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World War Z: Emergency Preparedness, United Nations, and Predictive Programming Thumbnail

World War Z: Emergency Preparedness, United Nations, and Predictive Programming

Posted on Jun 21, 2013 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Mainstream Media & Programming, Movies, TV, & Video Games, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

As summer heats up, so does the Hollywood box office. With so many remakes and sequels being made, it seems that no original plot can be written in Hollywood these days. World War Z is no exception; it is based on the zombie-apocalypse book of the same title by Max Brooks.

And like most blockbuster “disaster movies”, World War Z offers viewers a tightly tailored agenda as to who they should look to for guidance and safety during disasters.  This is typical of end-of-the-world entertainment and a key component of predictive programming, as we saw in Contagion, Children of Men, Outbreak, and many others.

The World Health Organization (WHO), FEMA, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are typically glorified as saviors, even though local populations are often decimated or under strict control of local authoritarians.

World War Z capitalizes on a loosely defined “zombie outbreak” that is sweeping the planet at a ferocious speed with the main star, Brad Pitt, portraying a former United Nations investigator. Coupled with the United States Navy, the reluctant hero Pitt goes from retired house-husband to full-blown, globe-trotting diplomat within a few hours....

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We Are Now One Year Away from Global Riots, Complex Systems Theorists Say Thumbnail

We Are Now One Year Away from Global Riots, Complex Systems Theorists Say

Posted on May 29, 2013 in Emergency Preparedness & Survival, Global & National News, Health, Food News, & Big Pharma, Urban Gardening, Farming & Homesteading

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Motherboard

If there’s a single factor that reliably sparks social unrest, it’s food becoming too scarce or too expensive. So argues a group of complex systems theorists in Cambridge, and it makes sense.

In a 2011 paper, researchers at the Complex Systems Institute unveiled a model that accurately explained why the waves of unrest that swept the world in 2008 and 2011 crashed when they did. The number one determinant was soaring food prices. Their model identified a precise threshold for global food prices that, if breached, would lead to worldwide unrest.

The MIT Technology Review explains how CSI’s model works: “The evidence comes from two sources. The first is data gathered by the United Nations that plots the price of food against time, the so-called food price index of the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN. The second is the date of riots around the world, whatever their cause.” Plot the data, and it looks like this:

Pretty simple. Black dots are the food prices, red lines are the riots. In other words, whenever the UN’s food price index, which measures the monthly change in the price of a basket of food commodities, climbs above 210, the conditions ripen for social unrest around the world....

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NATO Terrorists to Target Syria’s Civilian Airports Thumbnail

NATO Terrorists to Target Syria’s Civilian Airports

Posted on Sep 03, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Global & National News, Police, Military, & War, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Land Destroyer Report by Tony Cartalucci – Truth Contributor

In violation of international law, NATO [and UN/US]-backed terrorists plan civilian airport raids.

Image: Aleppo International Airport (Wikipedia). With dozens of dedicated military airbases and airfields to choose from, NATO-backed terrorists have decided instead to target Syria’s two main civilian airports, not because of military or defensive objectives, but to terrorize Syria’s population, undermine the government politically, and paralyze civilian infrastructure. This unconscionable act of blatant terrorism will have no impact on Syria’s security operations and is yet another demonstration of the absolute illegitimacy of both the so-called “Free Syrian Army” and their Western sponsors. 

September 1, 2012 – Syria has over 15 military airbases, including dedicated airbases located near Aleppo and Damascus. These airbases are generally surrounded by networks of military infrastructure including storage depots, barracks, motor pools, and defensive positions. So much as even denting these facilities would require a standing enemy army, airpower, and armor – something the terrorists operating in Syria with NATO backing currently lack. Even a successful, concentrated attack on a single airbase would make little difference tilting the balance of power in favor of NATO-backed foreign terrorists operating under the banner of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).


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As Special Operations Forces Raid Tampa, US State Dept Assumes Power to Declare War

Posted on May 26, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Police, Military, & War, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Daily Bail

Clinton Goes Commando, Sells Diplomats as Shadow Warriors … Clinton, wearing pearls and a silver and black blouse, climbed the stage and began to speak. And soon it all made more sense. She had an idea to sell — and to defend … She described a vision in which shadowy U.S. and allied Special Operations Forces, working hand in hand with America’s embassies and foreign governments, together play a key role in preventing low-intensity conflicts. And where prevention fails, the same commando-diplomat team goes on the attack … – Wired (5/24/12)

It happened again at the recent Tampa-based conference, “Building the Global SOF Partnership”.

The US military staged a mock drill [utilizing Special Forces] on US soil.

