful and skeptical at the same time....

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Former MI5 Chief Demolishes Blair’s Defence of the Iraq War

Posted on Jul 21, 2010 in Police, Military, & War


 Tony Blair’s evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry that toppling Saddam Hussein helped make Britain safe from terrorists was dramatically undermined by the former head of MI5 yesterday.

Giving evidence to the same inquiry, Eliza Manningham-Buller revealed that there was such a surge of warnings of home-grown terrorist threats after the invasion of Iraq that MI5 asked for – and got – a 100 per cent increase in its budget. Baroness Manningham-Buller, who was director general of MI5 in 2002-07, told the Chilcot panel that MI5 started receiving a “substantially” higher volume of reports that young British Muslims being drawn to al-Qa’ida.

She told the inquiry: “Our involvement in Iraq radicalised, for want of a better word, a whole generation of young people – a few among a generation – who saw our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan as being an attack on Islam.”

She added: “Arguably we gave Osama bin Laden his Iraqi jihad so that he was able to move into Iraq in a way that he was not before.”

Her words are in stark contrast to the claim that Mr Blair made in front of the same inquiry on 29 January....

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June Sets Army Suicide Record

Posted on Jul 16, 2010 in Police, Military, & War


Soldiers killed themselves at the rate of one per day in June making it the worst month on record for Army suicides, the service said Thursday.

There were 32 confirmed or suspected suicides among soldiers in June, including 21 among active-duty troops and 11 among National Guard or Reserve forces, according to Army statistics.

Seven soldiers killed themselves while in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan in June, according to the statistics. Of the total suicides, 22 soldiers had been in combat, including 10 who had deployed two to four times.

“The hypothesis is the same that many have heard me say before: continued stress on the force, said Army Col. Christopher Philbrick, director of the Army Suicide Prevention Task Force. He pointed out that the Army has been fighting for nine years in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last year was the Army’s worst for suicides with 244 confirmed or suspected cases.

 The increase was a setback for the service, which has been pushing troops to seek counseling. Through May of this year, the Army had seen a decline in suicides among active-duty soldiers this year compared with the same period in 2009....

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Ron Paul Hits Gov’t Oil Spill Efforts – Video

Posted on Jul 07, 2010 in Political Issues

Source: CNN

Ron Paul Hits Government Oil Spill Efforts

With the first tar balls from the Gulf oil spill now washing ashore in Galveston, Texas, Rep. Ron Paul, whose district includes the affected area, said Monday the federal government is not doing enough in the recovery effort.

“They have done a lot to interfere,” Paul told National Political Correspondent Jessica Yellin on CNN’s “John King USA.”

He said local residents and state officials in Louisiana and Mississippi have complained that some federal agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Fish and Wildlife Service, have not acted quickly enough to relax some regulations to fast-track recovery initiatives.

Federal officials have previously defended their efforts.

Another area of criticism by Paul concerned the deployment of National Guard troops to help in the cleanup.

“If all our states had their Guard units back here maybe they would have the manpower to do more to help clean up the beaches and prevent the oil from coming in, but, no, our Guard units are all over the world fighting wars we don’t need,” said Paul, a critic of the U.S....

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Why the Taliban is Winning in Afghanistan

Posted on Jul 06, 2010 in Featured Articles, Police, Military, & War

Source: New Statesman

via (Summary of Article)

Hayden’s Note:

Note that this is the Taliban we’re speaking about; made up of farmers, locals, pissed off countrymen, a few radicals and every other Afghan that is tired of the US occupation.  This is a form of what the CIA called “blowback.”  Al-Qaeda (all-CIA-duh) is simply a fictional, intelligence-community-organized rag tag, motley crew of extremists loyal to Western money and intelligence handlers.

As Washington and London struggle to prop up a puppet government over which Hamid Karzai has no control, they risk repeating the blood-soaked 19th-century history of Britain’s imperial defeat.

n 1843, shortly after his return from Afghanistan, an army chaplain, Reverend G R Gleig, wrote a memoir about the First Anglo-Afghan War, of which he was one of the very few survivors. It was, he wrote, “a war begun for no wise purpose, carried on with a strange mixture of rashness and timidity, brought to a close after suffering and disaster, without much glory attached either to the government which directed, or the great body of troops which waged it....

