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Afghan Mineral Riches Story is More War Propaganda

Posted on Jun 16, 2010 in Featured Articles, Police, Military, & War


Hayden’s Note:

Interview with über elitist Zbigniew Brzezinski added to the end of this article where he admits, “I’d do it again” in regards to creating and provoking the Soviets’ entry into Afghanistan while acting as Carter’s National Security Advisor…

News that the U.S. has suddenly discovered $1 trillion-worth of mineral deposits in Afghanistan, and descriptions of the bounty as a “game changer” by the corporate media, represent nothing more than crude war propaganda designed to reinvigorate public support for a failing and ever more pointless occupation.

The “liberal” New York Times, which previously brought us fantastical stories of WMD in Iraq and yellowcake from Niger, is at it once again, describing huge deposits of minerals in Afghanistan as “previously unknown”.

In a story the Times ran on Sunday, the newspaper pointed to an “internal Pentagon memo” as its source, noting that U.S. officials now believe Afghanistan could become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium”.

The article claims that “a small team of Pentagon officials and American geologists” has also recently discovered huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt and gold, that could transform Afghanistan into one of the most important mining centers in the world....

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Gold Hits Another Record – $1,236 per Oz

Posted on May 11, 2010 in Economic News

Source: APMEX

Hayden’s Note:

take it for what it’s worth, but I simply love getting to post articles about precious metals breaking new records!  I’m invested in mainly silver, as I see it having a better profit, but I also own some physical gold.  If you haven’t thought about precious metals as a hedge against uncertain times, I would strongly suggest educating yourself about it! 

And no, I’m not selling gold or silver products!  This is simply my opinion.

Gold rallies to set new record high ask price $1,236.60 at 2:17 p.m. on Tuesday, May 11, 2010. This news comes on the heels of concerns that the European Union debt rescue package won’t solve the current economic crisis in the region. Silver, the “quiet giant” of the metals market, also saw large gains as the EU debt worries mounted.
Many analysts predicted the surge to new highs in the gold market and many predict even higher prices in near future. Silver enthusiasts are also anticipating similar price increases as it piggybacks on gold’s market gains.
Many people are flocking to gold and silver to protect their assets against inflation and uncertain financial times....

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Ron Paul Talks About Audit the Fed with Lew Rockwell

Posted on May 10, 2010 in Political Issues

Source: Lew Rockwell Show

Congressman Paul, long the leader in American public life for sound money, sound banking, and the free market, talks about the progress of his Audit the Fed bill – and why the Fed, the Treasury, and the banksters fear it. He also discusses the crisis in Europe and especially Greece, and the Fed’s sinister and secret role. We know why the Fed wants its secrets kept safe from the American people, about what banks and other institutions it bails out by printing new money. But why do they so fiercely resist a physical audit of the gold at Ft. Knox and the vaults of the NY Fed? What are they hiding? Did far more US gold flow overseas under LBJ and Nixon than is admitted? Has some or all of the remaining gold been sold, though it is still physically in the US? Ron Paul, and all of us, wants some answers.

Click Here to listen to Ron Paul’s interview on the Lew Rockwell Show...

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Why Are Silver Sales Soaring? Thumbnail

Why Are Silver Sales Soaring?

Posted on Apr 11, 2010 in Economic News

Source: Zero Hedge

The U.S. Mint just reported another record, but this time it wasn’t for gold. The Mint sold more Silver Eagles in March and in the first quarter of the year than ever before. A total of 9,023,500 American Silver Eagles were purchased in Q110, the highest amount since the coin debuted in 1986.

While this is certainly bullish, there’s something potentially more potent developing in the background. Namely, how this matches up with U.S. silver production. Like gold, the U.S. Mint only manufactures Eagles from domestic production. And U.S. mine production for silver is about 40 million ounces. In other words, we just reached the point where virtually all U.S. silver production is going toward the manufacturing of Silver Eagles.


This is especially explosive when you consider that roughly 40% of all silver is used for industrial applications, 30% for jewelry, 20% for photography and other uses, and only 5% or so for coins and medals.

To be sure, mine production is not the only source of silver. In 2009, approximately 52.9 million ounces were recovered from various sources of scrap....