It wasn’t just the US, either. Some 90 nations supposedly participated in the drill, which aimed to “rescue” Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn, supposedly kidnapped by terrorists. There were helicopters overhead and a tactical assault showed up by water. Then, special ops teams invaded a “terrorist village” near the Convention Center and rescued the mayor, who said he was grateful....

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HR 1505: Drones, Agenda 21 Land Grab, and Forward Operating Bases Thumbnail

HR 1505: Drones, Agenda 21 Land Grab, and Forward Operating Bases

Posted on Apr 24, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Constitutional & Liberty Issues, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

House Bill 1505 could be nearing a vote, and it offers a whole lot more than many bargained for.  HR 1505 seeks to implement one of the most extensive increases in Police State power that I’ve seen in a long time, not to mention furthering the UN’s Agenda 21.

The intent of this bill is to prohibit the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture from taking action on public lands which impede the border activities of the Secretary of Homeland Security.  One might simply think it is Congress’ way of making sure that Border Patrol can operate freely and unimpeded while preventing terrorism and illegal immigration.

In reality, this bill serves to decimate the US Constitution, negate the 10th Amendment, and infringe upon local, county, and state jurisdiction by giving 100 miles of land adjacent to any international border directly to Homeland Security without any recourse or oversight.

Section 2, (b) (1) 

Authorized Activities of U.S. Customs and Border Protection-

(A) Construction and maintenance of roads.

(B) Construction and maintenance of fences.

(C) Use vehicles to patrol....

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Peak Civilization: MIT & Club of Rome Predict Global Economic Collapse and Precipitous Population Decline Thumbnail

Peak Civilization: MIT & Club of Rome Predict Global Economic Collapse and Precipitous Population Decline

Posted on Apr 05, 2012 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts

Kevin Hayden –

Source: SHTF Plan by Mac Slavo

See also: The Georgia Guidestones, global elite, and population levels

Researchers at one of the world’s leading think tanks have developed a computing model that predicts serious implications for our way of life as a result of our incessant need to consume resources like oil, food, and fresh water. According to a team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the breaking point will come no later than 2030, and when it does, we can expect a paradigm shift unlike any we have seen before in human history – one that will not only collapse the economies of the world, but will cause food and energy production to decrease so significantly that it will lead to the deaths of  hundreds of millions of people in the process.


The recent study, completed on behalf of The Club of Rome, an organization which issued it’s own findings on ‘peak everything’ back in the 1970′s in a controversial environmental report dubbed The Limits to Growth (video), takes into account the relations between various global developments and produces computer simulations for alternative scenarios....

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Al Qaeda, State Dept. Sponsored Terrorists, Back US Regime Change in Syria

Posted on Feb 13, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Police, Military, & War

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Tony Cartalucci – Truth Contributor

Plan B for US after UN Veto? – deploy Al Qaeda “foreign legion.” 

It is now a matter of established public record that the “Libyan rebels” who the US funded, armed, trained, recognized politically, and even provided special forces and air support for through the UN and NATO, were in fact led by the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), listed by the US State Department (page 1) as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization.”

Two West Point reports confirm that LIFG was formally joined with Al Qaeda, and many of its top leaders constitute the core of Al Qaeda’s upper echelons. These reports also confirm that LIFG fighters were operational in both Afghanistan and Iraq, killing US and British troops, and that the vast majority of their fighters were recruited from the Libyan cities of Benghazi and Darnah. In 2011, it would be these two cities that served as the epicenter of NATO-backed resistance against Qaddafi.

More recently it was exposed by French independent reporter Thierry Meyssan of that LIFG commander Abdul Hakim Belhaj has left the NATO bombed city of Tripoli and is now directing the “Free Syrian Army” from the border of Turkey (a NATO member since 1952)....

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United Nations’ Codex Alimentarius Summarized in 7 Points Thumbnail

United Nations’ Codex Alimentarius Summarized in 7 Points

Posted on Dec 08, 2011 in Health, Food News, & Big Pharma

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Cordite Country – Originally published Apr 5, 2010

1) Started in 1962 by UN, Imposed by WTO Sanctions

Codex Alimentarius was created in 1962 as a trade commission by the UN to control the international trade of food. Its initial intentions may have been altruistic but it has been taken over by corporate interests, most notably the pharmaceutical, pesticide, biotechnology and chemical industries.

Codex Alimentarius is backed up by the crippling trade sanctions of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Any non Codex-compliant nation would face huge economic punishment since they would automatically lose in any food-trade dispute with a Codex compliant country.

2) “Nutrients are Toxins”

Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) has two committees which impact nutrition.

One of them, the “Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses” (CCNFSDU), is chaired by Dr. Rolf Grossklaus, a physician who believes that nutrition has no role in health. This is the “top-guy” for Codex nutritional policy, and he has stated that “nutrition is not relevant to health”.

