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If I Wanted America to Fail – Hayden’s Note

Posted on Apr 28, 2012 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts, Economic News, Federal Reserve & Bankers, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

“The environmental agenda has been infected by extremism—it’s become an economic suicide pact.”

While I enjoyed this video, I was wholly saddened by the fact that it, too, has a strong agenda and seems to have large pocketbooks behind it.  I noticed they didn’t mention US foreign policy ONCE, nor did they mention the damage that the Federal Reserve has done.  All in all, it’s a short video and worth watching, but as I always say, “Question Everything.”

Everyone has an agenda, and it is often times hard to see past the dazzling camera effects, feigned sincerity, and keyword emphasis, but keep your mind sharp and you’ll see through it every time.


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Red Cross on Standby for Chicago Evacuation Due to Civil Unrest, “National Security Incident”

Posted on Apr 26, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Global & National News

Kevin Hayden –

Source: CBS

Is there a secret plan to evacuate some residents of Chicago in the event of major trouble during the NATO summit next month? CBS 2 has uncovered some evidence that there is. It comes from the Milwaukee area branch of the American Red Cross.

CBS 2 News has obtained a copy of a Red Cross e-mail sent to volunteers in the Milwaukee area.

It said the NATO summit “may create unrest or another national security incident. The American Red Cross in southeastern Wisconsin has been asked to place a number of shelters on standby in the event of evacuation of Chicago.”

According to a chapter spokesperson, “Our direction has come from the City of Chicago and the Secret Service.”

Hayden’s Note:

Perhaps they are merely covering their bases should something bad occur, but I find it awfully peculiar given the Fed’s dismal track record of preparedness, disaster response, and contingency planning.


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Raw Food, the Primal Lifestyle, and 10 Steps to Revolutionize Your Nutrition Thumbnail

Raw Food, the Primal Lifestyle, and 10 Steps to Revolutionize Your Nutrition

Posted on Apr 12, 2012 in Health, Food News, & Big Pharma

Kevin Hayden –

Originally published Sept 16, 2011

If you are unfamiliar with the “Primal Diet” or “Paleo” meal idea, the best way I can describe it would be doing away with the refined carbs, the grains, the sugar and the like.  Raw foodism is very similar – a lifestyle that promotes the consumption of uncooked, unprocessed, and often organic foods as a large percentage of the diet.  The Primal food-style adds a lot of quality grass-fed and organic animal meats and healthy fats.

Ask yourself, “What would a caveman have access to?”  Certainly not modern farming techniques and a never-ending supply of GMO corn and wheat.  Certainly not mass quantities of bleached starches and monosodium glutamate.  The human body has been constantly evolving for millions of years and it is an incredible machine when fed fuel that it is geared for.  You don’t put Kool-Aid in your truck and expect it to run very well because it’s not designed for it.  Likewise, the human body is not designed nor adapted to operate efficiently to the Westernized surge in cereal grains, refined pastries, chemically preserved snacks, excess fiber, and lots of alcohol (also mostly grain)....

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DHS & Obama to Grant Illegal Aliens “Unlawful Presence Waivers” – Hayden’s Note

Posted on Apr 04, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Police, Military, & War, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Judicial Watch

In its quest to implement stealth amnesty, the Obama Administration is working behind the scenes to halt the deportation of certain illegal immigrants by granting them “unlawful presence waivers.”

Hayden’s Note:

As a police officer, I was instructed by the New Orleans Mayor’s Office, via the Superintendent of Police, to stop arresting illegal aliens that I encountered during traffic stops. I was warned several times, with each subsequent warning more stern until a suspension was threatened and a General Order issued from Police Headquarters barring any officer from future arrests of illegal aliens.

However, in Louisiana, it is a criminal act to operate a motor vehicle without a lawful presence within the United States. New Orleans has always been the test-bed for future political experiments and Homeland Security, police-state funding.

The new measure would apply to illegal aliens who are relatives of American citizens. Here is how it would work, according to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announcement posted in today’s Federal Register, the daily journal of the U.S. government; the agency will grant “unlawful presence waivers” to illegal aliens who can prove they have a relative that’s a U.S.


