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Hayden’s Headlines: Arming al-Qaeda, Fukushima, Floating Tiny House, and Ron Paul

Posted on Sep 13, 2013 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts, Economic News, Federal Reserve & Bankers, Global & National News, Health, Food News, & Big Pharma, Political Issues, Social Networking
Ron Paul on the Fiscal Cliff: “We Have Passed the Point of No Return” Thumbnail

Ron Paul on the Fiscal Cliff: “We Have Passed the Point of No Return”

Posted on Dec 29, 2012 in Economic News, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Zero Hedge

In a little under three minutes, Ron Paul explains to a somewhat nonplussed CNBC anchor just how ridiculous the charade that is occurring in D.C. actually is.

This succinct, spin-free clip should be required viewing for each and every asset-manager, talking-head, propagandist, and mom-and-pop who are viewing the last-minute idiocy of the ‘fiscal cliff’ debacle with some hope that things will be different this time.

“We have passed the point of no return where we can actually get our house back in order,” Paul begins, adding that “they pretend they are fighting up there, but they really aren’t. They are arguing over power, spin, who looks good, who looks bad; all trying to preserve the system where they can spend what they want, take care of their friends and print money when they need it.” With social safety nets available to rich and poor, there is no impetus for change and “the country loses,” but Paul concludes, the markets are starting to say “there is a limit to this.”

Forward to 5:45 for the Ron Paul interview (ignore everything else)


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Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies: Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech to Congress Thumbnail

Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies: Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech to Congress

Posted on Nov 16, 2012 in Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Economic News, Federal Reserve & Bankers, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Burning Platform by Jim Quinn

Farewell Dear Doctor. You were the last remaining patriot. I salute you for your wisdom, courage, and honesty. You alone were the shining light during this dark time. You are no longer alone in your fight for freedom, liberty, and truth.

Farewell to Congress

This may well be the last time I speak on the House Floor. At the end of the year I’ll leave Congress after 23 years in office over a 36 year period. My goals in 1976 were the same as they are today: promote peace and prosperity by a strict adherence to the principles of individual liberty.

It was my opinion, that the course the U.S. embarked on in the latter part of the 20th Century would bring us a major financial crisis and engulf us in a foreign policy that would overextend us and undermine our national security.

To achieve the goals I sought, government would have had to shrink in size and scope, reduce spending, change the monetary system, and reject the unsustainable costs of policing the world and expanding the American Empire....

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Death of the US Dollar Hegemony: Military Intervention, Oil Sales, and the Inevitable Collapse Thumbnail

Death of the US Dollar Hegemony: Military Intervention, Oil Sales, and the Inevitable Collapse

Posted on Sep 23, 2012 in Economic News, Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Featured Articles, Global & National News

Kevin Hayden –

According to a recent report by Indy Media, Mexican crude oil will be sold to China without using the US dollar as its trading currency.  Sources inside the Mexican government refuse to disclose if they have been in secret negotiations with China over possible crude oil sales.

If you’re not familiar with the term petrodollar, or why a move such as this by China, Mexico, or Russia is of grave concern, allow me to give you a few points to consider and explain the situation –

In 1975, the members of OPEC agreed to sell oil only in US dollars.  This was for a variety of reasons, but chief among them was to maintain a need for US currency and maintain its reign as the global reserve.  Without this in America’s backpocket, I’m sure that the Dollar would have even less value, to put it mildly.

Greenspan, in his first speech after leaving as Chairman of the Fed, said that gold prices were up because of concern about terrorism, and not because of monetary concerns or because he created too many dollars during his tenure.


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Congressman Ron Paul Spells It Out in Speech Against Iran Sanctions Bill

Posted on Aug 02, 2012 in Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Dennis Kucinich [D-OH] yields his time in order for Congressman Ron Paul [R-TX] to try and educate the crooked Congress in a floor speech against the Iran Sanctions bill on August 1st, 2012.

Epic.  I’m truly going to miss Ron Paul when he leaves Congress.  We will likely never have such a Patriot again.


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Hayden’s Headlines: Audit the Fed, NOPD, Fluoride, GMO Apples

Posted on Jul 26, 2012 in Global & National News, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Here are a few of the top headlines for the past several days! Enjoy and keep sending me emails, original articles, and links!

Ron Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill has Passed the House by Veto-Proof Majority

Congressman Ron Paul’s H.R. 459, the Audit the Fed bill, has passed the House by a vote of 327-98 – a veto-proof majority.

Now we call upon the Senate to take up S. 202, as we look to turn this long-overdue, common-sense audit into law.