As unbelievable as it may sound, Dr. Grossklaus actually declared nutrients to be toxins in 1994 and instituted the use of toxicology (Risk Assessment) to prevent nutrients from having any impact on humans who take supplements!...

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New Mexico Law and Local Sheriff Trump the Feds in Agenda 21 Land Grab

Posted on Nov 08, 2011 in Police, Military, & War, Political Issues

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Cassandra Anderson

New Mexico just proved that State law trumps unconstitutional federal regulations and that the power of the sheriff is superior over federal agencies.  This is the power of the Tenth Amendment!

Ten years ago, when Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson was Governor of New Mexico, he signed into law a bill authorizing New Mexico to cut trees and thin overgrown forests that can prevent uncontrollable wildfires.  This law applies to federal lands when federal agencies neglect or mismanage forests and put lives at risk.

The US Forest Service, under the USDA, allowed the Lincoln National Forest in Otero County to become dense and  overgrown and it was a life-threatening hazard.  The agency refused to remediate the problem.

Federal agencies are party to a sinister plot for total control and depopulation through the United Nations, called Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.  Many federal employees who enforce bad environmental policies may not realize they are really enforcing UN Agenda 21.  Part of this plot is the Wildlands Project designed to remove humans from rural lands and allowing forests to grow out of control, even when forest fires threaten human life....

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How to: Conduct Regime Change and Steal Resources, or “Humanitarian Intervention 101” Thumbnail

How to: Conduct Regime Change and Steal Resources, or “Humanitarian Intervention 101”

Posted on Oct 24, 2011 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts, Featured Articles, Police, Military, & War

by Kevin Hayden –

Libya – Before and After

“Humanitarian Intervention 101” or, as I call it, “DIY: Regime Change and Resource Theft”

1. Apply sanctions against said country.

2. If the Head of State will not willfully surrender, enforce a no-fly zone via the United Nations.

3. Bomb all military installations during enforcement of no-fly zone.

4. Broadcast on mainstream media that you are there to help; on a humanitarian mission.

5. Begin bombing civilian infrastructure (war crime).

6. Hire a proxy army to be your “boots on the ground” and describe them as local rebels, fighting a tyrant in order to win hearts and minds.

  • If possible, use those already on Western intelligence payroll.
  • During the 50’s & 60’s, it was Cuban exiles and the Bay of Pigs invasion by the CIA.
  • In the 1980’s, it was the Mujahadeen (which later evolved into al-Qaeda in parts), used in Afghanistan against the Soviets.  Reagan called them, “freedom fighters.”
  • In Libya’s case, it was self-admitted al-Qaeda members and other rogue, rag-tag elements in the region.

7. Assist the “rebels” with international air forces, bombing runs, and Drone strikes....

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Angelina Jolie to Expand Her Role at UN Refugee Agency, Helps Pave the Way for Globalists to March into Africa Thumbnail

Angelina Jolie to Expand Her Role at UN Refugee Agency, Helps Pave the Way for Globalists to March into Africa

Posted on Oct 04, 2011 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations, Global & National News

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Telegraph

The actress, who has been a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, looks set to become more involved in working with the organization.

Angelina Jolie spoke at the annual meeting of UNHCR’s governing executive committee in Geneva where she highlighted the desperate humanitarian situation in the Horn of Africa.

Hayden’s Note:

The CFR and United Nations’ puppets are hard at work creating a need for more boots on the ground in Africa.  This is merely an effort to bring a softer image to the thinly veiled crusade to conquer Northern Africa. Libya, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Iran…the machine keeps rolling. 

“Today three quarters of a million people are at risk of death in the next four months in the horn of Africa. This astonishing number of ‘at risk’ lives is the reason this is termed, ‘a humanitarian crisis of a generation’. The work we are doing needs to scale up to meet the needs of these individuals. How we continue to respond to this period of malnutrition and famine is going to define the work of NGO’s, governments and international organisations working in the Horn of Africa....

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CIA-Backed al-Qaeda Cries Foul Over Iran’s Public Suspicions of 9/11, Demands Blame Thumbnail

CIA-Backed al-Qaeda Cries Foul Over Iran’s Public Suspicions of 9/11, Demands Blame

Posted on Sep 28, 2011 in Blog, Editorials, & Thoughts

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Guardian

Al-Qaeda has sent a message to the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, asking him to stop spreading conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks.  Iranian media on Wednesday reported quotes from what appears to be an article published in the latest issue of the al-Qaida English language magazine, Inspire, which described Ahmadinejad’s remarks over the 11 September attacks as “ridiculous”.

