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10 Reasons to Become Self-Sufficient and 10 Steps to Help You Get There

Posted on Aug 28, 2011 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Featured Articles – Kevin Hayden

Source: Activist Post by Michael Edwards & Jeffrey Green

Additional content by Kevin Hayden

We are now three to five generations removed from the rural backbone that strengthened America.  The world at large has undergone a similar transformation as the promise of easier work has created a migration to big cities.  These mega-cities could be seen as an experiment gone awry, as general well-being has declined.  Crowded conditions and economic strife have led to rampant crime, pollution, corporate malfeasance and a dog-eat-dog type of competition that can be described as a temporary insanity.

The economic crisis we are living through has been the final straw for many people, as promises of a better, easier, and more creative life seem to have been sold to us by carnival-style tricksters who are laughing all the way to their bank.

Here are the top reasons for becoming self-sufficient; these are based on fundamental, systemic concerns for why undertaking this lifestyle change will not be a fly-by-night fad, but rather a long-lasting means for personal independence.

10 Reasons to Become Self-Sufficient

  1. Freedom from Market Manipulation – The traditional market-driven investment vehicles are more and more obviously controlled by traders and banking institutions.  

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How to: Clean Your Cooking Gear and Make Soap from Wood Ash

Posted on Aug 28, 2011 in DIY Projects

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Survival Topics

Using wood ashes as a cleaning agent makes alot of sense: it is readily available, free and relatively safe for the environment when compared to many types of soap.

Hayden’s Note:

I would recommend saving this one or printing it off in order to add it to your camping and survival gear. Better yet, practice it a few times in order to become proficient!  Many thanks to for the information!

When it comes to wilderness survival, large scale disaster simply camping outdoors, we often try to do things in the same manner as we are accustomed to doing them at home. However what works well in civilization does not necessarily translate smoothly to a wilderness or disaster scenario where familiar supplies of every sort are limited or non-existent.

Solutions are available to most outdoor and survival problems, if only we have the knowledge and inventiveness to use them. But because we usually spend most of our time in civilized society, where specialized tools and products are readily available, we lose some of the edge in our abilities to utilize the common items we find around us in the wilderness....

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Empty Shelves: Hurricanes, Disasters and Civil Unrest – a Contingency Plan Thumbnail

Empty Shelves: Hurricanes, Disasters and Civil Unrest – a Contingency Plan

Posted on Aug 25, 2011 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Featured Articles

Kevin Hayden –

If you think that you’ll be able to simply drive to Wal-Mart or the grocery store and load up on food, water and supplies during an actual emergency, you are living in a fantasy world.  We now experience freak weather on a regular basis.  Oklahoma has experienced a record-breaking 53 days of 100+ temperatures, a massive hurricane is nearing Washington, DC and the New York City area, and NASA continues to amplify their warnings regarding solar storms disrupting our way of life.

Photo by James Spann - Trussville, AL Wal-Mart, Jan. 8, 2011

What if gasoline hit $5 a gallon and unemployment was still hanging around the current ~15%?  What if there were a few small protests that turned a bit violent – not even on the scale of what we see in Europe – but a few townhall meetings that get out of hand?  The level of comfort in this country is quickly sliding downhill and it will only take a few provocations, a few simple emergencies and all hell will break loose.  When it does, I hope that you have taken the time to at least have a 30 or 60-day food supply, some water and basic neccessities (if not a full-blown food storage plan and the related tools, accessories and means to provide power, warmth and protection)....

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Surviving Financial Collapse and the Reversion to the Local

Posted on Aug 25, 2011 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Featured Articles

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Activist Post by Julian Rose

Read the daily news, even in a relatively mainstream newspaper, and you cannot fail to notice that an unprecedented event is unfolding in front of our very eyes; the simultaneous collapse of two of the World’s largest economies: the US and European Union.

Both appear to be teetering at the edge of a financial precipice and the great politico-bureaucratic machines that run the show – on both sides of the Atlantic – seem incapable of agreeing what economic medicine might keep this beast on the rails.

