The Police State Responds: Kevin Hayden Receives Threats for Speaking Out Against Police Corruption

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Kevin Hayden –

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In a follow-up to my recent interview on Adam vs. the Man, it would appear as though many police officers within the New Orleans Police Department are … upset … with what I said.  I’ve received threats, comments, condemning messages, and more from many officers that I once considered friends or colleagues.  The subject and rhetoric of many of these messages resonates with cognitive dissonance, suggesting that I’m the bad guy for talking about these subjects, or that I have an agenda by speaking out against the police state.

Well, they are partially correct.  My agenda is to awaken the average person to just how corrupt their police department truly is.  It is truly unfathomable for most, including some police officers.  They have blinders on, not even recognizing the injustices that they perpetrate.  I have found that the common person is shocked by what I once considered a daily routine, or normal practice, as a police officer and that needs to change.  Light needs to be cast upon the shadows within law enforcement, and especially within the ranks of the New Orleans Police Department.  It is truly more corrupt than even Hollywood portrays it as.

After reading hundreds of YouTube comments and replies on various websites, I am still amazed at how many people truly do not understand how many crimes and Constitutional violations are committed on an daily basis by tens of thousands of police officers.  I know many upstanding police officers who are doing what is right – and Constitutional, but these men and women are few and far between.

I found it amusing that some of my former colleagues even labeled Adam Kokesh, the one that interviewed me, a “leftist nut.” If you know anything about Adam Kokesh, you’d know he is a former Marine, Iraq veteran, extremely Conservative, and a staunch Constitutionalist – not a leftist.  However, when people fire from the hip and speak through fear and emotion, as these officers are doing, they fail to realize the contradiction in their own rantings.

Along those lines, several have labeled me a conspiracy theorist, or coward for not remaining in law enforcement.  One even went so far as to mention my lack of military experience as a reason for not being a “hero.”  Readers, I’m not trying to be a hero.  I don’t want to be some hero.  I would much prefer to simply step away from society and enjoy some peace and quiet.  But sadly, I know too much.  My heart is heavy with the daily crimes perpetrated by the massive police machine.

I certainly would not ever be willing to die for a corrupt and unjust Federal Government, hell-bent on invading and occupying the entire Middle East under false pretenses.  And when my eyes were opened by the Liberty movement, I realized that I was not fit to work for a city government and police department that is nothing but a den of vipers, thugs, and thieves.

I’m simply trying to correct a few wrongs and speak up against the ever-growing police state before it consumes us all.

Interestingly enough, this event has motivated me to begin filming an entire series regarding the Police State.  And perhaps, since no other media outlet wants to run the risk, I might even describe a particular police chase and subsequent shooting that involved a planted gun.  Yes, Sgt.,  I saw that.  And I have plenty of other stories.  For all the police officers reading this or sending the threats, know that I will not go down quietly or without a fight.  I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface.

Until next time, readers.


Apparently this is going even more viral as the night progresses.  After checking my visitor logs, I’m noticing almost every other visitor from the New Orleans area.  Please know that you are only helping my Google statistics by visiting the page and leaving snide, childish comments.  By all means, please continue – it helps my  SEO efforts here on the site.

Secondly, I’ve already noticed a smear campaign in the works across the internet.  Comments stating that I was forced to resign for misconduct or alcohol abuse, or a number of other things are false – and libelous, at best.

It would seem as though some might have something to hide, or fear, by me speaking out.  Apparently, there is a growing concern about how I am viewed.  In all likelihood, this campaign is an attempt to undermine my credibility for any forthcoming information.

For the record, I resigned on my own accord, with a letter of resignation – effective immediately – and turned into my Captain on January 14th, 2009.   I received a lot of grief from my superiors and co-workers for leaving the force.  I was asked repeatedly if I knew what I was doing, and sure of my decision.

And for complete disclosure, I was suspended from the Police Department on three occasions for failing to appear in Court after being subpoenaed.  This was quite common and continues to this day in New Orleans.  However, once I started railing against the system, I became a target for petty write-ups and suspensions.  I will allow my awards and commendation letters to speak for themselves.


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