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Gordon Brown Must Explain Why He Sold Britain’s Gold Reserves

Posted on Mar 24, 2010 in Economic News

Source: Daily Telegraph / Yahoo

Gordon Brown has been ordered to release information before the general election about his controversial decision to sell Britain’s gold reserves.

The decision to sell the gold taken by Mr Brown when he was Chancellor is regarded as one of the Treasury’s worst financial mistakes and has cost taxpayers almost £7 billion.

Mr Brown and the Treasury have repeatedly refused to disclose information about the gold sale amid allegations that warnings were ignored.

Following a series of freedom of information requests from The Daily Telegraph over the past four years, the Information Commissioner has ordered the Treasury to release some details. The Treasury must publish the information demanded within 35 calendar days by the end of April.

The sale is expected to be become a major election issue, casting light on Mr Brown’s decisions while at the Treasury.

Last night, George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, demanded that the information was published immediately. ” Gordon Brown ‘s decision to sell off our gold reserves at the bottom of the market cost the British taxpayer billions of pounds,” he said....

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Pondering Our Collapse While Watching Others Fall Thumbnail

Pondering Our Collapse While Watching Others Fall

Posted on Mar 11, 2010 in Economic News, Featured Articles

Source: Bob Chapman
The International Forecaster


Every important factor we see is working against the dollar and we believe that trend is irreversible. That means the present dollar rally probably cannot endure and it could well be the time to short the USDX.

Most observers discuss Europe’s problems and the plight of the euro, pound, and the Danish and Swedish koronas. They believe these European currencies will plunge lower versus the dollar and that the dollar will maintain, even after a dollar rally from 74 to 81 on the USDX. As we have said before the euro was unnatural creation born of a desire to usher in a world currency. As we shall see in the future the euro will fail. In spite of that the dollar is certainly no bargain, because next year America will be totally bankrupt. As a result of the terrible conditions among currencies, gold makes great gains. Last year and so far this year gold is up 10% to 24% against many major currencies. This kind of action of course proves again that gold is the world’s strongest currency....

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Gold Nanoparticles and Lasers Kill the Brain Parasite That Causes “Crazy Cat Lady” Syndrome Thumbnail

Gold Nanoparticles and Lasers Kill the Brain Parasite That Causes “Crazy Cat Lady” Syndrome

Posted on Mar 09, 2010 in Health, Food News, & Big Pharma

Source: Cosmos Magazine

Toxoplasmosis, a common food- and pet-borne illness linked to hallucinations, personality alteration, and, since it’s often carried by house pets, the stereotype of the crazy cat lady, infects around 15 percent of the US population. Luckily, a new technique that traps the parasite with gold nanoparticles, and then zaps them with lasers, should help ease the $7.7 billion the disease costs America every year. 

The treatment, developed at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, uses gold nanoparticles that attach to toxoplasmid-hunting antibodies. The gold carrying-antibodies then spread through the circulatory system, affixing themselves to parasites in the blood.

Once the gold particles are well distributed and widely attached to the parasite, the laser heats up the gold, incinerating the parasites. According to the researchers, the laser could be tuned to the so-called “tissue window”, a wavelength of light to which the human body appears transparent. That way, the laser can pass harmlessly through the skin, burning up the parasites along the way.

The researchers don’t want to just stop at toxoplasmosis, either. If this technique works on one parasite, than malaria, another blood-infecting parasite, should also be susceptible to the same laser annihilation....

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America’s Impending Master Class Dictatorship

Posted on Mar 09, 2010 in Economic News

Source: Kitco

FOREWORD: At certain times, focusing on the big picture is important not just for investment success, but for personal welfare, and even survival. We believe such times are here. It is estimated that 98% of Americans have never held a gold coin in their hands. Yet 100% of Americans regularly handle Federal Reserve Notes. From a contrarian standpoint, the financial message from those two statistics is clear. Even so, gold is much more than money or an investment medium; it stands for liberty and throughout history has facilitated escape and ensured freedom. Never having touched a gold coin is the monetary equivalent to never having breathed fresh air, felt the warmth of sunshine, looked up at the stars or risen from the gutter. Fiat Federal Reserve Notes are becoming nothing more than sewage decomposing in the vast, toxic septic tank of predatory Washington politics, epic Federal Reserve arrogance and error, blatant Wall Street fraud and outright Master Class plunder. Below, we outline America’s troubling and compounding predicament, and urge you to think about how to protect yourself from its consequences, both financially and personally....

