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Daniel Estulin Talks about the G20, African Union & IMF

Posted on Nov 12, 2009 in Political Issues

By James Corbett – The Corbett Report

via: BlackListedNews

In an exclusive interview with The Corbett Report earlier today, Daniel Estulin revealed the behind-the-scenes details of last week’s G20 Finance article_pyramid_eyeMinister’s meeting in St. Andrews, Scotland. Many of these details come from actual G20 documents that his sources were able to sneak out of the meetings in spite of security measures which, Estulin notes, were unprecedented “even by Bilderberg standards.” These documents, which contain valuable information about the conference, are available at and have been  mirrored on The Corbett Report homepage. They were smuggled out at great personal risk and need to be disseminated widely.

The key issue discussed at the meeting, according to Estulin, was “the next step in globalization, which is the creation of the African Union.” This is part of an unfolding agenda of the ceding of national sovereignty to unnaccountable regional governments which can more easily administer and implement the aims of the financial oligarchs. One of these aims is the elite’s exhaustively documented penchant for population reduction, including tying development aid to population control problems....

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