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Did Putin Quietly Play the Debt Card Over Syria? Thumbnail

Did Putin Quietly Play the Debt Card Over Syria?

Posted on Sep 29, 2013 in Economic News, Federal Reserve & Bankers, Global & National News, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Truth Contributor Ron Holland

“They are living beyond their means and shifting a part of the weight of their problems to the world economy. They are living like parasites off the global economy and their monopoly of the dollar. If [in America] there is a systemic malfunction, this will affect everyone. Countries like Russia and China hold a significant part of their reserves in American securities. There should be other reserve currencies.” – Vladimir Putin in 2011

While I hate to give such praise to a foreign leader, Putin has undoubtedly run rings around the moribund and bureaucratic incompetence of the Laurel and Hardy-style Obama and Kerry team on Syria. Putin diplomatically has the swiftness and stealth of the South’s Stonewall Jackson and Germany’s Erwin Rommel, probably the two greatest military commanders in world history.

What Really Happened on the Night of Friday, August 30th?

“At one point last week in the charade known as ‘the Syria peace negotiations’, John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, announced solemnly, ‘This is not a game.’ Well, he was wrong there....

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Marine Corps Colonel: “We’re building a domestic army” – Hayden’s Note Thumbnail

Marine Corps Colonel: “We’re building a domestic army” – Hayden’s Note

Posted on Aug 16, 2013 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Police, Military, & War

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Concord, NH, City Council Meeting

I’ve been saying this since September, 2005, when I was a New Orleans Police Officer. I saw the incrementalism then and spoke out against it, and I now see it moving full steam ahead eight years later.

In several phone conversations with readers, friends, and like-minded thinkers, I explained, in detail, how the Federal Government was using New Orleans as a “test bed” for militarization of domestic law enforcement. After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, I pointed out that the Feds were coaxing local, county, and state governments into getting in lock-step. They offered millions of dollars for departments to purchase new uniforms – but only in midnight navy blue – as well as offering fleets of new vehicles, as long as they followed Fed guidelines for certain markings and lights, as well as massive caches of new weapons and Homeland Security-approved radios. Sure, it’s great for interoperability… but with that carrot on the stick comes a price. It comes attached with a new attitude, a new perspective, and a new master....

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Hayden’s Headlines: Revolution Pilot Episode, TSA Brain-Freezes, and Poultry Houses of the Uber-Wealthy

Posted on Sep 27, 2012 in Mainstream Media & Programming

Hayden’s Headlines: Audit the Fed, NOPD, Fluoride, GMO Apples

Posted on Jul 26, 2012 in Global & National News, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Here are a few of the top headlines for the past several days! Enjoy and keep sending me emails, original articles, and links!

Ron Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill has Passed the House by Veto-Proof Majority

Congressman Ron Paul’s H.R. 459, the Audit the Fed bill, has passed the House by a vote of 327-98 – a veto-proof majority.

Now we call upon the Senate to take up S. 202, as we look to turn this long-overdue, common-sense audit into law.

10 Reasons Why Building a Community is Key When the SHTF

Hey, Mr. Obama Liberals: Prescription drugs kill 6200% more Americans than homicidal shootings

New Orleans Police Promise to Clean Up (Yeah, right.)

Barrels of Human Fetuses Found In Russian Forest

*** U.S. Government Health Journal: Fluoride Lowers IQ ***

Genetically Modified Apples Newest GMO Creation to be Pushed on Consumers


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Active Shooter at Colorado Theater – Hayden’s Note on the Mockingbird Media, Gun Bans, and Globalists

Posted on Jul 20, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts, Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Global & National News, Police, Military, & War, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: PoliceOne

A former medical student in a gas mask barged into a crowded Denver-area theater during a midnight showing of the Batman movie on Friday, hurled a gas canister and then opened fire, killing 12 people and injuring at least 50 others in one of the deadliest mass shootings in recent U.S. history.

When the smoke began to spread, some moviegoers thought it was a stunt that was part of the “The Dark Knight Rises,” one of the most highly anticipated films of the summer. They saw a silhouette of a person in the haze near the screen, first pointing a gun at the crowd and then shooting.

Hayden’s Note:

I have spoken at length regarding active shooters, including Hillary Clinton and other members of various alphabet agencies warning that the next major blow to America would be a gunman.  I have gone into detail regarding Mumbai-style shooters, who are heavily armed, have some training, and opening fire at malls, theaters, and other crowded, soft-targets.  You can bet your next paycheck that with all of the media stories about the ATF, AG Eric Holder, Fast and Furious, the United Nations’ Small Arms Treaty, and more, this administration, and the Globalists, including the mockingbird media, will seize the opportunity and capitalize on these tragedies.


