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Posted on Feb 15, 2011 in Alt Energy, Tiny Homes, & Structures

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It is really neat to see the large home builders looking at making small and tiny homes. Thinc Home is one that has stepped up to the plate and offering several options. At Thinc Home, my philosophy was to provide the most unique, well constructed dwellings for all. The ultra energy efficiency is the standard and your personal style is the option.  Our building system, which consists of a steel sub-frame, gives our structures the ability to last a century. 

This unit as you see it with the bathroom is a 12×16. It has the loft and a bathroom with toilet and shower. The retail price for it is $32,000. 

Our micro living space was designed to be an ultra energy efficient way to get away for a weekend or an extended holiday without the hassles of a “2000 square foot cottage”. You can actually go and enjoy the lake or woods or just relax. You don’t have to worry about a lot of cleaning and preparation. Our micro living space makes you live simply and enjoy the things you love. 

Hayden’s Note:

I feel as though the price tag is a bit high for such a tiny space.  Furthermore, the layout does not justify a $32,000 price tag, in my opinion.  I could build this, even with the nice flooring and all-wood trim, for about 1/2 the price, if not less!  (I originally said 1/4, but was corrected by someone whom I believe works with Thinc Homes.  See the Comments section.)  Maybe I can’t fathom that price tag because I’m not in that class of paycheck earners…?

It’s a great little space, don’t get me wrong.  Very utilitarian and extremely efficient.  But for an additional $3,000+markup, I could do without the bricks.


Can you imagine the time you would regain if you removed a zero from your square footage? Think of the freedom you would gain from going from 1900 square ft to 192 square ft or the joy of living in 330+ square ft instead of 3300 sq feet. 


I know most people are not prepared to make that step in their everyday living but we have designed our product for people to regain more of their lives a weekend, week or month at a time as a personal retreat. 

By being able to design in all the modern conveniences suburban people are used to in such a small space, gives you that sense of comfort without having to rough it. Our micro living has a tile bathroom, shower and toilet, and kitchen space. Our products are made with the highest quality. The cabinetry is custom made with real wood, all real wood trim, recycled glass tile, granite counter tops, and the flooring is offered in cork, bamboo, hardwood, epoxy, etc. We want your micro living space to reflect you – so we give you the options for your personal style to be represented. 


Our micro living space can be used as a getaway, cabin or guest house. It can be placed at your favorite vacation destination or even in your backyard as your personal sanctuary. Thinc Homes micro living space is shipped completely assembled and completed. There is very little to do and lots to enjoy. 

We can custom design and build a micro living space to meet all your needs. By being in the Great Lakes Region, we are centrally located and can ship anywhere. 

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