This Week’s TSA Crime List: Prostitution Ring, Trashing Hotels, and Shootings

Posted on Mar 30, 2012 in Alphabet Agencies & Operations

Kevin Hayden –

In a repetitive fashion resembling the onslaught of new killer robots being churned out of DARPA, the TSA seems to be in my news stories quite often.  And often, these Transportation Security Agents are committing serious crimes: murder, felony theft, child p0rn, drug trafficking, and generally abusing the power and authority vested in them.

This week is no different, and in fact, I have several new stories to tell you about.  Bryant Jermaine Livingston, 39, was a TSA Security Manager at Dulles International Airport.  According to a Fox affiliate in DC, he was just arrested for running a prostituion ring from a hotel.  After glossing over the numerous stories concerning the incident, it would seem as though Mr. Livingston was charging men $100 to engage in a large… uhh, Roman-style party, if you will.  When police and hotel officials made entry into his room to evict him, they discovered 11 men and women engaged in “activities.”

During a brief questioning in the hotel hallway, Mr. Livingston told police that he “runs the airport security at Dulles.”  This is merely my assumption and based on my own police experience, but it would seem he was hoping that little detail might get him out of hot water.  Police also told reporters that the TSA had investigated a similar report in 2009, where Livingston had been charging only $25 per person to engage in extra-curricular activities.  It is unknown what became of that earlier investigation.

In yet another outlandish act of TSA criminality and unprofessionalism, Jeffrey Piccolella, 27, and Nicholas Anthony Puccio, 25, were arrested for trashing their Miami Beach hotel room, throwing furniture out of the window, and then drunkenly firing a gun into nearby businesses.  The Palm Beach County men have been charged with criminal mischief and use of a firearm while under the influence.

Several rounds struck a nearby clothing store, going through the walls and into clothing and display racks.  Both men have worked for the Transportation Security Administration for one and two years, respectively.

And lastly in our TSA round-up, Andrew Cheever, a former security agent of the US Transportation Security Administration has been sentenced to nearly three and a half years in prison for possessing child p0rnography.  Cheever worked at the Logan International Airport as a security screener.

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