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ATF, Obama, Fast and Furious: Don’t Care if Grenades Explode and Kill

Posted on May 03, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Police, Military, & War, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Daily Caller

In a shocking development in the Operation Fast and Furious investigation, documents show Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents allowed grenade parts to walk into Mexico in addition to guns.

The emails also show Obama administration officials acknowledging that they may lose track of grenades but would still be able to accomplish their original objective even if the grenades explode.

“Even in a post blast, as long as the safety lever is recovered we will be able to identify these tagged grenades,” an official wrote in one email.

According to an internal email that was provided to Congress by the Department of Justice and first reported by CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson — who’s been the media’s most dogged reporter in tracking down facts on Fast and Furious – ATF began watching accused smuggler Jean Baptiste Kingery’s AK-47 purchases in 2004. In the 2009 internal ATF email, Obama administration officials admitted they believed Kingery was “trafficking them into Mexico.”

The 2009 email shows the ATF officials had then become aware of Kingery’s alleged grenade trafficking....

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State Dept Claims ‘War on Terror is Over’ – So Can We Get Rid of the Police State?

Posted on Apr 25, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Police, Military, & War

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Natural News

In an astonishing bit of unexpected news, a senior State Department official has announced, “The war on terror is over.” This stems from the idea, reports the National Journal, that, “it is no longer the case, in other words, that every Islamist is seen as a potential accessory to terrorists.”

That same official continues, “Now that we have killed most of al Qaida, now that people have come to see legitimate means of expression, people who once might have gone into al Qaida see an opportunity for a legitimate Islamism.”

This is great news, isn’t it? If the “War on Terror” is over, then we can repeal and reverse all the ridiculous police state laws that were put in place to protect us from terrorism… right?

I mean, can we now fire the TSA? They were only put in place after the “terror” attacks on 9/11. If the war on terror is over, the TSA is no longer needed (even if you assume they were effective at all, which they weren’t).

Can we now repeal the Patriot Act which was passed out of an urgency to defend America from terrorists?...

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Doomsday Executive Order or Govt Preparedness? Either Way, It’s Tyrannical

Posted on Mar 20, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Economic News, Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Police, Military, & War, Political Issues, Urban Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Kevin Hayden –

Source: SHTF Plan by Mac Slavo

“In a nutshell, it’s the blueprint for Peacetime Martial Law and it gives the president the power to take just about anything deemed necessary for “National Defense”, whatever they decide that is.” (The Intel Hub)

While millions of people have been preparing for the possibility of a catastrophic event by relocating to rural homesteads or farms, as well as stockpiling food, water, personal defense armaments and other essential supplies with the intention of utilizing these preparations if the worst happens, the latest executive order signed by President Obama on March 16, 2012 makes clear that in the event of a nationally deemed emergency all of these resources will fall under the authority of the United States government.

Hayden’s Counterpoint:

While I find this EO to be interesting, and most certainly enjoy the work of Activist Post, Intel Hub, and SHTF Plan, I must agree with Doug Mataconis on this matter:

It all sounds pretty scary, and it wasn’t long before the usual suspects were citing this as evidence of some kind of plan for martial law, just as there were people on the left and far-right in asserting that George Bush was going to declare martial law and cancel the elections in 2004 and 2008.


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US Troops March in Formation to White House in Support of Ron Paul Thumbnail

US Troops March in Formation to White House in Support of Ron Paul

Posted on Feb 20, 2012 in Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Police, Military, & War, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

It is estimated that over 400 US troops marched in formation to the White House in order to show solidarity and support for Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.  The formation then turned its back on the White House and held a salute for as many seconds as there has been military suicides under President Obama.

When it comes to campaign donations, Ron Paul receives more donations from the military than all other Republican candidates combined.

The march, Veterans for Ron Paul, was organized by former Marine veterans Adam Kokesh and Nathan Cox.


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Obama Appoints Carlyle Group Member to Federal Reserve Board Thumbnail

Obama Appoints Carlyle Group Member to Federal Reserve Board

Posted on Dec 27, 2011 in Federal Reserve & Bankers

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Activist Post – Hayden’s Note at end

While on vacation in Hawaii (again?), Obama tapped Jerome Powell to serve on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

Powel served as the undersecretary for finance under President George H. W. Bush and was a partner of The Carlyle Group.  The Carlyle Group is a massive private equity firm and one of the largest defense contractors in the world.

They’re made up of some of the most influential policymakers over the last five administrations including both Bush presidents, former Secretary of State James Baker III, former Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci, former Clinton Chief of Staff Mack McLarty, and former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt to name a few.