They, and we, are now learning that in a finite world no resource is infinite, least of all institutionalized financial wealth whose very existence is dependent upon interest payments made on capital lent to those who cannot sustain the levels of repayments demanded of them. In a ‘debt based’ economy (which ours is) all participants will ultimately end up losers.

We cannot know the exact timing surrounding the unhinging of a large sector of the global market place, but that some form of large scale collapse is imminent, there can be little doubt....

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Investing in Tangibles, Gold and Land: Advice from an Insider

Posted on Aug 23, 2011 in Economic News, Featured Articles

Kevin Hayden –

Many times, I’ve stressed the importance of getting into tangibles in order to preserve your wealth, if not increase it.  And several times, I’m been met with reader emails regarding their bullish confidence in the ponzi scheme stock market, paper investments or that I’m simply paranoid. 

Last year, I wrote several articles on what sort of tangibles to invest in, with the top items being precious metals, firearms and farmable land, along with the tools and implements to pioneer it.  It may sound a bit old fashioned or silly to some, but I tend to take notice when some of the top fund managers and investors are doing the same thing.  Since that time, the alternative and mainstream media have started to suggest getting into tangibles, as well.

And today, I had quite an interesting conversation with a large investor who will obviously remain nameless.  Aside from running this website, I work full-time for a medium-sized oil and gas firm that is quickly growing (without the use of fracking, I might add).  I have the occasion to speak with people ranging from market analysts to investors from Goldman Sachs and UBS, Credit Suisse and JP Morgan, all the way down to geologists, landmen and engineers. ...

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When the Mob Becomes Violent – Hayden’s Note

Posted on Aug 23, 2011 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Sovereign Man

[Simon Black’s Note: Tim Staermose, our partner in Asia, is filling in for Simon today. Hayden’s Note at the end.]

Today I was accosted by someone begging for money. I know… big deal, right? It’s not an unusual occurrence anywhere in the world, especially here in the Philippines.

Begging is actually big business in Manila. Often small children are forced to work the streets by a ‘begging syndicate,’ and adults keep a watchful eye from a distance before confiscating the kids’ proceeds.  This is one of the lowest acts of humanity I can think of.

The person who approached me today, however, was not a child. He was a perfectly able-bodied, 17 or 18 year-old youth. He chased after me shouting, “My friend! My friend! You give me coins!” If you notice the language, he wasn’t exactly asking… more demanding.

This is a mentality that I will never understand.

Yes it’s unfortunate that there are people in the world who struggle to make a decent living for themselves and their families. But I firmly believe that tossing a few occasional coins is not going to solve their underlying problem....

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How to: Construct Secret Hiding Places Thumbnail

How to: Construct Secret Hiding Places

Posted on Aug 15, 2011 in DIY Projects – Kevin Hayden

Source: Root Simple

I love alternate views of our normal notions of domesticity and home economics. On a recent trip to the book section of a large surplus store, I noticed our first book The Urban Homestead right alongside books on burying weapons caches, wiring solar panels, acting as your own dentist and assembling SKS rifles. We certainly have exciting company on this journey.

One book in particular caught my eye, The Construction of Secret Hiding Places by Charles Robinson. You can download a .pdf of this book for free here. Of course, the fact that this info exists in book and interweb form means that the secrets aren’t, well, secrets anymore.  Nevertheless, I’ll never view a stairwell, baseboard or that useless space under the dishwasher in quite the same way again.

Do you have a favorite secret hiding place? Anonymous comments are welcome . . ....

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10 Signs That Economic Riots and Civil Unrest Inside the United States is a Possibility

Posted on Aug 15, 2011 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival – Kevin Hayden

Source: Michael Snyder – Truth Contributor

You should let the video footage of the wild violence that just took place in London burn into your memory because the same things are going to be happening all over the United States as the economy continues to crumble.  We have raised an entire generation of young people with an “entitlement mentality”, but now the economy is producing very few good jobs that will actually enable our young people to work for what they feel they are entitled to. 