Hayden’s Note:

Recently, I read an article about a Norway scientist claiming that the melted aluminum from the planes, mixed with fire sprinkler water, caused explosions and brought the towers down.  He had no theory as to why Building 7, which was not struck by a plane, came down in near free-fall time, though.

This is such a stretch that I laughed out loud.  And this is being circulated in the mainstream media.  What isn’t being reported is that 1,560 professional and highly reputable architects and engineers from around the world claim that the towers were brought down under a controlled demolition, including the 3rd tower – Building 7.  And they have reasonable, logical science to back it up....

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Libya War is CIA Operation 30 Years in the Making Thumbnail

Libya War is CIA Operation 30 Years in the Making

Posted on Aug 29, 2011 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations

Kevin Hayden –

Source: Tony Cartalucci Truth Contributor

Alternative media activist David Icke, who has been warning about the false nature of the “Arab Spring” since it began over six months ago, has pointed out an astounding “flashback” regarding an August 3, 1981 Newsweek article titled, “A Plan to Overthrow Kaddafi.”

‘The details of the plan were sketchy, but it seemed to be a classic CIA destabilization campaign. One element was a “disinformation” program designed to embarrass Kaddafi and his government. Another was the creation of a “counter government” to challenge his claim to national leadership. A third — potentially the most risky — was an escalating paramilitary campaign, probably by disaffected Libyan nationals, to blow up bridges, conduct small-scale guerrilla operations and demonstrate that Kaddafi was opposed by an indigenous political force.”

Quite obviously this plan has been executed verbatim with the necessary addition of a NATO intervention to rescue the above stated “paramilitary” campaign from Libyan security forces – a contigency plan explicitly spelled out in another Wall Street-London subsidized, signed confession, Brookings Institution’s “Which Path to Persia?”

Using Military Force to Assist Popular Revolutions, page 109-110 (page 122-123 of the PDF): “Consequently, if the United States ever succeeds in sparking a revolt against the clerical regime, Washington may have to consider whether to provide it with some form of military support to prevent Tehran from crushing it.” “This requirement means that a popular revolution in Iran does not seem to fit the model of the “velvet revolutions” that occurred elsewhere....

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Global Land Grab: Nervous Rulers and Hedge Fund Managers Alike Scramble for Land

Posted on Aug 22, 2011 in Federal Reserve & Bankers, Global & National News

Kevin Hayden –

Source: In These Times

A 21st-century land rush is on. Driven by fear and lured by promises of high profits, foreign investors are scooping up vast tracts of farmland in some of the world’s hungriest countries to grow crops for export.

As the climate changes and populations shift and grow, billions of people around the globe face shortages of land and water, rising food prices and increasing hunger. Alarm over a future without affordable food and water is sparking unrest in a world already tinder-dried by repression and recession, corruption and mismanagement, boundary disputes and ancient feuds, ethnic tension and religious fundamentalism.

World leaders feel the heat. Calling food security concerns “extremely significant,” a 2009 U.N. report noted, “The acquisition of land internationally is one possible strategic choice to address the challenge.”

Fortunately for nervous rulers, the strategy of growing food abroad as shelter against the fires of revolution dovetails nicely with the goals of private and public capital. Governments drawing on sovereign wealth funds, and rich investors accessing state subsidies, have negotiated deals to acquire tens of millions of acres of farmland in Africa, South America and South Asia....

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Agenda 21 and DOT Encroach on Family Farms, Want to Require CDL to Operate Family Farm Equipment

Posted on Aug 01, 2011 in Urban Gardening, Farming & Homesteading – Kevin Hayden

Source: Intel Hub

The U.S. Department of Transportation, in an Agenda 21 style order, has moved to essentially ban a large part of family farms.

For hundreds of years family farms have been passed from generation to generation and it has been a way of life for younger family members to learn and work on their farms.

New rules being prepared in Washington could change that forever.

Apparently discussions are now under way to require farmers to have a commercial drivers license to operate farming equipment. This would require farm owners to hire expensive commercial drivers instead of using members of their family.

ABC 25 Waco

The time-honored initiation into working the family farm could one day be a thing of the past, with discussions underway in Washington to require operators of farm equipment to have a commercial driver’s license, or CDL.

Ned Meister’s work in agriculture began similarly at the age of ten.  Meeting with News Channel 25 Wednesday at the Texas Farm Bureau, Meister explained the critical role of family on the farm.

“The vast majority of our farms are family farms, operators of equipment are usually family members, and if [those changes] were to take place, that would eliminate some of the family participation in the farm operation.”


Farmers also fear the prospect of replacing family help with expensive professional drivers, something that could end up costing everyone — if it doesn’t break the bank. 


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