Hayden’s Note:

Frank Carlucci, former Sec. of Defense, was also on the Board of Directors for Westinghouse and CBS, where he controlled a massive source of media, nuclear power plants, electric companies, and can sway public opinion.  Now he’s a top dog at the Federal Reserve.  Wonderful.  Here’s a brief rundown of CBS, from my article, Breakdown of Where Your News Comes From:


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Leading Headlines Thumbnail

Leading Headlines

Posted on Oct 25, 2011 in Global & National News
Occupy Wall Street Protests Mostly Full of Useful Idiot Communists and Socialists Thumbnail

Occupy Wall Street Protests Mostly Full of Useful Idiot Communists and Socialists

Posted on Oct 03, 2011 in Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Economic News

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Lee Rogers via

It is becoming increasingly clear that the people who are taking part in the much publicized Occupy Wall Street protests are mostly a bunch of useful idiots promoting communist and socialist ideologies.  Even multi-millionaire propagandist Michael Moore and a myriad of rich Hollywood celebrities have come out supporting the cause of these protests indicating that the establishment has an interest in steering the direction and outcome of what is taking place.  This is one of the most obvious cases of controlled opposition that we have ever seen where the protesters are actually endorsing the collectivist ideologies that benefit the wealthy elite.  Communist and socialist ideolgies when put into practice have historically done nothing but centralize power and wealth in the hands of a few people as seen in the cases of the Soviet Union and China in the 20th century.

Most of these useful idiots protesters know absolutely nothing about how the global financial system works and know less than nothing about the central banking systems of the world.  Central banks like the Federal Reserve System and the European Central Bank have been setup by design to implement a debt based monetary system that has been used to turn the vast majority of people into debt slaves. ...

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The Economic Shredding Machine Thumbnail

The Economic Shredding Machine

Posted on Sep 20, 2011 in Economic News

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Economic Prism – M.N. Gordon, Truth Contributor

Falling Flat on its Face

Like the U.S. Treasury, President Obama’s recent jobs proposal is bankrupt.  Quite frankly, we weren’t counting on much.  But that doesn’t mean we still weren’t disappointed by its burdensome emptiness.

The most remarkable thing about the President’s latest jobs creation plan has nothing to do with the actual substance – or lack thereof – included in the initiative.  To the contrary, it’s the idea behind it that’s most noteworthy.  In short, the President actually believes the government can use borrowed money to stimulate the economy. 
If this were true, the trillions of dollars already spent would have produced an epic boom and job creation renaissance.  By this point in the recovery, unemployment would be down and opportunities would be abundant.  Obviously, none of these things have taken place.  Instead, according to a recent Bloomberg National Poll, only 9 percent of the population is confident the economy won’t slide back into recession.

The government, as we’ve seen, is extraordinarily capable of spending boat loads of borrowed money. ...

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Martial Law, Economic Meltdown & Executive Orders

Posted on Aug 28, 2011 in Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Featured Articles, Federal Reserve & Bankers, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –


Originally written Oct 18, 2010 @ 06:40

We have all watched in predicted horror as the financial infrastructure of America has been disassembled in a predetermined fashion by the likes of Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve and other Globalists.  There are a variety of reasons why this is happening, none of which we have the power to change or alter in time to save us.  Therefore, I will focus on what is to come and how we might handle it in order to survive it.

With the Federal Reserve actually suggesting that inflation might be the cure to the weak economy, massive unemployment numbers and a crashing dollar, one has to stop and ponder.  The chairman of the Fed, Ben Bernanke, was a child prodigy, scored a near perfect SAT score, focused his studies around the Great Depression and is a statistical genius.  So why is he so willing to abuse the Dollar and essentially sign the death warrant for America?

For several years, many prominent people have been predicting this exact scenario.  Gerald Celente, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and others including the Web Bots Project, have detailed how this orchestrated financial implosion will occur. ...

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Obama: Extending Unemployment Benefits Will “Create Jobs Right Now” – Hayden’s Note

Posted on Aug 05, 2011 in Political Issues – Kevin Hayden

Source: Real Clear Politics

The President of the United States: “So, when Congress gets back in September, I want to move quickly on things that will help the economy create jobs right now. Extending the payroll tax credit to put a thousand dollars in the pocket of the average American worker. Extending unemployment insurance to help people get back on their feet. Putting construction workers back to work rebuilding America.

“Those are all steps we can take right now that will make a difference and there is no contradiction between us taking some steps to put people to work right now and getting our long-term fiscal house in order. In fact, the more we grow the easier it will be to reduce our deficits.”

Hayden’s Note:

Actually, there IS a contradiction in what you call “putting people to work right now” and getting our long-term fiscal house in order.  And it’s called “Endless Entitlement Programs.”  A brief unemployment benefit is fine with me.  A short-lived welfare assistance check is understandable.  But giving more and more of this Monopoly money away while claiming to be getting our finances in order is the very definition of contradiction, idiot. ...

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