If you are under 30 in America today, things look really bleak.  The vast majority of the good jobs are held by people that are older, and they aren’t about to give them up if they can help it.  It is easy for the rest of us to tell young Americans to “take whatever they can”, but the reality is that there is intense competition for even the most basic jobs.  For instance, McDonald’s recently held a “National Hiring Day” during which a million Americans applied for jobs. 


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FBI Targets Self-Reliant Preppers and Emergency Preparedness in Domestic Terrorism Bulletin

Posted on Aug 11, 2011 in Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Emergency Preparedness & Survival – Kevin Hayden

Source: SHTF Plan

If you’ve been preparing for emergencies, disasters, or economic collapse there’s a strong likelihood that you’ve been added to a watch list somewhere.

Hard to believe?

The latest Communities Against Terrorism guidelines distributed by the FBI to military surplus stores in the state of Colorado outline specific activities that owners and retail associates should look for when trying to spot terrorist related activity. Much of the suspicious activity listed describes the behavior and shopping list of any modern day prepper:

What should I consider suspicious?

People or groups who:

  • Provide identification that is inconsistent or suspect or demand identity “privacy”
  • Insist on paying with cash or uses credit card(s) in different names
  • Make suspicious comments regarding anti-US, radical theology, vague or cryptic warnings that suggests or appear to endorse the use of violence in support of a cause
  • Demonstrate interest in uses that do not seem consistent with the intended use of the item being purchased
  • Possess little knowledge of intended purchase items
  • Make bulk purchases of items to include:
    -Weatherproofed ammunition or match containers
    -Meals Ready to Eat
    -Night Vision Devices; night flashlights; gas masks
    -High capacity magazines
    -Bi-pods or tri-pods for rifles

View the entire Federal Bureau of Investigation Memo [PDF]

The brief bulk purchases list described above is something you might find in the wish-list or supply closet of any serious prepper....

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Dilbert Offers a Valuable OpSec Reminder for Financial Meltdown and the Zombie Apocalypse Thumbnail

Dilbert Offers a Valuable OpSec Reminder for Financial Meltdown and the Zombie Apocalypse

Posted on Aug 04, 2011 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts – Kevin Hayden

Office-comic Dilbert serves up a valuable point regarding Operational Security (OpSec).  This little comic is sad but so true.  If you prepare, keep it quiet!


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Keeping Your Stored Water and Filters Clean Thumbnail

Keeping Your Stored Water and Filters Clean

Posted on Aug 02, 2011 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival – Kevin Hayden

Source: Homespun EnvironmentalTruth Supporter

It is a well known fact that clean water is one of the ‘Must Have’ essentials in disaster relief and survival situations.  Consequently, a lot of money and time is spent procuring water purification devices.   There is a level of confidence that comes with knowing that you have your water supplies taken care of even if the worst occurs, however having good equipment is not enough.  Proper care and vigilance is required to ensure that your clean water sources remain that way.   In one particular case study conducted in Central America with 100 test subject families relying on water filters, it was found that without training and following procedures almost half of the filtered water was still harboring dangerous bacteria in large quantities due to accidental recontamination.   This paper presents a few simple precautions that can prevent recontamination from occurring in generic water filtration equipment.  

Start with clean equipment    One of the steps that should to be taken when setting up water purification equipment is to disinfect all the surfaces that will touch the filtered water. ...

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The Fed is Approaching the End Game… Are You Ready? Thumbnail

The Fed is Approaching the End Game… Are You Ready?

Posted on Jul 12, 2011 in Economic News – Kevin Hayden

Source: Gains Pains Capital

The financial world seems to think that because Greece accepted another bailout we’ll be off to the races in the markets.

Aside from how absolutely moronic this view is (how’d the first Greek bailout work out? And it was what 12 months ago?), we have to consider the backdrop against which this particular tragic-comedy is playing out.