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ATK Wins DHS Ammunition Contract for 450 Million Rounds – Hayden’s Note Attached

Posted on Apr 02, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Police, Military, & War

Kevin Hayden –

Source: ATK Press Release

ATK announced that it is being awarded an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) agreement from the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS, ICE) for .40 caliber ammunition. This contract features a base of 12 months, includes four option years, and will have a maximum volume of 450 million rounds.

Hayden’s Note:

While I have little data to compare this to, I’m not entirely sure why Homeland Security would need 450 million rounds for four years. The main divisions that this contract is aimed at is ICE and Border Patrol.  ICE employs roughly 20,000 personnel (this includes office workers, admins, etc) with about 8,500 of these being investigative agents. The US Border Patrol also employs roughly 20,000 agents, so collectively, let’s just say we’re talking about 50,000 gun- carrying employees (which is far higher than reality).

Each agent carries a weapon that can hold roughly 15 rounds of .40 ammunition, with two more magazines on their belt for a total of 45.  This equates to about 2.25 million rounds to arm every single employee of ICE and Border Patrol.


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Supreme Court Rules Human Genes Can Not be Patented

Posted on Mar 27, 2012 in Health, Food News, & Big Pharma, Science & Technology

Kevin Hayden –

Source: AP

The Supreme Court on Monday threw out a lower court ruling allowing human genes to be patented, a topic of enormous interest to cancer researchers, patients and drug makers.

Hayden’s Note:

Is it just me, or has there been a plethora of “wins!” lately when it comes to food freedom, Big Pharma, and personal health?  Not all is doom and gloom!  I would like to think that we are slowly turning back the tide…bit by bit.

The court overturned patents belonging to Myriad Genetics Inc. of Salt Lake City on two genes linked to increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Myriad’s BRACAnalysis test looks for mutations on the breast cancer predisposition gene, or BRCA. Those mutations are associated with much greater risks of breast and ovarian cancer.

The American Civil Liberties Union has been arguing that genes couldn’t be patented, a position taken by a district court judge but overturned on appeal.

The justices’ decision sends the case back down for a continuation of the battle between the scientists who believe that genes carrying the secrets of life should not be exploited for commercial gain and companies that argue that a patent is a reward for years of expensive research that moves science forward....

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Doomsday Executive Order or Govt Preparedness? Either Way, It’s Tyrannical

Posted on Mar 20, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Economic News, Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Police, Military, & War, Political Issues, Urban Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Kevin Hayden –

Source: SHTF Plan by Mac Slavo

“In a nutshell, it’s the blueprint for Peacetime Martial Law and it gives the president the power to take just about anything deemed necessary for “National Defense”, whatever they decide that is.” (The Intel Hub)

While millions of people have been preparing for the possibility of a catastrophic event by relocating to rural homesteads or farms, as well as stockpiling food, water, personal defense armaments and other essential supplies with the intention of utilizing these preparations if the worst happens, the latest executive order signed by President Obama on March 16, 2012 makes clear that in the event of a nationally deemed emergency all of these resources will fall under the authority of the United States government.

Hayden’s Counterpoint:

While I find this EO to be interesting, and most certainly enjoy the work of Activist Post, Intel Hub, and SHTF Plan, I must agree with Doug Mataconis on this matter:

It all sounds pretty scary, and it wasn’t long before the usual suspects were citing this as evidence of some kind of plan for martial law, just as there were people on the left and far-right in asserting that George Bush was going to declare martial law and cancel the elections in 2004 and 2008.


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US Soldier Executes 16 Civilians, Burns Bodies – PTSD or Mind Control?

Posted on Mar 12, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Police, Military, & War

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Reuters

The massacre of 16 villagers by a U.S. soldier triggered angry calls from Afghans for an immediate American exit even as the Obama administration vowed on Monday that the killings would not alter U.S. plans for the war.

