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Eric Sprott: “Paper Markets Are a Joke: Prepare for Bullion Prices to Go Supernova” Thumbnail

Eric Sprott: “Paper Markets Are a Joke: Prepare for Bullion Prices to Go Supernova”

Posted on Jul 05, 2011 in Economic News – Kevin Hayden

Source: Zero Hedge by Chris Martenson

Eric Sprott – Paper Markets Are A Joke: Prepare for Bullion Prices to Go Supernova

“I think that the prices will continue higher. I mean the amount of money printing is unbelievable. I just think you have to take that initial stand in terms of buying it. I use the James Turk analogy: just keep dollar averaging. We have gone up eleven years in a row, this year it looks like it will be no exception; I would certainly think next year will be no exception. If we ever have QE3 announced, I think gold and silver will just go absolutely bonkers here. And so I just think you have got to step in there and own it; we’ve had these fears all the way along. You know, $400, and $500 and $700 and $800 dollar gold, everyone was afraid it was a one-time thing. I don’t think it is a one-time thing, I think it is a secular thing. It’s going to carry on for quite a while here until we find some resolution of these problems....

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Bio-Tech Terrorist Monsanto’s Net Profit Up 77% in Third Quarter Alone Thumbnail

Bio-Tech Terrorist Monsanto’s Net Profit Up 77% in Third Quarter Alone

Posted on Jun 29, 2011 in Health, Food News, & Big Pharma – Kevin Hayden

Source: Bloomberg via BlackListed News

Monsanto Co., the world’s largest seed company bio-tech terrorist, raised its full-year profit forecast and posted third-quarter earnings that topped analysts’ estimates on higher sales of Roundup weed killer and genetically modified seeds.

Net income climbed 77 percent to $680 million, or $1.26 a share, in the three months through May 31, from $384 million, or 70 cents, a year earlier, St. Louis-based Monsanto said today in a statement. That beat the $1.10 average estimate of 17 analysts in a Bloomberg survey.

Profit excluding some items will rise to $2.84 to $2.88 a share in the fiscal year through August, compared with a previous prediction of $2.72 to $2.82. The average estimate of 20 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg was $2.82. Monsanto also said the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating customer incentives for Roundup.

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Ben Bernanke: About as Accurate as Harold Camping, the ‘End of Days’ Guy Thumbnail

Ben Bernanke: About as Accurate as Harold Camping, the ‘End of Days’ Guy

Posted on Jun 24, 2011 in Economic News, Federal Reserve & Bankers – Kevin Hayden

Source: The Sovereign Man

Harold Camping has a pretty dismal track record. Thrice now, the 89-year old California evangelist has been very public about predicting the end of the world. Somehow he managed to convinced legions of followers that his complex calculations were accurate.

Camping was obviously very wrong all three times, in addition to other times he was wrong in making smaller predictions in his radio broadcasts.  We can, however, forgive Mr. Camping’s ‘miscalculations’ for the precise date and time of the world coming to an end, writing them off as twaddling, harmless entertainment.

Why? Because Harold Camping doesn’t control the money supply for the largest economy on the planet.

You see, there’s another guy whose track record is about as impressive as Harold Camping’s. His name is Ben Bernanke. And every time he opens his mouth with a prediction about the economy, it’s wrong. Dismally, dreadfully wrong.
endisnear copy 300x225 Ben Bernanke: About as accurate as the end of days guy
Like Camping, Mr. Bernanke and his cronies make complex calculations, culminating in impressive-sounding prophesies for future rates of inflation and GDP growth. He makes predictions about economic recovery in 2010… er, 2011… er, 2012, and declares emphatically that a housing slowdown will not affect the broader economy....

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Chance Didn’t Create the Current Economic Crisis Thumbnail

Chance Didn’t Create the Current Economic Crisis

Posted on Jun 23, 2011 in Economic News, Federal Reserve & Bankers – Kevin Hayden

Source: International Forecaster – Bob Chapman

What the world is experiencing today did not happen by chance, it was planned that way.

What Congressman Louis McFadden said of the “Great Depression” is as true today as it was in the 1930s. As Chairman of the House Banking Committee he said, “It was no accident; it was a carefully contrived occurrence. The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might emerge as rulers of us all.”

