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9/11 Commission Chairman: Plane Bomber “Did Us A Favor”

Posted on Jan 04, 2010 in Global & National News

Source: InfoWars

9/11 Commission whitewash chief Thomas Kean told CNN yesterday that the Christmas Day plane bomber “did us a favor,” by allowing Obama to expand the so-called war on terror into Yemen, a startling reminder that the highly suspicious Flight 253 attack served to fulfil pre-determined U.S. geopolitical objectives.

“This guy in some respects looking at it in retrospective probably did us a favor,” Kean told CNN’s State of the Union Sunday talk show, adding that the attempted attack shifted the Obama administration’s attention away from health care and global warming and back to the war on terror.

“We weren’t really focused on Yemen and the terrible things that are happening there. Now we are and that’s a good thing,” said Kean.

“The GOP chairman’s quote raised eyebrows; by his logic, the Sept. 11, 2001 attackers may also have “done us a favor” by drawing US attention to extremism in Afghanistan,” writes Raw Story’s John Byrne.

However, Kean’s implication that Yemen was not a subject of U.S. geopolitical interest before the attempted attack drew attention to the country is completely at odds with the facts....

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FBI Informant Hal Turner; Judge Declares Mistrial (Editorial Attached)

Posted on Dec 08, 2009 in Global & National News

Source: New York Times

A judge declared a mistrial Monday in the case against a New Jersey blogger accused of making death threats against three federal judges in Chicago because they wrote a ruling supporting gun control.

[Hayden’s Note: If you haven’t been following this case, here’s a bit of background info –  Hal Turner is a radio host who leans towards the far right and aggressively talks about defending liberties with borderline violence.  His following largely consists of extremists and white supremecists, among others.  On one of his shows, he said something to the effect of certain “judges need to die…” and subsequently, he was arrested and charged for threatening a judge.  The State contended that he would have known his comments would spark violence towards these judges by members of his listening audience, holding him responsible for the pre-crime of violence.  Well, I don’t like Hal Turner and certainly don’t listen to his program, but from a legal standpoint, the State is presenting a very far fetched, weak case. 

Furthermore, and most importantly – During this investigation and the wide media coverage, it has been discovered that Hal Turner is an FBI asset and has been for a long time. ...

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