Hayden’s Note:

The gist of this article is this; a soldier went off the deep end, and walked over a mile from his base in order to massacre 16 civilians, including small children.  He then dragged all the bodies into one room and set them on fire.  Mind control?  PTSD?  Simply evil?  Who knows… but there has been a strange frequency of events that turn the locals into mobs.  

Just days before Sunday’s attack, Kabul and Washington had made significant progress in negotiations on a strategic partnership agreement that would allow American advisers and special forces to stay in Afghanistan after most foreign combat troops leave at the end of 2014.

But securing a full deal may be far more difficult now after a U.S. Army staff sergeant walked off his base in the southern province of Kandahar in the middle of night and gunned down at least 16 villagers, mostly women and children....

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‘Plan for an Economic 9/11’: Analysts Warn to Buy Guns and Gold, Expect Market Crash and Street Riots

Posted on Mar 06, 2012 in Economic News, Emergency Preparedness & Survival

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Daily Mail by MARK DUELL

Just when you thought unemployment was dropping and stock markets were surging back, these three analysts today sent out a stark warning to Americans to brace for another financial crash.

Hayden’s Note:

….And this is a surprise?  I’ve written about this very topic for years now.  It’s painfully obvious to anyone paying attention that there will be another financial crash.  As for when, and the severity, is anyone’s guess.  Investing in tangibles, making long-term preparedness plans, and enjoying life is all you can do at the moment, so why get stressed out about it?

Trend forecaster Gerald Celente advises buying a gun to protect your family, stocking up on gold if the dollar crashes and planning a getaway, so it’s no shock he’s preparing for an ‘economic 9/11’.

Share prices and unemployment are posting their best figures in four years since the recession hit, but Mr Celente, along with authors Harry Dent and Robert Prechter, says the rebound won’t last.

All three were profiled in a USA Today feature on Monday....

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Libya v2.0: US to Establish “Aerial Blockade” on Syria, Shelling Should Begin Shortly

Posted on Feb 26, 2012 in Police, Military, & War

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Ynet News

The Pentagon is readying for the possibility of intervention in Syria, aiming to halt Syrian President Bashsar Assad’s violent crackdown on protesters, the newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported Saturday, citing a US military offical.

Hayden’s Note:

Also of interest – I’ve heard various reports of troops readying for deployment to Kuwait in preparation for an intervention (pre-emptive, aggressive war) in Iran.  It would seem to me that we will likely see major conflict involving Iran before June.  When Iran is backed into a corner, they will lash out. We currently have 48+ bases surrounding their country.  What else do you expect?

According to the official, the intervention scenario calls for the establishment of a buffer zone on the Turkish border, in order to receive Syrian refugees. The Red Cross would then provide the civilians humanitarian aid, before NATO crews would arrive from Turkey and join the efforts.

The measure would pave the way for the US to declare an aerial blockade on Syria. (Another “no-fly zone?” Libya 2.0)The intercession is to be modeled after NATO’s efforts in Kosovo, which brought an end to the Serbian control of the region.


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Monsanto’s Bt Corn on the Cob to Be Sold at Wal-Mart With No Indication It’s Genetically Modified Thumbnail

Monsanto’s Bt Corn on the Cob to Be Sold at Wal-Mart With No Indication It’s Genetically Modified

Posted on Feb 21, 2012 in Health, Food News, & Big Pharma

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Natural News

Most of the genetically-modified (GM) corn products forced on American consumers today are hidden in processed foods in the form of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), corn oil, corn starch, and various other corn-based additives.

But soon to be available at a Walmart near you is Monsanto’s Bt sweet corn, the agri-giant’s first ever GM corn product made available to consumers as whole ears right on the cob in the produce section– and like with all other GMOs, neither Walmart nor Monsanto has any intention of labeling this new “Frankencorn.”

Hayden’s Note:

I urge you to research the dangers of genetically modified foods. I have written countless articles on the topic.  With that being said, this move will further obfuscate and confuse consumers regarding the severity of GMOs.  For those few people out there who buy corn from the produce section in order to avoid BPA exposure from cans, or perhaps believe that the corn is better for you as a raw, unprocessed “produce item,” you’re in for a world of cancer and they won’t even give you a courtesy warning.  ...