What you are experiencing economically and financially today is nothing new. Just study history all the precedence is there. The bankers and their willing helpers do the same thing over and over again. As we have said often what these banks represent is corporatist fascism and monopoly. Through their great wealth they control most governments and their court systems. That is why your elected representatives do not listen to you. They have already been purchased by Wall Street and banking. These are the same people who have financed most wars on both sides for centuries....

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Corporate-Funded “People’s” Movement: Globalist Puppets and Their Army of Dupes Thumbnail

Corporate-Funded “People’s” Movement: Globalist Puppets and Their Army of Dupes

Posted on Jun 22, 2011 in Featured Articles, Global & National News – Kevin Hayden

Source: BlackListed News – Tony Cartalucci

Surely a movement run by a man working with foreign interests against his own nation would be considered sedition in every sense of the word. And regardless of how well-intentioned followers of such a movement were, ultimately their efforts would be contributing to a future entirely removed from their genuine ideals of progress and change.

Progress is not only an attractive motivation for political participation, it is a responsibility for those who wish to leave future generations with something more than what they have now. However, danger arises when progress is pursued politically rather than pragmatically, where people, not solutions are hoisted to the pinnacle of our attention and efforts. This is precisely the case unfolding in Thailand, where a man, Thaksin Shinawatra, his party, and his agenda have taken to the driver’s seat of a contrived social movement called the “red shirts” and ultimately threaten the destiny of the very people committed to this hoax.

Thaksin Shinawatra himself was a former adviser to the globalist equity firm, the Carlyle Group, and was literally standing in front of the CFR in NYC on the eve of his ousting from power in 2006....

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12 Significant Events That the Mockingbird Media is Currently Ignoring Thumbnail

12 Significant Events That the Mockingbird Media is Currently Ignoring

Posted on Jun 20, 2011 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts, Featured Articles – Kevin Hayden

Source: Michael Snyder via BlackListed News

As the mainstream media continues to be obsessed with Anthony Weiner and his bizarre adventures on Twitter, much more serious events are happening around the world that are getting very little attention.  In America today, if the mainstream media does not cover something it is almost as if it never happened. Right now, the worst nuclear disaster in human history continues to unfold in Japan , U.S. nuclear facilities are being threatened by flood waters, the U.S. military is bombing Yemen, gigantic cracks in the earth are appearing all over the globe and the largest wildfire in Arizona history is causing immense devastation.  But Anthony Weiner, Bristol Palin and Miss USA are what the mainstream media want to tell us about and most Americans are buying it.

In times like these, it is more important than ever to think for ourselves.  The corporate-owned mainstream media is not interested in looking out for us.  Rather, they are going to tell us whatever fits with the agenda that their owners are pushing.

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Understanding Bitcoins – a $131 Million USD Virtual Currency Thumbnail

Understanding Bitcoins – a $131 Million USD Virtual Currency

Posted on Jun 16, 2011 in Science & Technology – Kevin Hayden

Source: Daily Tech

Our piece on the Bitcoin market’s “Black Friday” saw tremendous pickup, being carried or quoted by Business Insider, Spiegel (Germany’s equivalent of The Wall Street Journal), and Slashdot (whose submitter did an admirable job explaining the piece), among others.

Over the weekend there was more movement in the Bitcoin market, and much confusion about the peer-to-peer currency remains.  In this follow up we’ll take an objective look at what The $100M USD+ Bitcoin market is experiencing its first major inflationary event. There's great volatility, but since Friday's drop of 15 percent, the trend has been a reduction in value versus the USD.  (Source: Mt. Gox)we feel the true story of Bitcoin is.

I. Is the Bitcoin “Recession”/”Depression” Over?

The market on Sunday showed signs of recovery.  With the world’s largest exchange, Mt. Gox opening at $14.75 USD/Bitcoin, the price has floated up to $20.14 USD/Bitcoin [source].  That’s a massive 36.5 percent upward shift (in a deflationary direction). (The market has since receded slightly to $19 USD/Bitcoin.)

On the other hand, after the Bitcoin “Black Friday” the market is now down 30.3 percent thanks to another major dip on Saturday (this shift is in the inflationary direction).

Last, but not least, if you look at Bitcoin trading over the last month it’s seen rampant deflation, with prices soaring from around a dollar in mid-May to current levels — nearly 20 fold deflation....

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Collapse: It’s Coming. Are You Prepared? Thumbnail

Collapse: It’s Coming. Are You Prepared?