The consensus view from the mainstream financial media and 99% of fund managers is that liquidity and access to loose money from central banks will keep things afloat.

However, reality shows this not to be the case… at all. Consider for instance the impact of the Fed’s money pumps.

For starters, as a back of the envelope analysis, consider that in 2007 when the credit markets first jammed up, the Fed resorted to providing emergency money pumps of $30 billion or so.

By June 2008, the Fed had done this 14 times to the tune of $200+ billion. Then came the $700 billion bailout in November 2008.

So by the end of 2008, the Fed had put in nearly $1 trillion in capital to the markets....

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Hanging Bag Ceramic Water Filter – Perfect Off-Grid or Camping System Thumbnail

Hanging Bag Ceramic Water Filter – Perfect Off-Grid or Camping System

Posted on Jul 11, 2011 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival – Kevin Hayden

Source: Homespun EnvironmentalTruth Supporter

For the past decade or so, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have been distributing a water purification system based on a “bucket drip” technology using ceramic filter cartridges.  These systems can be used with almost any freshwater source; have excellent purification capabilities, are easy to assemble, require no power and are low cost.  Hundreds of thousands have been deployed in disaster zones and in countries where water borne diseases are rampant.    In advanced countries, ‘preppers’ have been availing themselves of this technology to ensure access to potable water in the event municipal infrastructures “go offline.”

The basic idea of the bucket drip system is simply two containers, one sitting on top of the other, with a ceramic filter device in the middle that turns the contaminated water in the top container into potable water that is collected in the bottom container.  While they purify water extremely well, they are not without their drawbacks: the buckets are bulky, the flow/drip rate is slow, and once assembled, they are difficult to transport.  The upscale versions sold for the preparedness market use stainless steel containers or large, translucent blue plastic buckets and are very expensive, but the principal is exactly the same....

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The Rise of the Barter Economy Thumbnail

The Rise of the Barter Economy

Posted on Jul 06, 2011 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival – Kevin Hayden

Source: Peter Schiff via Lew Rockwell

Imagine a day when you go to buy a quart of milk, ask the price, and the cashier says, “that’ll be a tenth ounce silver.” As the US dollar’s decline accelerates, several efforts around the country are trying to make this vision a reality.

Historically, paying for items in silver or gold was actually quite common. We happen to live in an unusual time and place where generations have grown up trading exclusively in paper. While my parents still used dimes made of silver, we have now gone several decades with no precious metals in any of our official coinage. But this system of money by government fiat is unsustainable.

While the practice of bartering precious metals directly for goods and services has continued on a small-scale over the last few decades, the 2000s saw the beginning of organized efforts to revive gold and silver as money.


One such effort was spearheaded by an eccentric mintmaster from Hawaii named Bernard Von Nothaus. He called his project the Liberty Dollar, and it centered on privately minted gold and silver rounds as well as deposit certificates for precious metals held in his firm’s vaults....

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A Prepper’s View of Independence and the 4th of July Thumbnail

A Prepper’s View of Independence and the 4th of July

Posted on Jul 05, 2011 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Featured Articles – Kevin Hayden

Source: via Activist Post

For many, the 4th of July has traditionally marked the true beginning of summer, often celebrated with family barbeques, lots of beer, a parade and of course, fireworks.  Somewhere along the way – at least for many – the true meaning of the 4th of July has been lost.

Is it any surprise that very few refer to the “4th” – as it is commonly called – as Independence Day? Nope. Not really. But let me begin at the beginning.

The Story Behind Independence Day

Back in the years leading up to 1776, the colonists were feeling the crunch of Great Britain telling them what to do and when, and charging them for the privilege through excessive taxation. People started getting P.O.’d and decided they were sick and tired of the status quo. So, in a nutshell, they decided to tell the King to take a hike. They wanted to become their own independent country, free from the tyranny that had plagued them for years.

The Congress met and appointed a committee to write a formal document that would tell Great Britain that the Americans had decided to govern themselves....

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