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CIA Gives Blackwater Firm $100 Million Security Contract for Afghan Bases

Posted on Jun 24, 2010 in Police, Military, & War

Source: Washington Post


The Central Intelligence Agency has hired Xe Services, the private security firm formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide, to guard its facilities in Afghanistan and elsewhere, according to an industry source.

The previously undisclosed CIA contract is worth about $100 million, said the industry source, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the deal, which is classified.

“It’s for protective services … guard services, in multiple regions,” said the source.

Two other security contractors, Triple Canopy and DynCorp International, put in losing bids for the CIA’s business, the source said.

The revelation comes only a day after members of a federal commission investigating war-zone contractors blasted the State Department for granting Blackwater with a new $120 million contract to guard U.S. consulates under construction in Afghanistan.

CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano stopped short of confirming the contract, saying only that Xe personnel would not be involved in operations.

“While this agency does not, as a rule, comment on contractual relationships we may or may not have, we follow all applicable federal laws and regulations,” Gimigliano said.

The spokesman added, “We have a very careful process when it comes to procurement, and we take it seriously....

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Termination Notice: McChrystal Sideshow Masks Murderous Reality

Posted on Jun 24, 2010 in Featured Articles, Police, Military, & War

Source: Chris Floyd 

BlackListed News

Some people seem to think that the question of which uniformed goober is in charge of the imperial bloodbath in Afghanistan is a vitally important issue, worthy of endless exegesis. It is not. It is a meaningless sideshow. What does matter, vitally, deeply, urgently, is the imperial bloodbath itself, and the fact that it will go on, and on, no matter what Barack Obama does or doesn’t do about Stanley McChrystal. [*Now we know what Barry did about Stanley. See update below.]

What really matters is this:

Ten civilians, including at least five women and children, were killed in NATO airstrikes in Khost Province, the provincial police chief said Saturday.

And this:

“We have received five bodies of civilians in our provincial public hospital,” Khost provincial health director Amirbadshah Rahmatzai Mangal told AFP. “The dead include two female children of seven and eight years of age…”

McChrystal is in trouble for making disparaging remarks about fellow officers and civilian officials — a military tradition that surely goes back to the armies of Hammurabi (and long before)....

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US Officials Back Away from July 2011 Afghan Withdrawal Date

Posted on Jun 21, 2010 in Police, Military, & War

Source: Raw Story

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates rejected suggestions Sunday that US forces will move out of Afghanistan in large numbers in July of next year under a deadline set by President Barack Obama.

“That absolutely has not been decided,” Gates said in an interview with Fox News Sunday.

His comment was the latest indication that the magnitude of the drawdown, if not the deadline itself, is the subject of an intensifying internal debate at a time when a NATO-led campaign against the Taliban is going slower than expected.

Vice President Joe Biden, an early skeptic of the US military buildup in Afghanistan, was quoted as telling author Jonathan Alter recently: “In July of 2011, you’re going to see a whole lot of people moving out. Bet on it.”

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel did not deny the Biden quote when asked about it, but, like Gates, said that the size of the drawdown would depend on conditions on the ground.

“Everybody knows there’s a firm date. And that firm date is a date (that) deals with the troops that are part of the surge, the additional 30,000,” he said in an interview with ABC “This Week.”

“What will be determined at that date or going into that date will be the scale and scope of that reduction,” he said....

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Afghan Mineral Riches Story is More War Propaganda

Posted on Jun 16, 2010 in Featured Articles, Police, Military, & War


Hayden’s Note:

Interview with über elitist Zbigniew Brzezinski added to the end of this article where he admits, “I’d do it again” in regards to creating and provoking the Soviets’ entry into Afghanistan while acting as Carter’s National Security Advisor…

News that the U.S. has suddenly discovered $1 trillion-worth of mineral deposits in Afghanistan, and descriptions of the bounty as a “game changer” by the corporate media, represent nothing more than crude war propaganda designed to reinvigorate public support for a failing and ever more pointless occupation.