Posted on Jun 16, 2011 in Economic News – Kevin Hayden

Source: Gerald Celente

Everything is not all right. And things are going to get worse … much worse. The economy is on the threshold of calamity. Wars are spreading like wildfires. The world is on a razor’s edge.

Not so, say world leaders and mainstream media experts. Yes, there are problems, but the financiers and politicians are aware of them. Policies are already in place and measures are being taken to correct them.

Whether it’s failing economies, intractable old wars or raging new wars, the word from the top always maintains that steady progress is being made and comforts the populace with assurances that the brightest minds and the sharpest generals are in charge and on the case. On all fronts, success is certain and victory is at hand. Only “patience” is required … along with more men, more time and more money.

As far as these “leaders” and their media are concerned, the only opinions that count come from a stable of thoroughbred experts, official sources and political favorites. Only they have the credentials to speak with authority and provide trustworthy forecasts....

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Greek Protests Continue Getting Ugly; Police and Protestors Clash Thumbnail

Greek Protests Continue Getting Ugly; Police and Protestors Clash

Posted on Jun 15, 2011 in Police, Military, & War – Kevin Hayden

Source: CNBC

Violent clashes between police and protestors broke out on the streets of Athens on Wednesday. Some 20,000 anti-austerity protesters attempted to blockade Parliament, where the struggling government launched a debate on new cutbacks needed to secure international rescue loans.

Police launched tear gas at protestors as sporadic fighting broke out near to the the Parliament building and shopping district. At one stage, six police officers found themselves hemmed in by a group of protestors, who threw explosives at them. Other protestors threw flares at police, who appeared to be both outnumbered and on the retreat.

As the 24-hour general strike got under way earlier on Wednesday, a large part of central Athens was closed to all traffic and pedestrians as police mounted a huge security operation to allow lawmakers access to Parliament by car.
About 5,000 police officers, including hundreds of riot and motorcycle police, used parked buses and crowd barriers to prevent protesters from encircling the building.


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Why “Things Are Getting Interesting” and What is Ailing the Market

Posted on Jun 13, 2011 in Economic News – Kevin Hayden

Source: Zero Hedge

David Rosenberg provides the key bulleted market observations that have marked the broad capital markets over the past few months.

  • $950 billion of paper equity wealth has been wiped off the map in the past six weeks.
  • The Dow is below 12,000 for the first time since March 18th.
  • The Transports are down more than 8% from the nearby highs and are down for the year as well
  • The Transports/Utilities ratio has broken down to its lowest level since November 9th of last year.
  • The Nasdaq is now down for the year (-0.3%)
  • The Russell 2000 index is also down for the year (-0.5%).
  • The S&P 500 is just 1.1% away from seeing the same fate.
  • The S&P 500 has declined in each of the past six weeks, the longest losing streak since June-July 2008.
  • The S&P 500 has fallen below its 150-day moving average after breaking below the 50-day and 100-day trendlines earlier in this corrective phase; the 200-day is the next level of support.
  • For the Dow, this is the longest string of weekly declines since the Fall of 2002.

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Do You Think You’re Free? Ask Yourself These Questions

Posted on Jun 10, 2011 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts, Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Featured Articles – Kevin Hayden

Source: Sovereign Man

I don’t come to the United States very often, and when I do there’s usually a pretty good reason. In this case, it’s because of the annual Atlas 400 meeting which kicks off today in New York. I get a ton of value out of the group, and for me it’s worth making these trips (you can find out more about Atlas here.)

Because my US visits are generally short and sporadically infrequent, I’m highly attuned to little changes; this is something like out-of-town relatives who notice how much a child has grown over a period of several months, whereas parents seldom notice the small, daily changes.

On the surface, it seems like a pleasant enough place. Underneath the facade of shopping malls and little league, though, there are clear signs of decay. Eroding economic opportunities, increased bureaucracy, emerging class warfare, police state conditions, deteriorating infrastructure, reduced quality in service, etc.

Again, these changes are more acutely felt when you’ve been gone for a while because you have fewer recent experiences to normalize the extremity of a new incident....