10 Reasons Why Building a Community is Key When the SHTF

Hey, Mr. Obama Liberals: Prescription drugs kill 6200% more Americans than homicidal shootings

New Orleans Police Promise to Clean Up (Yeah, right.)

Barrels of Human Fetuses Found In Russian Forest

*** U.S. Government Health Journal: Fluoride Lowers IQ ***

Genetically Modified Apples Newest GMO Creation to be Pushed on Consumers


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Parking Lot Patriots: Okla GOP Ron Paul Delegates Take it Outside, Nullify Convention Thumbnail

Parking Lot Patriots: Okla GOP Ron Paul Delegates Take it Outside, Nullify Convention

Posted on May 17, 2012 in Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

After multiple rule violations, physical altercations, a failed and corrupted credentials report, Okla Gov. Mary Fallin assuming Romney as the nominee and getting boo’ed off stage, and an improper adjournment, Ron Paul delegates take it to the parking lot in order to continue the day’s business – properly.

More videos to come as I get them edited. I threw this one together quickly in order to get it publicized.

For more, check out the Truth is Treason YouTube Channel!

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Okla Gov. Mary Fallin Booed Off Stage by Ron Paul Supporters at State GOP Convention

Posted on May 14, 2012 in Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Policy Mic

Ron Paul supporters came up short in securing all of Oklahoma’s national delegates during a raucous state convention — hindered by fights over rules and a physical altercation between opposing delegates.

Backers of Paul booed Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a onetime 2012 GOP presidential contender, when both encouraged the approximately 1,400 delegates to support the presumed Republican Party presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.

Paul supporters, who numbered about 600 and made up about 40% of the convention, used various parliamentary procedures to contest rules.

They complained the state party violated its own rules by failing to have a roll-call vote on the slate of national delegates and voted against adjourning the convention.


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Understanding the Ron Paul Strategy: Delegates, the RNC, and a Revolution

Posted on May 10, 2012 in Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Don Rasmussen Contributor at the Blaze


Over the last couple of weeks, the Ron Paul campaign has picked up a majority of delegates in Iowa, Colorado, Maine, and Nevada.  He’s on pace to also pick up the majority of delegates in at least four additional states…and those are just the sure things.  This is all part of a process that actually started over 4 years ago when Paul ran for President and his deputy campaign manager, Debbie Hopper, did yeoman’s work with the grassroots to recognize the intensity and develop this strategy.

The media is now belatedly noticing that this has been happening.  It has already succeeded in taking control of slews of local and county GOP organizations, putting at least seven Paul backers on the Republican National Committee, and completely taking over the party in multiple states…and counting.

The question that much of the legacy media is now starting to ask is “Why?”  As with so much reporting, they then go on to attempt to answer their own question and fail....

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Ron Paul on Gas Prices – Classic from 2008

Posted on Apr 02, 2012 in Federal Reserve & Bankers, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: CNN 2008 Presidential Election Debate

This video is taken from the Presidential debates back in 2008. Ron Paul knocks it out of the park with his explanation as to why we pay so much at the pump. It is not, as many people think, the responsibility of the President to “lower gas prices.” Why some people think the Commander-in-Chief could do anything, or has the authority to “change gas prices,” is absurd.

It is a fundamental economic issue that reveals around the Federal Reserve, which requires Congress to pass legislation to audit, expose, and end, if need be....

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OK County GOP Excludes RP Delegates, Supporters Fight Back and Win Majority

Posted on Mar 12, 2012 in Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

for TruthisTreason.TV

Ron Paul delegates were being excluded from the Oklahoma County GOP Convention, but by using the establishment’s own rules of order against them, they were able to fight back and gain a majority!

In attendance, and in support of the Ron Paul delegates, were Oklahoma State Representatives Charles Key and Ralph Shortey, along with many influential, local activists.

If you’ve ever been a Ron Paul delegate, you know that the GOP central committees will employ every trick in the book to avoid having to seat Ron Paul delegates. They will freely ignore their own bylaws, apply rules in such a manner as to only exclude Paul delegates, and will liberally employ intimidation tactics through verbal abuse, and even physical manhandling of delegates.

In the end, if everything else fails, they’ll attempt to get you to switch your vote by begging you to be a “team player” and by claiming that Romney is electable and that your dissent will keep Obama in power. – Lew Rockwell’s Blog


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Romney Family Members Campaigning for Ron Paul

Posted on Mar 06, 2012 in Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Steve Watson

No less than six relatives of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney have joined the campaign trail in the race for the GOP nomination, but they’re not supporting the former Massachusetts governor, they’re campaigning for Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

Three of Romney’s relatives will even speak at Idaho caucus sites, declaring their support for Paul in a story that is sure to create a buzz around Paul’s campaign as he looks to pick up his first caucus win on Super Tuesday.