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Ten Commandments for Buying Silver & Gold

Posted on Mar 01, 2010 in Economic News


Ten Commandments For Buying Gold & Silver :

I.  Always take delivery

II.  Never buy premium if you can avoid it.

III.  Buy bullion for business, numismatics for fun.

IV.  Buy silver first, then gold.

V.  Buy small gold first, then large.

VI.  Never buy exotic coins or modern rarities or anything you don’t understand.

VII.  Know your dealer.

VIII.  What governments can’t find, they can’t steal.

IX.  Never swap bullion coins for U.S. $20 gold pieces.

X.  Never break the law.

Four Bullion Portfolios & FAQ

Please note that our recommendations vary depending on your concerns and the market.

If you want to invest in gold and silver to protect your assets and have something easily divisible and spendable in the event to hedge currency depreciation or collapse, then:

v    If you have $5,000 or less to spend

  • At least half in silver – either US 90% silver coin or 1oz. Silver Rounds
  • half in British Sovereigns, French 20 Francs, or 1/4 oz. American Eagles. (All references to “ounces” below mean troy ounces of 480 grains or 31.1034 grams).

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Gold Breaks $1,200 Thumbnail

Gold Breaks $1,200

Posted on Dec 01, 2009 in Economic News

article_gold_newspaper_1200Gold continues to make new record highs, having just broken through the $1,200.00 per ounce barrier. This news comes on the heels of last week’s announcement that the U.S. Mint has suspended sales of 2009 Gold American Eagle and Silver American Eagle coins due to unprecedented public demand.
Many analysts have already predicted the surge past $1,200.00 and still others are predicting that gold could go as high as $1,500.00 per ounce very soon.  A number of factors, including news about the Dubai World debt restructuring and a weakened U.S. Dollar, are driving this surge in the gold spot price.

“November 2009 was a golden month. Gold prices have risen more than 34% in 2009 so far – Since the start of November, prices have risen steadily.” –


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Gold hits $1,101.27 – Another New Record! Thumbnail

Gold hits $1,101.27 – Another New Record!

Posted on Nov 06, 2009 in Economic News

Gold prices crept past the $1,100 mark earlier today for the first time in history, peaking at $1,101.27 and settling around the $1,097 mark (which is still higher than yesterday’s record!)

Price of Gold

 This rise in gold prices was triggered by reports today from the U.S. Labor Department that the nation’s unemployment rate rose more than expected last month to 10.2%. This was the highest rise in unemployment since April 1983 and was 0.3% higher than economists had originally forecast.  High unemployment, coupled with the continued decline of the U.S. Dollar, has fueled Gold’s attractiveness to already concerned U.S. investors.


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Gold Surges to All-Time High; $1,096 – Updated!

Posted on Nov 03, 2009 in Economic News

Prices settle near $1,096 an ounce / spot price on Wednesday after setting a record the day before at $1,086.


December gold jumped $10.10 to $1,095 an ounce, after hitting an all-time trading high of $1,096.20 an ounce earlier in the session. On Tuesday, gold closed at a record $1,084.90 an ounce.

By Ben Rooney, staff writer

Last Updated: November 3, 2009: 3:04 PM ET

NEW YORK ( — Gold prices surged to a record high Tuesday after the International Monetary Fund said it had sold 200 metric tons of the precious metal to India’s central bank.

November gold rose $30.90 to settle at $1,084.90 an ounce, after climbing to a high of $1,085.20. The previous intraday record was set Oct. 13, when gold rose to $1,069.70 an ounce.


Gold prices were also supported by news that Barrick Gold Corp. (ABX) bought back 1 million ounces of gold in its hedge book during October.

The mining company said Monday it expects to unwind its remaining gold hedges, totaling 1.9 million ounces, by September 2010.

The rally came despite a slightly stronger U.S....

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