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Italian Police Seize $6 Trillion of Fake US Treasury Bonds Thumbnail

Italian Police Seize $6 Trillion of Fake US Treasury Bonds

Posted on Feb 17, 2012 in Economic News, Federal Reserve & Bankers

Kevin Hayden –

Source: MSNBC

Italian police said on Friday they had seized about $6 trillion of fake U.S. Treasury bonds in Switzerland, and issued arrest warrants for eight people accused of international fraud and other financial crimes.

Hayden’s Note:

Stop for a minute and just think about what $6 trillion worth of Treasury bonds could do to our Dollar.  And if this was recently “caught,” think about how many forged Treasury Bonds have gone unnoticed?  How long has this been going on?  Who’s directing them?  If these were dumped onto the market, even in a slow, steady trickle, it would kill the US Dollar in short order. 

Hayden’s Note II:

I am doing a lot more research into this tonight and will be providing an update tomorrow on this topic.  This is a deep, deep rabbit hole.  These bonds might have been genuine.

The operation, co-ordinated by prosecutors from the southern Italian city of Potenza, was carried out by Italian and Swiss authorities after a year-long investigation, an Italian police source said.

The fake securities, more than a third of U.S....

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Former Police Officer Talks with Adam Kokesh – Corruption, War on Drugs, and Ron Paul

Posted on Jan 06, 2012 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts, Police, Military, & War

Kevin Hayden –

An interview with Adam Kokesh, of Adam vs The Man, on the topic of police corruption, Ron Paul, and the message of Liberty.

Not sure why the brightness is so distorted.  The video feed looked fine on my end during the interview....

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Why I Resigned from the Police Department

Posted on Jan 06, 2012 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts, Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Police, Military, & War

Kevin Hayden –

I wrote this blog entry on my MySpace page in 2009 after I resigned from the police department.  I kept it mostly private or “Friends Only.”  I figure now would be a good time as any to share it again with my readers here at TruthisTreason.  I’ve received several emails recently asking about my police service, especially after being interviewed about police corruption on Adam vs The Man.  Furthermore, I was interviewed last year on a joint PBS Frontline, ProPublica, and Times Picayune documentary entitled, “Law & Disorder.”


Friday, January 16, 2009

Why I resigned from the Police Dept.
Category: Blogging

I know many of you are wondering why I resigned from the New Orleans Police Dept. so abruptly.  Some have asked me if I was under criminal investigation, or similar.  Some have asked me if I’ve lost my mind; if I was ‘okay’ or needed some help.

The answer is a resounding NO.

I resigned, in part, due to my frustrations with a system built around obvious and inherent problems.  I finally said ‘enough is enough’ when I woke up one day and could truly see this department for what it really was and how most police officers turn a blind eye to the injustices occurring at their very own hands. ...

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Massive Expansion of TSA Checkpoints and VIPER Teams Thumbnail

Massive Expansion of TSA Checkpoints and VIPER Teams

Posted on Dec 27, 2011 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Constitutional & Liberty Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Congress will soon be signing a bill allowing additional funding for a large expansion of TSA checkpoints soon.  Yes, checkpoints.  No longer are the TSA relegated to the lowly airport, as 25 teams have been roving the country side conducting highway checkpoints, setting up shop at bus terminals, sporting events, and even a high school prom.  Congress apparently feels as though you aren’t being reminded on a daily basis that you live in an ever-increasing police state, so they want to add twelve more “Viper Teams” to the roster.

Just this past weekend, I was introduced to just how invasive the new “pat downs” are at the airport after “opting-out” of the naked body scanner.   The TSA agent advised me before starting, “I have to run my hand up your thigh until I meet resistance, both front and back.”  I replied, “Uhh, resistance?  Like my pelvic bone?”  He laughed and said, “Exactly.  Ready?”

I was left conflicted and slightly amused; should I leave my phone number or demand he buy me dinner and a drink first?...

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