The “liberal” New York Times, which previously brought us fantastical stories of WMD in Iraq and yellowcake from Niger, is at it once again, describing huge deposits of minerals in Afghanistan as “previously unknown”.

In a story the Times ran on Sunday, the newspaper pointed to an “internal Pentagon memo” as its source, noting that U.S. officials now believe Afghanistan could become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium”.

The article claims that “a small team of Pentagon officials and American geologists” has also recently discovered huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt and gold, that could transform Afghanistan into one of the most important mining centers in the world....

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U.S. Identifies Nearly $1 Trillion in Untapped Mineral Deposits in Afghanistan

Posted on Jun 14, 2010 in Featured Articles, Police, Military, & War

Source: New York Times

Hayden’s Note:

I don’t even have the energy to write a sarcastic response to this one.  It’s so painfully obvious, I think this article is better off without some witty one-liner.

…. but I told you so!

The fact that the US has “suddenly discovered” all of these riches in Afghanistan is a cheap ploy to gain support for being there.  Why do you think the Soviets wanted into Afghanistan so badly? 

The United States has discovered nearly $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan, far beyond any previously known reserves and enough to fundamentally alter the Afghan economy and perhaps the Afghan war itself, according to senior American government officials.

The previously unknown deposits — including huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metals like lithium — are so big and include so many minerals that are essential to modern industry that Afghanistan could eventually be transformed into one of the most important mining centers in the world, the United States officials believe.

An internal Pentagon memo, for example, states that Afghanistan could become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium,” a key raw material in the manufacture of batteries for laptops and BlackBerrys....

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Afghan Warlords Gain US Funding by Rebranding as ‘Private Security Companies’

Posted on Jun 08, 2010 in Police, Military, & War

Source: All Gov.

Hayden’s Note:

If you follow Truth is Treason, you read my opinion months and months ago about this exact thing.  The Afghan President’s brother, Ahmed Karzai, was imprisoned in the US for trafficking heroin years ago.  When he was released, he returned to Afghanistan and started one of the nation’s first “security companies” in and around the Helmand Province, the world’s most fertile region to grow poppy.  He controls vast miles of highway, including “Highway One”, a very strategic route that the US and private contractors must use.  He and his minions charge convoys in order to pass through the region unharmed and many US Military commanders have admitted this yet continue to play along in order to avoid bloodshed and issues. 

Read about that and more at the links, all from –

US & Afghan Forces Are the World’s Largest Drug Cartel

How the US Funds the Taliban 

NATO Holds Fundraiser to Pay Off Taliban

…and many more stories that can be found here on Truth is

Willing to secure local domains and fight alongside Western forces, many of Afghanistan’s warlords are paid by U.S....

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Rep. Alan Grayson Introduces the ‘War is Making You Poor’ Bill – HB 5353

Posted on May 23, 2010 in Political Issues

Source: YouTube & Facebook

Rep. Grayson introduces a bill to cut separate funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and uses the money to eliminate federal income taxes on every American’s first $35,000 of income. Cosponsors of this bill include Ron Paul, Walter Jones, John Conyers, Lynn Woolsey, and Dennis Kucinich.


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Medical Journal Warns of ‘Tidal Wave’ of Mental Trauma Among Returning Troops

Posted on May 14, 2010 in Police, Military, & War

Source: Telegraph

Hayden’s Note:

See also: 18 War Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day

The Lancet report said the “absolute number” of troops needing treatment was increasing as a result of more people being deployed on operations.

There are an estimated 180,000 troops who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Lancet research has shown that up to 4 per cent suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Most PTSD victims present with the illness within a decade which on current figures would mean that up 7,000 troops will become sufferers.

Hayden’s Note:

Within a decade only 7,000 troops will experience PTSD!? A paltry 4%?  There are probably 70,000 troops right NOW that experience varying levels of PTSD from fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It will only get worse.

Psychiatrists have warned that mental health services will come under severe strain as increasing number of service personnel present with mental health problems.

Prof Simon Wessely, King’s College London’s Military Health Research centre, and co-author of the report, said: “There are going to be more and more people with mental health problems coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan....

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