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Bilderberg 2011 Attendee List – The Global Elites

Posted on Jun 10, 2011 in Federal Reserve & Bankers, Political Issues – Kevin Hayden

Source: Infowars

Thanks to the fantastic work of Bilderberg activists, journalists and the Swiss media, we have now been able to obtain the full official list of 2011 Bilderberg attendees. Routinely, some members request that their names be kept off the roster so there will be additional Bilderbergers in attendance.

Infowars will be on the scene identifying other attendees not on the list.

Coene, Luc, Governor, National Bank of Belgium
Davignon, Etienne, Minister of State
Leysen, Thomas, Chairman, Umicore  

Fu, Ying, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
Huang, Yiping, Professor of Economics, China Center for Economic Research, Peking University

Eldrup, Anders, CEO, DONG Energy
Federspiel, Ulrik, Vice President, Global Affairs, Haldor Topsøe A/S
Schütze, Peter, Member of the Executive Management, Nordea Bank AB

Ackermann, Josef, Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank
Enders, Thomas, CEO, Airbus SAS
Löscher, Peter, President and CEO, Siemens AG
Nass, Matthias, Chief International Correspondent, Die Zeit
Steinbrück, Peer, Member of the Bundestag; Former Minister of Finance

Apunen, Matti, Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA
Johansson, Ole, Chairman, Confederation of the Finnish Industries EK
Ollila, Jorma, Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell
Pentikäinen, Mikael, Publisher and Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat

Baverez, Nicolas, Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP
Bazire, Nicolas, Managing Director, Groupe Arnault /LVMH
Castries, Henri de, Chairman and CEO, AXA
Lévy, Maurice, Chairman and CEO, Publicis Groupe S.A....

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The Biggest Bank in France Has Suddenly Cut ATM Access to Cash in Half, Panic Ensues – Le Bank Run?

Posted on Jun 09, 2011 in Economic News – Kevin Hayden

Source: Max Keiser

I just got off the phone with Pierre Jovanovic . . .

La Banque Postale has lowered the limits on the amounts of cash customers can withdraw per week by 50%.  First of all, for you Americans and Brits, the way France works its banking system – customers are limited to how much they can withdraw per week from their accounts, no matter what the balance.  Now,  Gold card members – who could take out 3,000 euros a week – are now limited to 1,500 a week. This was sudden, without warning, and people here in France are freaking out. Pierre tells me that its the first clear sign that liquidity in the European banking system is drying up.

Hayden’s Note:

Je ne suis pas surpris. Le Bank Run!...

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Perception, American Austerity and Financial Terrorism Thumbnail

Perception, American Austerity and Financial Terrorism

Posted on Jun 03, 2011 in Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Economic News, Featured Articles, Federal Reserve & Bankers – Kevin Hayden

Source: The National Pulse

“And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”
-Friedrich Nietszche (Philosopher, 1844-1900)

Truly, a lot is happening. As Spring became Summer, America has legislated its way into a full-blown terrorist state. The currency is totally debauched. The US cannot borrow any more from its loan-sharking creditors, and is faced with austerity. Like surgeons, central economic planners are calibrating inflation all over the world to provoke reaction and harness the emotion produced from reaction. America’s debt limit has been reached, causing Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to extend the final date of come-uppance to August 2, by raiding federal pensions. If you have a federal pension, or really any pension that you think you might have you may like to read that letter here.

Since the alleged raid and shooting death of an unarmed, multi-spoused bin Laden, the controllers of monetary policy and all their political, legal, and military tentacles that support that control sped into full gear. It will have been two years this summer since Timmy Geithner traveled to China and was laughed at when he spoke about the solvency of the U.S.


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Market Strategist: “We’re on the verge of a great, great depression”

Posted on Jun 02, 2011 in Economic News, Federal Reserve & Bankers – Kevin Hayden

Source: Margo D. BellerCNBC

Wall Street Baffled by Slowing Economy, Low Yields: Trader

Wall Street is having a hard time figuring out what to do now that the U.S. economy appears to be sputtering and yields are so low, Peter Yastrow, market strategist for Yastrow Origer, told CNBC.

“What we’ve got right now is almost near panic going on with money managers and people who are responsible for money,” he said. “They can not find a yield and you just don’t want to be putting your money into commodities or things that are punts that might work out or they might not depending on what happens with the economy.
“We need to find real yield and real returns on these assets. You see bad data, you see Treasurys rally, you see all bonds and all fixed-income rally and then the people who are betting against the U.S. economy start getting bearish on stocks. That’s a huge mistake.”

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