The Paul campaign issued a press release Monday introducing five Romney relatives, then issued another release shortly afterwards noting a sixth.

Hayden’s Note:

Haha. How sad.  Even Mitt’s family members think Ron Paul is the only constitutional, small-government candidate!

Travis Romney, Troy Romney and Chad Romney, all cousins of Mitt Romney, will speak before Ron Paul crowds in Idaho today. Ty Romney and Jared Romney, whose grandfathers are cousins of former Michigan Governor George Romney, the father of Mitt Romney, have also declared their support for Paul.

“I don’t dislike Mitt at all,” Chad Romney said....

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Ron Paul: ‘The Federal Reserve is Stealing Money,’ Slams Ben Bernanke During House Questioning

Posted on Mar 01, 2012 in Federal Reserve & Bankers, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: in part, Steve Watson

Texas Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul questioned Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, on Capitol Hill yesterday.

Dr. Paul pulled out a silver eagle, explaining that it has retained its real worth and that hard assets should be used as currency as outlined in the Constitution.

Telling Bernanke that in 2006, when he took over at the Fed, an ounce of silver bought about 4 gallons of gas, where as today it will buy 11 gallons. “That’s preservation of value,” said Paul.

Begin watching at the 0:58 mark for the action.

Paul called for a competing currency to the dollar, stating that the laws should be changed to allow precious metals to settle contract disputes and other legal obligations.

Bernanke addressed Paul by jokingly saying “good to see you again, Congressman”, before somewhat derisively saying he would be happy to consider the Congressman’s ideas and help him work out what currencies to hold.

Paul hit back by saying the government goes after those who attempt to use gold and silver as alternatives to depreciating Federal Reserve notes as if they are criminals, telling Bernanke “the record of what you’ve done is destroy the currency,”...

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Hayden’s Headlines – the Doomsday Bill, PETA, EMP Scares, and Syria Thumbnail

Hayden’s Headlines – the Doomsday Bill, PETA, EMP Scares, and Syria

Posted on Feb 26, 2012 in Global & National News

Kevin Hayden –

Your Friday Headlines! And as usual, being posting late Saturday night / early Sunday morning!  Haha. Enjoy these latest headlines:

Ron Paul Visits Oklahoma – Huge Crowd of 1,700 Attends Speech (my own, painstakingly slow count!)

And Now… ‘State Department Quietly Warning Region on Syrian WMDs’ (Iraq redux?)

55 Interesting Facts About The U.S. Economy In 2012

USDA to Give Monsanto’s New GMO Crops Special ‘Speed Approval’ (Fast-tracking our demise, eh?)

Wyoming House advances Doomsday Bill…

NYT: US spies see no evidence of bomb… (in Iran)

Bill Maher pledges $1m to Obama’s SuperPAC… (shows you his priorities)

REPORT: PETA kills more than 95 percent of pets in its care… (killed nearly 2,000 cats and dogs, found adoption homes for only 24 animals in ALL of 2010. PETA has killed more than 27,000 animals since ’98. $37 million yearly operating budget. Wow)

MPs warn over nuclear space bombs and solar flares (EMP scares have been the catch-phrase of the entire week… notice that?)

Chart: ‘America’s Per Capita Government Debt Worse Than Greece

Photo credit: Steve Dickson...

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You Can’t Say That on Television: Judge Napolitano Asks the Real Questions, Show Canceled Thereafter Thumbnail

You Can’t Say That on Television: Judge Napolitano Asks the Real Questions, Show Canceled Thereafter

Posted on Feb 21, 2012 in Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Video Source: Fox News

Judge Andrew Napolitano fires a volley of questions, aimed squarely at the Mainstream Media, the Establishment, and those that lack the ability or desire to question their surroundings.  Fox News unceremoniously canceled his show and he has now been endorsed by Ron Paul as his Vice President.

This is a call to wake those who still believe there is a difference between the so-called Left and Right.  Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives: they are one in the same when it comes to Washington, with only minor, petty differences so that you feel as though you have a viable argument in supporting the platforms and actions of those who represent it. Secondly, Michael Scheuer and the Judge lay down heavy artillery on the fact that members of Congress are bought by Israel.

The 2:35 minute mark is a zinger....

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